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Doctor Twink offers Asian guys in scenes focusing on medical exams, a little kink and a whole lot of gay sex. The guys here are in their twenties - a few could be 19, and a couple of the "doctors" could be in their early thirties. The performers are mostly slender, and some could be called twinks, while others are "regular guy" types. Most may have smooth chests and abs, but many have hairy asses and untrimmed pubic hair, and a few have smallish tattoos. The guys portraying doctors wear white exam coats or scrubs and sometimes glasses.

The scenes take place in medical exam rooms with all the trimmings - exam tables, various medical equipment and a human anatomy pic on the wall. The "patients" have to strip, and some get excited at feeling exposed. Some of the guys have their feet placed in the stirrups and get anal exams where their tight, puckered holes are spread with a dilator - some get probed anally with fingers or equipment. Some doctors need the patients to urinate in the room so they can measure or test the piss. There's plenty of sex with the doctor, too - lots of rimming, cock sucking and fucking, and sometimes a third guy joins in.

Doctor Twink offers 290 video updates available in MP4 format. The newer videos are decent or better quality full scenes sized at 1920x1080 plus a smaller version for mobiles. The older updates are each part of a full scene, most a quarter, half or third. These are amateur quality and sized 736x414 and they, too, are available at a smaller size, although the larger size is small enough for most phones and older tablets. The videos can also be streamed. You won't mistake the lighting for studio pro lighting, but you won't have trouble seeing anything, either. Just don't expect the older videos to go full screen without losing sharpness and clarity.

The site also offers 76 picture sets. These are screencaps sized at either 1280x720 or 1920x1080, depending on the set, and quality varies from so-so to good amateur, again depending on the set. You can download the pics either individually or you can save entire sets in zip files. While there are no slideshows, you can easily navigate from pic to pic using the arrows to the left and right of each picture.

Doctor Twink members get plenty of extras. First are the 31 bonus sites, among them seven additional Asian sites and an Asian/white daddy site, as well. There's Asian piss, Asian guys in uniform, Asian tickling and the non-Asian sites include twinks, barebacking, rough daddies, several Latino sites and amateurs, and about half the sites update. There's also 62 feeds and over a thousand bonus videos in a wide variety of gay niches.

Now let's talk about updates. The site has grown by 52 videos in the past 22 months. Part of the reason for this is that over a year ago there was a five month break between updates, and there was one skipped update this year, but there are about 40 missing updates, so that leaves some unexplained. Most likely the site is recycling at least some of the updates because otherwise the math doesn't add up. On the other hand, if you haven't joined this site before, it doesn't really matter as there's a lot of content and you won't have seen the re-added updates previously.

There are some more issues worth mentioning. First, the non-recurring month membership costs a full $20 more than the recurring version, and since you can easily cancel the recurring version, it's definitely a better deal. There are rows of thumbs on the bottom of the member home page, galleries and video pages, and these lead to a third-party live cam site where you must pay for full nudity or action. The site has no model info, and I was disappointed that there are no tags or categories, as the search box gives results for all the sites and the recommendations under the videos don't necessarily offer the same types of action. And as I already mentioned, the older videos are broken into multiple updates, so the full scene count is probably closer to 175 videos at a guess.

One last issues is a two-parter. If you want to save the pics, you must rename each one, as they all have the same name and otherwise each photo you download will overwrite the one you saved before it. And the same thing is true of the zip files, but I'd recommend you go for them because the individual pics also require that you add .jpg to the end of each one in order to open it, where the zip file pics have the .jpg already added.

Doctor Twink offers unique Asian fetish content featuring slender Asian guys getting physicals including rectal exams, urine tests and plenty of sucking, fucking and loads of cum. The action takes place in exam rooms, the doctors wear medical coats or scrubs, and the patients are thoroughly exposed, probed and tested, then fucked. There are 290 video updates to download, stream and watch on your mobiles plus 76 picture sets, and while some updates may be recycled or may have been at an earlier point, there's also lots of extras including more Asian kink sites. Overall Doctor Twink delivers exactly what you'd expect from the tour, and fans of medical fantasies and Asian amateurs are probably going to like what they find here.

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