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Fit Young Men features over 465 athletic, British jocks in tip top shape. These sportsmen are in their twenties, and they're amateurs who haven't been naked in front of a camera before. The odd guy has face scruff, but most are clean shaven. Nine of the latest 40 guys have tattoos, but the rest are clean skinned, as well the majority of the guys are sporting smooth bodies, but there are some with bits of fur on their chests and bellies. And foreskin fans will love it here as there are oodles of uncut cocks.

Lots of the guys here train regularly at the gym, but many are sportsmen and each lists his favorite sport or activity like boxing, footballing, canoeing, playing tennis, practicing karate, wrestling, and more. The athletes often start off in their sports gear before slowly stripping nude, and each guy has a decent-sized bio telling a bit about him and how he came to model for Fit Young Men.

You'll find lots of posing and flexing pictures as the guys strip out of their gear and show off their bodies. There are quite often wardrobe changes so the models appear in their gear, track pants, underwear (sometimes more than one pair), as well as socks and various kinds of sneakers, and some of the guys end up barefoot, others don't. For the most part the guys strip naked, but there are about a half dozen who don't. Most of the models get their juicy uncut dicks hard, wank off, and cum on their smooth bellies or wherever their jizz flies, although some are too shy for a full-on wank, but they're an exception rather than the rule.

It's important to realize that the photographer of the site is really most interested in portraying the guys and their beautiful bodies. So even though most of them get erections and blow their wads, the guys are posed to show off every ripple and curve of their athletic bodies.

Fit Young Men is a photo site offering 560 shoots featuring 465 models, and the site says it has a total of 106,612 photos. These are digital stills shot in a studio, so they're very good quality, well lit and very nice. The pictures are in color, but you will find some black and white pictures thrown into some galleries for variety. The pics are available in two sizes: 600x900 and 750x1125. Once you've been a member for 60 or 120 days, depending on your membership level, you get access to larger pictures at 1000x1500 and 2000x3000.

There are hundreds of pictures in each set, anywhere from 300 to 500 or more, however you'll find lots of similar poses. But the huge selection does let you hone in one the perfect shots that you want to keep in your collection.

You view the images in thumbnail galleries and there is a slideshow feature. You can save the images individually, but not only are the pictures watermarked with the site's name, but there's also a small watermark running up the sides including your login and the date you downloaded it. There are downloadable zip files, but you'll only get access to downloadable zips at the 60 or 120 day mark.

The membership set-up takes a bit of explaining as there are two tiers. You can opt for a membership that gives you access to the last two years of exclusive photographs and you have to wait 120 days for access to those zips files and the two largest photo sizes. If you want access to the whole site and every photo shoot from 2010 and on, then the second tier membership will cost you $20 more. This membership gives you access to all 560 shoots and you get those zips and larger pics at the 60 day mark. If you have a membership with Fit Young Men's brother site, English Lads, and if you already have zip privileges there, then these 60 and 120 day waiting periods are waived.

Fit Young Men is protective of their content, which is understandable because photographing models isn't cheap. When using your membership for the first time you have to validate your email address and agree that you won't share the pictures or your membership with anyone. While validating your email address you also have to set your home country and a security question, which you may be asked for at any time. The guys are hot, so it's worth persevering.

The site has an "Award Me" feature where you can nominate the guy in a number of different categories like sexy abs, best soft cock, best smile, best come-to-bed eyes, and a few others. It's a bit more fun than giving the guys a star rating. And the site adds new photo galleries twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays.

The hunks and jocks at Fit Young Men are top notch; they're attractive to gorgeous amateur sportsmen with beautifully ripped and defined bodies. If you're a fan of uncut cocks, this is your kind of place. Many of the guys start off here in these photo sessions and end up at English Lads in hardcore sessions. The pictures in the 560 photo sets are bright, clear and well photographed, and there's plenty of them to let you enjoy every inch of these sexy athletic models. If this sounds like what you're looking for, I'm sure you'll like what you find at Fit Young Men.

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