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English Lads is one of the jewels of U.K. gay porn scene, featuring 18- to 25-year-old jocks, hunks, some average amateurs, and twinks. When the site started out, the guys were a mix of twinks, average guys and athletic jocks, with a focus on twinks. These days most of the guys have strong, athletic bodies with nice definition, although there are still some "regular guy" types. Most of the models are smooth, but some are hairy and quite a few lately have tattoos. And since most of the models are from the UK, there's lots of uncut cock. By the way, some of the guys first appear on the site at between ages 18 and 25, but may continue to do shoots for a couple years or more.

On this site, a guy's first appearance will often include a photo session and jack off video, although lately some of the first sessions may include another performer. Because many of the guys are straight, what they do for their next appearance depends on the open-mindedness of the model himself. Some are willing to explore guy-on-guy sex, others aren't. For the willing, you'll find a mix of massage sessions, handjobs, blowjobs, side-by-side jack off sessions, dildo fucking and full-on anal sex.

One of my favorites, Doug Mitchell, is a dark-haired 20 year old guy with a rocking body and a big uncut cock, and he's already jacked off, gotten a massage, a handjob, and his first blowjob from a guy. But another fave, Jamie King, a sexy blond guy with face scruff has been filming with English Lads for over a year and he's only jacked off and done some dildo play. Meanwhile, member favorite Paddy O'Brian has done it all before he went on to do it on lots of other sites.

There are 1,021 videos inside English Lads, 147 more than on our last visit 16 months ago. A new video is added on Fridays, on Wednesdays they add a new photo set, then on Sundays they add either a new video or photo set. The videos are good quality and can be streamed, but can only be downloaded after you've been a member for 30 days (or 120 days for the largest older videos and newest models). The downloadable videos come in WMV and MP4 formats with newer versions giving you five sizes, the largest sized at up to 1920x1080, the not quite as new vids sized in four sizes up to 1440x810. The oldest versions of the videos only come in one size of 540x404.

English Lads offers streaming versions as well, in WMV, QuickTime, and Flash formats. The extra large videos can only be downloaded while the other two versions can be streamed in the same sizes as their downloadable counterparts. I like the video options in the member are, by the way, and they do something that I've only seen on a few sites: each episode has a short edit and full version. The 16-minute edit has less tease and chatter and gets right to the action, while the full version (usually around 30 minutes) gives you the entire session.

There are now 1,102 picture sets, 105 more than there were on our last visit. Many newer galleries contain several hundred good quality digital still pics available in two sizes 750x1125 and 450x676. Older sets have only one pic size of 450x600 and often offer between 50 and 150 good amateur quality photos. Members can kick back, grab a drink (or something else) and enjoy the pics as hands-free slideshows, and each pic can be saved individually, but you must be a member for over 30 days to download the pics in zip files.

There is a blog on the site featuring lots of extras like interviews, workout videos, outtakes and public appearances at gay pride events, calendar photo shoots and more. And there's a member's forum where you can comment on the models, offer suggestions, or talk to other members. You can also search the content by models and you can read the most recent comments without going through the episodes.

Now let's talk about some changes to the site in the last year and a half. First, it's now easy to search by videos OR picture sets by using the dropdown menus on the members home page. A couple other changes worth noting: If you save individual pictures, there will be a watermark on them with your username, the site name, and the date you saved the pictures. The last change becomes apparent when you log in. The first time, you must have the site send you an email to the email you joined with, use the link in the email and before you can log in, you must create a security question.

Please note that as already mentioned, unless you've been a member for over 30 days, you cannot download either videos or photo zip files, and as per stated on join page, you can only download the largest older vids after you've been a member for 120 days. Also, as stated on the join page "Recently introduced model home movies only available to 120+day members" and "Videos older than five years; the largest size only available to 120+ day members." Please keep in mind that these limitations may change over time.

With 1,021 videos, 1,102 picture sets and 495 UK models, English Lads has a lot to offer. I'm liking their new approach of filming guys with more defined bodies, although some may miss the original twinks and average guy types. The new models aren't muscle heads, but nice-looking jocks with hot, athletic bodies, and there are still a few twinks and regular Joes in the mix. There's a good offering of both solo and hardcore sex, and if you like dildo play a lot of the guys use vibrators on their virgin butts. There are so many different options for the videos that you're bound to find one that suits your needs after you've been a member for 30 days or 120 days, depending on the video. If you haven't been to English Lads for a while, I suggest you drop by check out the new crop of guys. And if you've never been to the site, you may be missing out.

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