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Fisting Central focuses on masculine men and fisting, and the content from Fetish Force, which focuses on sounding - sliding a metal rod up one's cock - was added to create a sort of megasite featuring the more hardcore fetish videos from Raging Stallion Studios, who have long been giving viewers some of the hottest ass play scenes around. Raging Stallion started filming fisting, handballing, and extreme ass play videos back when it was much more underground and edgier than it is today. And over the years they've expanded into different kinds of fetish and kink action. So let's take a closer look at Fisting Central and see what they have to offer.

The men have changed over the years. They used to feature mainly masculine muscle hunks, daddies, muscle bears, and mature men. But today, you'll also find younger, college-aged guys with athletic or hunky bodies mixing it up with the more mature men we've come to expect from this studio. Raging Stallion has discovered and launched the careers of many gay porn stars, men like handsome and sexy D.O. from Argentina or the mega-hung Antonio Biaggi and his 10x7 cock. You'll find well-known gay porn stars like Spencer Reed, Josh West, Matthieu Paris, Ricky Sinz, Steve Cruz, Jake Deckard, and heaps of others. Essentially just about anyone who has made a name for themselves in gay porn works with Raging Stallion eventually.

With the merging of Fisting Central and Fetish Force into one site, fisting, handballing, and extreme ass play still make up more of the content. There are 287 videos from Fisting Central containing fisting and big dildo sex and 159 videos from Fetish Force covering a variety fetish and kink. A lot of the Fetish Force videos involve sounding - sticking a steel rod inside a man's urethra - and in fact, this appears in the bulk of their offering.

Beyond fisting and sounding, I don't find the site is very well rounded. For me a fetish site should feature all kinds of different kinks like foot and boot worship, jockstrap snorting, piss play, bondage, cock pumping, cock and ball torture, corporal punishment, uniforms, rubber wear, leather men, puppy play, masks, and anything else the perverted mind can conjure up. And while all of these things exist in Fisting Central, this is more a two-niche site rather than a full and well-rounded fetish site.

For instance, I found 12 flogging videos, 17 videos with spanking sessions, five with puppy play, and another seven with masked men; there were 43 videos with men in restraints and 33 offering "rough play" but a lot of these also have sounding and fisting as well; there are 47 sounding sessions and 273 videos with extreme ass play and fisting.

There are currently 446 videos inside Fisting Central, and a new video is added once each week. The videos are offered to stream in MP4 format and play at 960x550, and while the newer videos look good, the older are average quality. Each video can be enlarged to full screen, but I wouldn't recommend doing so with the oldest vids as they don't hold up too well. Raging Stallion is a high-production porn studio with well-lit sets and good sound, and this comes through in the videos. Fetish Force and Fisting Central used to employ DRM protection and the new site no longer does, however they also no longer offer downloadable videos.

There are 469 dedicated photo sets containing digital stills displaying at around 1280x1919. They capture the men and the action well and are obviously professionally shot. You can watch the pic sets as slideshows, save the photos individually or save each set as a downloadable zip file. The sets are on the small side, usually offering between four and fifteen pics each, but they do seem well chosen.

Something worth mentioning is that the site auto-detects when you're on a mobile like your phone, and automatically sends you to the mobile version of the site where you can enjoy vids and pics optimized for smaller screens.

There are also 17 third-party video feeds that each offer you twenty movies to watch. While none of the feeds are focused on fetish (except for one with a focus on tickling Asian guys), several of them - HDK Bare, Treasure Island Media, Ricky Raunch and Dirty Dawg - focus on bareback fucking and some of these scenes take place in dungeons or dark sex clubs. And this is the only bareback sex you'll see on Fisting Central because any of the Raging Stallion scenes that include fucking use condoms.

As far as issues, you'll want to take care when signing up for this site because there is a pre-checked, 3-day trial offer on the join page for another site, and it's not even a fetish site. If you don't want it, simply uncheck the offer; otherwise you can expect to be billed a full membership after the trial has expired. Also, when exiting the join page, you may get a pop-up.

If you like extreme ass play and fisting, you should be pretty happy with Fisting Central, as they deliver a lot of it in better-lit videos than a lot of other fisting sites offer. Add to that the sounding videos from Fetish Force, plus action including foot sex, bondage, spanking, and plenty of sucking and fucking. Fans of fisting and sounding who also enjoy some other fetish play and like to watch a bit of this and some of that will find the content here is probably going to keep you turned on. The men at Fisting Central are fucking hot and so is the action, and the best way to tell if this site is going to get your inner pervert on his knees and begging for more is to check out the tour and cruise through their previews.

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