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Most gay porn fans are probably familiar with Kristen Bjorn. He's a well-known gay porn director who started his career as a performer for Falcon Studios, and he's been producing his own gay porn movies with a very recognizable style for more than two decades. He releases DVDs under his own name as well as under the brand Sarava Productions, which is actually Kristen's production company. The Sarava Productions site is a library of many of his productions released under these two brands during the past 20 years. The site is updating again, and they've added 120 videos since our last review in November 2016, so it's time to take a fresh look and see what else is new.

Kristen Bjorn travels the world in his search for the hottest and hunkiest guys. He has lived in the UK, US, South America and Australia, and he currently lives in Barcelona, Spain, so you'll find a lot of hot Spanish and Italian hunks in his more recent films. The models in his movies are beautiful and well-built muscle hunks and masculine studs, many from Europe and South America. The guys are handsome, most with rock hard abs, delicious asses, and many of them have big, uncut cocks. There is a good mix of amateurs and porn stars, and the majority of the performers are in their twenties and thirties, with some being more mature.

Kristen Bjorn is responsible for launching many porn star careers, but he also uses lots of established performers. These days you can expect to see men like Antonio Miracle, Ely Chaim, real-life Canadian couple Manuel Skye and Mick Stallone and real-life Spanish lovers Felipe Ferro and Jose Quevedo, as well as Gabriel Lunna, Xavi Duran, Andy Star, Wagner Vittoria and so many others.

The action here is all hardcore; you won't find any solos. Kristen Bjorn is famous for his beautifully choreographed group sex scenes, and there are plenty of threesomes, foursomes and moresomes, but you will also find lots of duos. The movies include all the action you could possibly wish for; there's plenty of kissing, rimming, double penetration, daisy-chain fucking, facials, cum-eating, lots of deep throating and some very intense ass drilling. It is hard not to like what this site has to offer.

There are 576 videos inside Sarava Productions. They're offered as streaming MP4s, with the newest ones sized at around 1240x698 and the very oldest playing at 908x698, although there may be some other sizes, too. The quality of the newer videos is good to very good, but the older videos are average and not quite as crisp, which isn't surprising as those videos were shot on film and transferred to digital. While the newer releases hold up pretty well when enlarged to full screen, the older ones will experience some loss of quality. The videos here are not offered for download, but they are compatible with newer mobiles.

The site has 20 categories in a dropdown menu to help you hone in on specific types of action of guy like condomless (187 videos), Latinos (468), hung (474), threeways (196), double penetration (47) and more. There is a free-form search field, and while it only got a few results for "foreskin", it got hundreds for "uncut". You can browse the models on the video pages or in the model index; each is shown with his name and a clickable thumb so you can find more of his scenes or his profile page. These are usually populated with stats and background information, although the very oldest profiles only have stats.

And I have some good news. The site had removed links to the Kristen Bjorn blog, but this is back, and I'm happy to say the blog updates pretty frequently. There have been four posts this month and today is the 18th.

Now let's talk about updates. The site had stopped updating when we reviewed it last, but at some point in the past two years it started adding new scenes again. There's an increase of 120 scenes since our last visit in November, 2016. The scenes aren't dated, so I'm not sure how often they're adding content, but it averages out to around six scenes per month. The videos come from 96 DVDs, which is an addition of 17 DVDs over the same period.

The site does have some downsides. First, the tour claims you'll find "the hottest bareback action" and while this true in the newest releases, Kristen Bjorn's older DVDs feature condom sex – the studio only started filming bareback a few years ago, so only about a third of the scenes feature condomless sex, as they call it. The videos are not dated, so I can't tell you how often or how regularly they're adding new content. When signing up, there's a small pre-checked email newsletter offer on the join page, but it's easy to uncheck if you're not interested. When we last reviewed the site there were a few picture sets, but it looks like they're gone. I looked at one of the DVDs that had pics on our last visit, and they're gone.

There's one more thing worth mentioning. This site doesn't feature Kristen Bjorn's very newest scenes - all the videos here are at least a year old. Still, if you haven't seen them before, it doesn't matter; the men and the action are hot.

Sarava Productions now offers members 576 streaming scenes from 96 DVDs produced by Kirsten Bjorn and his production company, Sarava Productions. I'm happier with the site this time around because there have been some improvements, namely the additional of 120 new scenes and clickable model pictures on each video's episode page leading to profile pages. The men here are absolutely gorgeous with bodies ranging from ripped to muscular bodies and plenty of big, uncut cocks. The site doesn't offer downloadable videos or picture sets, but even so, Sarava Productions is a real treat for hardcore porn fans and Euro muscle hunk lovers who prefer to stream their videos.

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