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Lucas Raunch is the raunchier side of Lucas Entertainment, the production company run by gay porn star, director, and producer Michael Lucas. Lucas Entertainment has filmed all kinds of men over the years from guys in their early twenties with athletic bodies to muscle hunks in their late thirties and early forties. The studio does introduce newcomers to the porn scene, but most of their men are already well-established in the porn business, men like Tomas Brand, Louis Ricaute, Logan Rogue, Jeffrey Logan, Ian Greene, Sergeant Miles, and lots more.

Lucas Entertainment has always brought us men from all over the world, so expect to see lots of European, Latin, and black hunks as well as well-known faces from American porn. The models usually have strong, gym-fit or muscular bodies, and they're a mix of smooth and hairy, tattooed or not, clean shaven or bearded. You'll find plenty of big cocks including lots of uncut ones, too.

The Lucas Raunch videos are a mix of DVD scenes and videos using the unused parts of other full scenes. Lucas Raunch hasn't released a full-length DVD since 2015, and they only released one that year and two in 2014. So these days, most of the scenes are parts of longer scenes or short sessions filmed specifically for this site. For instance, Jeffrey Lloyd has filmed nine videos for Lucas Entertainment, but he's never done a scene with Michael Lucas, however on Lucas Raunch there's a four minute video with Lucas pissing on Lloyd. But Swedish hunk Tomas Brand did a 30-minute scene for Lucas Entertainment with Jackson Radiz, and from the video, some of the dildo fucking footage, and perhaps other bits not used, was edited to create a nearly ten-minute dildo-fucking scene for Lucas Raunch.

When Lucas Raunch first launched a few years ago, the studio was regularly producing fetish sex DVDs like watersports with men pissing on men and drinking urine, foot and boot fetish scenes with men licking, sucking and fucking feet, as well as extreme anal with both dildo fucking and fisting. Also before Lucas Entertainment started filming bareback sex in September 2013, there was a line of DVDs with blowjob action including facials and cum-eating. But these days all Lucas Entertainment scenes are filmed without condoms, so cum-eating is a fairly standard activity. There are other kinky activities sprinkled throughout the site like spanking, spitting, double penetration, rough sex, foot play, sounding, and enemas.

Lucas Raunch itself has 422 DRM-free videos that range from two-minute quickies to full scenes of 20 to 30 minutes or more. The videos can be downloaded, the newer at 1920x1080 and 1280x720, and the oldest at 720x480, plus each has a smaller size for mobiles. You can also stream the vids, the newer ones at 990x560 and the older videos at 820x560, as well as a couple of other sizes, as they're offered in up to three speeds (mobile, standard and high def) although not all the "high def" options are actually HD. There's a full-screen mode, and the higher-quality videos fare the best. The videos range from average to good studio quality depending on the age and location.

By the way, it's very important to note the way that downloads work here. You must click the "Download Scene FREE" button under the player, confirm the free "purchase" on the pop-up, and the scene will be added to your library for seven days. After seven days, the video will disappear from your library, so be sure to download it before that time is up. But if you missed it, it's no big deal - you can request another download by repeating the process above.

In summer 2017, Lucas Raunch started adding galleries to each episode, so on the newest ones, you'll find four to eight pictures that are either very good screencaps or digital stills. They display at 1100x733, and they're good quality. Older episodes don't have picture galleries, but each performer's bio page usually has several glamour digital stills from his various appearances. The heavily watermarked pictures are 600x900 and you can view them individually or in a slideshow; there are no downloadable zip files, but you can save the pics individually.

Lucas Raunch averages a couple of updates per month, but there doesn't appear to be a fixed schedule. Your membership also includes access to Lucas Entertainment, which updates at least twice a week, and members get access to another site called Sex in Suits, which simply pulls all the office sex content from the main site. So you'll have plenty of videos to watch, but the bonus sites aren't particularly raunchy, although the sex is hot.

Your membership at Lucas Raunch gives you unlimited downloads and streaming videos, and that goes for the bonus sites, as well. Something else I'm happy to report is that the trial memberships give full access. The sites are slickly designed and I didn't have any problems navigating the site and finding what I wanted. There are also 35 categories that help you narrow your search for specific activities like fisting, dildo fucking, piss, rough sex, double penetration, and lots more.

There are a few caveats here. The non-recurring month membership costs $10 more than the monthly recurring one. The join page claims that two new scenes are added each week as well as daily updates, but that's true of Lucas Entertainment, not this site. The daily updates are also not always a full videos, either; Lucas Entertainment often adds coming soon trailers of future releases. While the videos download fast, the pages take a while to load, so I found navigating the site was sluggish. While exactly not a problem, there is that extra step to download the scenes you want to keep, and also remember that you only have seven days to download from your library.

Lucas Raunch lives up to their promise of nasty and fetish action. There's a good back-library of dirty content with pissing, fisting, foot licking, extreme ass play, and cum eating. The studio has eased up quite a bit on the filming content specifically for the site; some of the newer videos are shorter and shot during a more mainstream production, then pulled out and used here, some are still a decent length. There are 422 videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobile, and the trial membership gives full access. While updates are sporadic, and I was disappointed the studio isn't shooting more full kink and filth scenes, there's plenty here to keep your inner pig turned on including over 130 piss videos as well as a heap of regular suck and fuck action on the bonus sites, Lucas Entertainment and Sex in Suits.

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