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Raw Fuck Club has reinvented itself in a brave new way. No doubt you're familiar with gay porn networks offering several sites in one and fan sites offering self-shot videos from porn stars – well, Raw Fuck Club now does both. You'll find a selection of the over 500 videos that the site has produced, and they also give access to five other sites that have operated independently in the same network (more about these later). And this is the new part - Raw Fuck Club allows independent producers and porn performers to upload their own fan videos that they have filmed themselves. These videos are very likely available on the other fan networks, but the great thing about having them here is that you don't have to follow and pay for multiple porn star channels.

The men at Raw Fuck Club tend to be rugged and masculine with gym-fit to muscular bodies; some are hairy and bearded while others aren't. Plenty of the guys are on the leaner side with slim, fit bodies. Plenty wear tattoos, and they're a mix of guys in their twenties, thirties, and forties; you'll find a variety of white, black, and Latin men. About the only thing you won't find much of are twinks or big-bellied bears. The guys also tend to be established performers so you can expect to see men like Riley Mitchel, Leo Forte, Sean Harding, Jaxx Thanatos, Sean Duran, Logan Moore, Owen Powers, Brian Bonds, and so many others. And since the site has been producing content for so long, you'll find porn stars from several years ago.

The action on Raw Fuck Club is men fucking in duos, threeways, fourgies and small groups. There's plenty of cock sucking and ass eating while the guys get warmed up for the anal sex. You can expect to see guys blasting their cum loads on well-fucked assholes or down hungry throats, there are even cum facials. And plenty of the men pull out to bust all over their bottom's pucker only to slide back in to finish the deed. One of Raw Fuck Club's regular features is the two-part gang bang where seven, eight, or nine men take turns fucking one very lucky man.

If you like leather men and playroom action with slings and fucking benches, there's plenty of that. However, while lots of the action is rough, I wouldn't say it falls into the BDSM category. There's a theme section where you'll find movies categorized by similar types of guys or action like leather men or daddies, and pissing, fisting, group sex, threeways, outdoor sex, piggy sex, gloryholes, double penetration, interracial sex, and more.

Let me explain how the site works now. Everything that Raw Fuck Club offers is available to browse on the tour, however before you can watch any preview videos, you need to sign up for a free account. And it really is free. I got one with a username, password, and email address - no credit card info. Then I was able to tour the site and watch as many previews as I wanted, and these are usually 30 seconds each.

If you watch to watch a full scene, you do one of two things: select a membership that gives you unlimited streaming access or buy a download à la carte. You can buy a one month membership that lets you stream as much as you want, but the three and six month options give you 20% and 30% discounts on any downloads you'll want to purchase. And by the way, I wasn't able to see how much downloads cost, but I'm told those prices will begin showing shortly. The producer told me they cost $4.95 to $11.95.

Because a membership includes content from five other sites, you'll also get a hot selection of black and Spanish and European men in three of the other channels. Raw Fuck Club itself offers 507 videos, and the five bonus sites breakdown as follows: Black Breeders offers 536 scenes, Eric Raw has 135 scenes, Raw and Rough has 203, Dark Alley XT has 90 videos, and Darkroom has 104 scenes.

Including all the bonus sites, your Raw Fuck Club membership gets you 1,674 studio-produced videos. The MP4 videos are available to stream in an adaptive player, so this means they adjust to fit your monitor or screen size. In my case, I have a 26-inch monitor and the videos played at 1900x872. If you're watching them on a small monitor, tablet or phone, they will play in smaller sizes to fit your device. Also, it looks like the entire system has been re-encoded, so all the videos play this way. However, with almost 1,700 videos, I can't guarantee this will always be the case.

Video quality ranges from average to good. Remember that these scenes are filmed over a number of years and in a variety of environments, some of them with dungeon lighting. For the most part, the videos were enjoyable, but they're not always as crisp as we like to see. Good news is that the videos also played well on my Android phone. 

The new site allows porn stars, or even amateur performers like you, to upload their own fan content. These are filmed by the performers with their own equipment, and features them in jack-off scenes or suck and fuck action with pick-ups or other performers. For instance, Sean Knight has performed in 19 scenes produced by Raw Fuck Club, but he's also uploaded 22 of his own fan videos. And these latter videos include his first-ever threeway with his real-life partner, Cris Knight, a foursome with his partner and another real-life couple Ryan Stone and Jay Dymel, including some double penetration, and another threeway with Cris where they fuck a FTM trans guy named Stevie Trixx. So you can see there's quite a variety of stuff.

Since these fan videos are homemade scenes so the production values vary. Some of them are filmed using a stationary camera, other performers get a friend to film the sex, and of course, sometimes the lighting isn't optimal. And the system's set-up doesn't let me easily see how many fan videos there are. But so far there are more than 30 performers tagged as Indie Producers and more come online all the time.

There are over 245 performers listed on the site, but it's important to note that not all of them have uploaded fan videos. Many only have the scenes showing that they filmed for Raw Fuck Club. Tyler Reed, for example, has uploaded videos that he's produced for his porn site Breed Me Raw, but he hasn't filmed any fans scenes; and other guys like Seth Knight have a combination of studio and self-shot videos. It's a matter of checking each guy's profile page to see what they offer.

Then there are the pictures galleries. These come with six to 12 enlargeable screencaps that you can view one at a time. You can save them individually by right-clicking the thumbnail, but there's no downloadable zip files. There are forward and back controls on the picture viewer, but no hands-free slideshow.

Now let's talk about updates. Raw Fuck Club itself adds one scene per week, Eric Raw averages four updates per month, although updates can be added anywhere from five to 11 days apart, and Black Breeders updates twice a month at irregular intervals. The performers upload their fan videos, as well, and between this week's RFC update and the last one, there were 11 new updates added.

Are there any issues? Well, I found accessing the content a bit cumbersome. First, you have to sign up for a free account if you want to watch the trailers, then to watch full-length videos you need to sign up for a membership. The multi-month plan options give you discounts on downloads, but for now the site doesn't list the download prices. And I was disappointed that the memberships don't include downloads.

While there really is a lot of content here, the site pads things so that it looks like there's more. For instance, on the member homepage, you'll find Raw Fuck Club, then My Latest, Popular, Latest, My Likes, My Viewed, and then various channels you follow, and one video can appear in several of these. Likewise with the porn star sections, there's one called Pornstars and this section gives you every performer who has filmed a Raw Fuck Club scene on his own page, and it shows all their appearances. If they happen to have uploaded any fan videos, they show here, too, but if you want to see only those performers who have uploaded fan videos, go to Indie Producers. Still, I found a couple of guys in there who didn't have any fan scenes.

Raw Fuck Club is a powerhouse of bareback and raunchy content, and it's generally on the right track. I like that it's part network and part fan site. The problem with the fansites is that you have to follow and pay for each performer individually, but here you can get a performer's fan videos but also have access to great studio content, and it all comes under one membership – the best of both worlds. Raw Fuck Club offers over 500 of their own videos that are just part of the 1,600+ video network offering six sites and even more fan content, so it's doubtful that you'll run out of things to keep your dick hard.

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