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Homo Emo review updated on 16 Jan 2019

Homo Emo features the kind of guys you can't find just anywhere - 18 to 25 year old emo lads, alt boys and rockers plus some regular twinks. Expect some with goth/punk looks including heavy bangs, slender bodies and tattoos. Many of the models here are from the UK, so you can expect plenty of uncut cocks. Ready to see what's been happening since our last visit to this site over two years ago? Then join me as I log in and see what's new.

Most of the guys in the videos are slender and smooth - although often with hairy armpits - and the performers in the older videos have heavy bangs that sometimes cover their eyes. Many of them have tattoos or piercings or both. Under the emo look, many of the performers are very cute or else boy-next-door gone bad types. On the other hand, many of the newer updates feature regular twinks who are cute and slim but aren't emo or alt, and some of them are from the U.S. or other parts of Europe.

The action here is a mix of solos and hardcore. There's plenty of boys sucking cock including some who swap blowjobs, and you'll find lots of fucking, cock riding and twinks shooting their loads, sometimes unloading all over their partner's faces. There are also horny jerkoff sessions, although only one of the latest 24 videos is a solo session. Many of the scenes take place in what appears to be porn set bedrooms and most are not very emo in appearance, although one bed has skulls on the sheets, and some scenes happen in apartment or hotel bedrooms, living rooms or bathrooms. While more of the older videos are solos, the more recent updates offer are almost all gay sex scenes.

By the way, some of the newest videos were shot for another site, Lollipop Twinks, which is managed by the same company that manages Homo Emo. In these videos, cute twinks  (not Emos) not only share each others' cocks and asses, but they suck on lollipops or other candy for part of the action. These are probably not the latest updates from Lollipop Twinks as their content has stopped focusing on their candy-focused theme.

Homo Emo now offers 470 videos and continues to update every Friday. The DRM-free videos can be downloaded in MP4 format at either 1920x1080 at good amateur quality plus four smaller sizes including a smaller HD size or are sized at 640x480 plus one smaller size; the smaller versions should play on most mobiles. Each video is also available in at least two qualities of streaming MP4s. The full HD streaming vids played smoothly for me, but if you run into jerky playback, the second-largest size is still good-sized and should play smoothly if you're on a slower connection.

Each video comes with a set of pictures. Some picture galleries contain good quality digital stills sized at 667x1000 while others contain good amateur quality screencaps sized at around 1000x667. Either way I was happy with the pics as they looked good and showed off the guys and the action well. Pictures can be individually downloaded or entire sets can be saved in zip files. There are no slideshows, but you can navigate from picture to picture.

Full Homo Emo members get access to six bonus sites and a bonus twink video collections adding a total of 482 bonus videos. There are three emo bonus sites from the same network, but keep in mind that these are smaller sites that don't update, so altogether these sites add 45 more videos featuring emo, goth and rocker boys. There are also three non-emo twink bonus sites plus 810 gay bonus videos. Members also get very limited access to seven additional gay porn networks, as some offer one or two videos for Homo Emo members, one offers seven and a couple don't offer any.

Now let's talk about issues. First, trial members get only limited access; they can view "view up to 1 - 2 films", so if you want to enjoy more than two videos, you might want to get a full month membership. There's a large ad on the top of every member area page, but you can turn it off by clicking the minus sign next to the words "Promotional Offers" on the upper left side of the page. There are also rows of animated thumbs at the bottom of every page that are ads for a live cam site. While I was happy to see hundreds of bonus videos, none of the bonus sites update any longer.

The other issues have to do with tour claims. The site offers "New Emo Added Daily," but in this network only Homo Emo is currently updating, which means there's one video added each week, not one each day, and none of the recent updates included emo guys. The tour says you can submit your own videos, but the videos in this site are studio-shot, not user-submitted. And the tour says "Check out our Exclusive Videos And Photos Of Hot Emo Boys", but none of the newer content is exclusive nor are the performers Emo boys.

Homo Emo delivers some very hot emo boys, exactly the way I like them. They're smooth and slender, often with fair skin, dyed or bleached hair, and they have the whole punk/goth thing going on, although you'll also find lots of regular twinks and jocks, as well. The guys are horny, the action is hot, and many of the cocks are uncut. The site offers 470 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and a new episode is added each week. Add to that access to the bonus sites plus tons of bonus videos. I liked watching the Homo Emo boys jerking off, sucking dick and getting fucked, and if you're into emo and alt lads and don't mind regular twinks in the mix, Homo Emo is worth checking out.

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