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English Lads is one of the biggest and oldest sites on the U.K. gay porn scene, and they featuring 18 to 25 year-old jocks, hunks, twinks and some average amateurs. When the site started out, the guys were a mix of twinks, average guys and jocks with a focus on twinks. These days most of the guys have strong, athletic bodies with nice definition, although there are still some "regular guy" types. Most of the models are smooth, but some are hairy, and quite a few lately have tattoos. And since most of the models are from the UK, there's lots of uncut cock. By the way, some of the guys first appear on the site at between ages 18 and 25, but may continue to do shoots for a couple years or more.

On this site, a guy's first appearance will often include a photo session and then a jack off video, usually added as separate updates. For instance, one of the recent guys named Ryan Kent had his jack-off photo set debut on April 15, but the video of the same session didn't hit the site until nearly a month later on May 18. Then, because many of the guys are straight, what they do for their next appearance depends on their open-mindedness. Some are willing to explore guy-on-guy sex, others aren't. For the willing, you'll find a mix of massage sessions, handjobs, blowjobs, side-by-side jack off sessions, dildo fucking and full-on anal sex.

There are 1,311 exclusive videos included for English Lads members. The newest are good quality and can be streamed in three sizes at 396x220, 540x304 and 960x540. There are two larger sizes available, but you can't view the 1440x810 until you've been a member for longer than 31 days, and there's also a full HD version at 1920x1080, but you can't watch those till you've been a member for over 61 dats. The site used to include downloads, but now there are only 29 downloads offered at an extra charge and come with complicated terms - more about that later. The oldest videos only come in two sizes of 540x404 and 960x720 with no post-31 day options. By the way, the smaller videos are mobile compatible for those watching on phones or tablets.

There are also 1,299 picture sets for members. Many newer galleries contain several hundred good quality digital stills available in two sizes, 750x1125 and 450x676, with additional size options of 1000×1500 and 2000×3000 available after you've been a member for 61 days. Older sets have only one pic size of 450x600 and often offer between 50 and 150 good amateur quality photos. Members can kick back, grab a drink (or something else) and enjoy the pics as hands-free slideshows, and each pic can be saved individually, but I'm not sure whether you must be a member for over 30 days to download the pics in zip files.

Now let's talk about updates. A new video is added on Fridays, on Wednesdays they add a new photo set, then on Sundays they add either a new video or photo set. At least one other time during the week, they update with a bonus video taken during the model photo shoots. There is a blog on the site featuring lots of extras like interviews, workout videos, outtakes and public appearances at gay pride events, calendar photo shoots and more.

There have been a number of significant changes at English Lads and unfortunately these negatively change how your able to enjoy the site. As mentioned, your membership no longer includes downloadable videos. There is a Premium section where you can buy selected videos (29 of them are available) and photo sets (7 sets at the current time) at an extra cost, but they're quite expensive. A few videos are $24, but many are as much as $48 or $64 each. Also, these premium videos show up in the regular members video section, but when you click them there's nothing to see – these are premium purchases only.

And you can't just buy the premium videos you like; there are conditions. Only current members can purchase movies, and you have to have been a member for more than 30 days. Even when purchased, the movies can only be streamed initially; downloads are only available after you've been a member for 120 days. There are three kinds of videos that you can purchase: Premium Photosets and Videos feature the guys from clothed to a cum shot, Models Self Filmed Videos are videos shot the models themselves, and Ripped and Stripped are softcore content with lots of frontal nudity but no sex. And any photo sets you buy are not available as a downloadable zip file, so I'm guessing they just appear in a gallery and you have to save pics individually.

Something I wanted to mention is that when entering the English Lads member area, and again if you purchase content, you must agree to strict terms and conditions as well as inputting a piece of personal information like a street you grew up on or your mother's maiden name. The agreement advises you that the pics and vids are for your personal use and aren't to be shared, and if you post them anywhere you'll receive a whopping big fine of a minimum of £25,000.

One final note is that regularly throughout the member are you'll see ads for Fit Young Men, another site run by English Lads, and these banners look like content so you're bound to click them a couple of times. You'll end up on the Fit Young Men where you'll get a free preview, but you'll have to buy a membership to see much else.

English Lads is a huge site with 1,311 videos, 1,299 picture sets and 625 guys. The site used to be one of our favorites, but frankly I'm disappointed with the number of restrictions that have been introduced that limit your full enjoyment until you've been a member for more than a month or two. Most disappointing is the disappearance of downloadable videos and the introduction of premium content upsells that cost you extra. The site continues to film guys with more defined bodies and focus less on twinks and average guy types. There's a good offering of both solo and hardcore sex and plenty of dildo play. If you haven't been to English Lads for a while, you might want to drop by and check out the new crop of guys.

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