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Hot Guys Fuck is a new site that features amateur straight guys - most handsome and masculine, very sexy with strong bodies, powerful legs, and big cocks. These guys will make you want to rip their clothes off and get down on that dick. There's a fair smattering of military types, 20 to 30 something hunks who would not look out of place in some wild gay "soldier vs sailor" porn shoot. It's a bit like having that best straight-mate of yours (the one you fantasize about seeing naked and getting it on with) available to check out, but there is a catch. These guys are straight and there is no doubt about it. Great, you think, nothing much hornier than watching straight guys get a gay BJ or fuck a gay ass. But here there are no other guys involved and it's not a solo jerk-off site, either, which can mean only one thing ...

Yes, this site is all about good looking, amateur straight guys, and they are pretty heart-meltingly sexy but, it's actually about straight guys fucking ... (get ready for it) women. But before you go running screaming to the gay porn police, don't panic; the filming concentrates on the guys, so we're watching hot muscled str8 men with horny chicks, but the camera keeps as much away from the ladies as possible and keeps our eyes on the men doing the fucking. It's straight porn for gay viewers, if you like; a chance to see genuine straight men stripped naked, using their hard cocks and then cumming - you just have to filter out the girlie bits (although to some extent that's what the cameras do) if that's not your thing.

We do have to be straight about this (pun intended), so here's an example of how a movie might pan out. Put simply, a guy and a girl meet up and start to kiss. She undresses him and gives him a long, slow blow job. Meanwhile, the camera is exploring his body, his ass, his legs and his cock, of course, and the lady remains clothed. Later on she will strip down, too, but the camera still keeps close to the guy and, as the hardcore starts, it may focus in on his hips or his ass, rather than the actual penetration. Cum shots are also focused on him and even when she is doing the blowing they manage to keep boobs and lady-bits out of the frame (most of the time).

Hot Guys Fuck is a new site offering 24 exclusive DRM-free videos, and they've been adding a video each week. These are available to stream and download in MP4 and in five resolutions. The full HD at 1920x1080 is at the top of the list followed by a smaller HD version and then there are mid-sized standard versions at 540p and 360p with a low 240p for smaller mobiles. These are full scenes, so some files may be large for downloading at full HD depending on your internet connection. Overall the quality is good, the movies are sharp and clear and so is the sound, overall the performances are natural and the videos really show that.

Twenty of the episodes also come with good quality image sets. They are shown on the video pages below the video and the comments as small thumbnails that enlarge to 1200x675 at full size, though they start off scaled down to fit the screen. You are able to click through the pics one at a time and download them individually, but there were no zip file download options. There are 10 to a little over 20 pics per set.

Episode pages let you comment on the content, and it's good to see that members have already started doing that. Hot Guys Fuck episode pages also have linked tags to help you find more of what you're looking for, and there are also suggested scenes to guide you to the next hot offerings. Movies also come with a brief descriptions on their pages. There is a category page with a number of categories lined up, and this will be of use in the future when the site has grown; at the moment it's easy to browse everything, but there are no sorting options.

Hot Guys Fuck offers a model index with ten guys appearing on it so far; the studs are shown with stats and a very brief written intro. There are also their photos to view, and these sets include portraits and naked shots with cocks both hard and soft. These are separate from the galleries and there are no girls involved, so it's a kind of bonus. The pics are good quality and easy to browse and save one at a time.

I did run into some things worth mentioning. First is the pre-checked offer on the billing page, which - if left checked - will sign you up for a second recurring membership when you join this site. Next, be aware that the lowest membership price is streaming only; if you want downloads, you'll need one of the more expensive options. The tour has incorrect future update dates - this is early January, but future updates are dated June and July, although the members area shows they're all to be added during January, so don't worry. And while I felt the price is high for the size of the site, it'll grow into its price, which at $29.95 isn't crazy high.

Hot Guys Fuck features straight guys doing what real str8 guys do - fucking chicks - but with a focus on the men. The guys are sexy and masculine with bodies ranging from fit to big with gym-built muscular physiques. The site is new, offering 24 good quality, exclusive videos to download, stream, or watch on your mobiles - or just to stream if you choose the streaming-only membership. The neat thing is you are watching what is essentially straight porn but with a definite gay slant on the filming. The video quality is good, the updates are weekly and the site looks set to convert a few of us from watching only 100% gay porn to signing up to something straight with a gay twist.

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