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Dark Alley is a DVD production company that specializes in grittier, underground gay sexuality, and they're well known for their dirty bareback and extreme anal penetration scenes. Founded in 2005, Dark Alley is run by real-life lovers and gay porn stars Owen Hawk and Matthias von Fistenberg. This site offers all of their titles in a video-on-demand service (VOD) that uses a pay-per-minute model. But Dark Alley also offers DVDs from 25 other bareback and fetish sex studios including Hot Desert Knights, Dick Wadd Media, Stallion Productions, SX Video, Wurstfilm and more.

The men on this site largely fall into the average to well-built type of men. Expect muscle bears, daddies, masculine men, leather men and well-built gay porn stars, and there are some jocks, as well. Dark Alley has a chub category with a few titles featuring heavier men, and there's also a twink category including cute, smooth and boyish guys, which seems like an odd fit, but many of the so-called twinks here aren't really twinks, just guys in their twenties with a variety of body types.

Dark Alley takes us into the underground world of nasty and kinky gay sex. You'll find BDSM, bareback sex (which they call breeding, but there are also condomed movies available), dildo play, double penetration, extreme penetration, fisting, gangbang sex, leather and dungeon play, orgies, pissing, skinheads and more. While some of the other studios' offerings are regular bareback suck and fuck action, be prepared to have your limits pushed and tested by Dark Alley's own titles and some of the other studios' perverted action, as well.

Shockwave is one of my favorite videos, and this DVD features some pretty hot, masculine and hardcore pigs shoving dildos, fists, and shooting creamy loads up each others butt holes. There's one sexy, balding and goateed fucker named James Roscoe who really gives his bottom a rough time with lots of spitting, face slapping and throat fucking before he finally pounds this butt boy's raw ass. I think I'm in love. Luckily this hot pig appears in several more DVDs on the site, and there are sequels to Shockwave, also.

Dark Alley offers 926 DVD titles. Unlike other VOD systems, Dark Media doesn't offer the videos by scenes, although they call the DVDs scenes. Because of this set-up I can't tell you how many scenes are available, however a DVD usually has three to five scenes so you're looking at somewhere over 3000 scenes. And while there are no dates on updates, the site has grown quite a bit, having added 365 in the past 34 months.

The videos stream in a Flash player sized at about 768x576 and offered in four quality options. The system auto-detects the best version for you, however if you don't like the option they've chosen, you can easily change it. I found the videos generally played smoothly, but at times there was a bit of choppiness that can often be resolved by closing other programs on your computer. Quality varies from low amateur to pretty good, not surprising since some of the videos here were produced pretty recently while others are over 12 years old and were sized on DVD at 640x480, so they're stretched to fit the player. For those who choose to pay for downloads, each is available in sizes from 960x720 (older) or 1280x720 (newer) plus several smaller sizes for mobiles.

There are no picture galleries, but on the movie detail page there are eight to twelve large thumbnails sized at 450x253 or 450x330 to give you an idea of the type of men and the action you're going to find on each DVD. There's also often long, juicy descriptions of the action, clickable performer and studio names and "themes", which are categories and niches.

I have problems with their pricing. They have three recurring options that give you 100 to 500 minutes a month. I don't find their packages are all that generous for the serious video watcher. Their basic package of 100 minutes at $9.95 barely gives you enough time to watch one DVD. Likewise, their 500-minute package will allow you watch five 90-minute DVDs a month. If you go over your monthly allotment, they charge you on a per-minute basis, but they don't tell you what those charges are. I'd be happier with an unlimited viewing option that was priced accordingly, but if you're not a power user, you may find the prices work better for you. BTW, DVD downloads cost from $29.95 to $39.95 each.

Dark Alley is a hot site with lots of nasty DVDs for men who are into piggier sex play and fetish action plus some regular bareback fuck and suck. This is one of the only places on the web where you'll be able to watch Dark Alley movies, and the site has a total of 926 DVD titles from a variety of studios, including American and European production houses, so you'll have a good selection of DVDs to keep you hard and horned up. And while there are no dates on the updates, there are 365 more DVDs (over 1,000 more scenes) offered than there were a little under three years ago. If you like bareback sex and fetish play, and don't mind pay-per-minute sites, you'll want to check out Dark Alley.

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