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A couple of years ago, Fisting Central merged with Fetish Force, and the two sites became one big kinky megasite. Fisting Central focuses on masculine men in fisting and extreme ass play action with monster-sized dildos, while Fetish Force focuses rough sex and fetish action with earlier scenes giving us lots of sounding, which is sliding a metal rod up one's cock. It's been over two years since we've been inside Fisting Central, so let's head over and see what kind of dirty action they've been up to.

First, let's talk in more detail about the two sections of this site because they were each standalone sites with different types of action. Fisting Central features men in handballing action, but it's not just fisting; these bottoms like getting their holes stretched with giant dildos and butt plugs, too. Most of the action happens in duos, but sometimes one top takes care of two bottoms at the same time. The guys play in dungeon or playrooms, locker rooms, offices, simulated back alleys, and there's even one scene set in the back of a van. The men often wear leather gear like harnesses, jockstraps, and boots, but sometimes they start off in regular street clothes or just their underwear or jockstraps.

Fetish Force features more hardcore fetish action produced by Raging Stallion Studios. That means you can expect to find men in kinky scenarios playing around with rougher sex. "Cops In Cuffs" is a series featuring uniformed cops who end up restrained; then their holes are fucked with fingers, night sticks, and of course, big hard cocks. You'll find other scenes with men in leather or other types of fetish gear playing in edgy action with bondage, corporal punishment, dirty talk, spitting, domination and forced sex. Many of the earlier scenes focused on sounding, but newer scenes offer a well-rounded variety of hardcore action

And because there is often crossover between the fetish sex and extreme ass play, these two sites merged into one megasite simply called Fisting Central. That being said, inside the member area you can still sort the scenes into Fisting Central and Fetish Force productions.

The men have changed over the years. They used to feature mainly masculine muscle hunks, daddies, muscle bears and mature men. But today you'll also find younger, college-aged guys with athletic or hunky bodies mixing it up with the more mature men we've come to expect from this studio. Recent scenes feature hunky men like Colby Jansen, Jaxton Wheeler, John Magnum, Dolf Dietrich, Hugh Hunter, Pierce Paris and Max Cameron. But there are also guys who fit more into the jock or athletic niches, guys like Brody Wilde, Nate Grimes, Luka Sage and Issac Lin. And of course, you'll find the biggest and best gay porn stars from years gone by: Spencer Reed, Josh West, Matthieu Paris, Ricky Sinz, Steve Cruz, Jake Deckard and heaps of others.

There are 562 videos inside Fisting Central, and these are offered to stream in MP4 format. The newer scenes play at 960x540 while older ones come in around 818x540. These are studio films produced by Raging Stallion Studios, so the quality is usually pretty good with well-lit sets and good sound. The videos have been filmed over the past twenty years, however, so the older scenes aren't as crisp as the newer ones. Each video can be enlarged to full screen, but the oldest vids don't hold up as well as the newer. Finally, you can only stream the videos; they're not included for members to download, although there are links where you can buy the movies direct from the Falcon Studios Group store, but of course these cost extra.

There are also 607 dedicated photo sets containing digital stills displaying at around 1280x1920. They are a mix of glamour shots of the men and some previews of the action, and the pictures are professionally lit and shot. You can watch the pic sets as slideshows, save the photos individually or save each set as a downloadable zip file. The sets are on the small side, usually offering between four and fifteen pics each, but they are well-chosen.

Something worth mentioning is that the site auto-detects when you're on a mobile device like your phone, and automatically sends you to the mobile version of the site where you can enjoy vids and pics optimized for your device.

Members also get access to 17 third-party video feeds that each offer you twenty movies to watch. While none of the feeds are focused on fetish action (except for one with Asian guys being tickled), several of them - HDK Bare, Treasure Island Media, Ricky Raunch and Dirty Dawg - focus on bareback fucking and some of these scenes take place in dungeons or dark sex clubs. And this is the only bareback sex you'll see on Fisting Central because any of the Raging Stallion scenes that include fucking use condoms.

As far as issues, there are a few things worth mentioning. First is a pre-checked offer on the billing page that will sign you up for another site membership, and it's not even a fetish site. If you don't want it, simply uncheck the offer; otherwise you can expect to be billed a full membership after the trial has expired. Trial members get access to a limited number of videos and pics, although I'm not sure what those limitations are. Also, when exiting the join page without completing the sign-up, you may get a pop-up. While not exactly an issue, I was disappointed that the videos aren't offered for download.

Finally, Fisting Central has the annoying habit of splitting scenes into two parts and releasing each part as its own update, and they're not even added one right after the other. For example, "Sexual His ASSment" had its first part released on March 01, 2018 and the second part was released nearly a month later on March 29. And this isn't a one-off situation - this has been happening fairly regularly, and a few scenes are even split into three parts, but the good news is that there's plenty of complete scenes in the member area to keep you entertained.

If you like extreme ass play and fisting, you should be pretty happy with Fisting Central, as they deliver a lot of it in better-lit videos than a lot of other fisting sites offer. Add to that the sounding videos from Fetish Force plus action including foot sex, bondage, spanking and plenty of sucking and fucking. If you're a fan of fisting and sounding, enjoy some other fetish play and like to watch a bit of this and that, you will find the 562 video updates here are probably going to keep you turned on. The men at Fisting Central are fucking hot and so is the action, and the best way to tell if this site is going to get your inner pervert on his knees and begging for more is to check out the tour and cruise through their previews.

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