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Axel Abysse took his first fist when he was 18 years old and he's never looked back. The French film maker and ass pig just launched his eponymous porn site featuring his collection of raunchy homemade videos. Abysse uploaded his first video to a tube site in 2014 and immediately started gaining a following. Within a couple of years Axel grabbed the attention of other porn producers and filmed quite a few scenes for Studfist and Club Inferno Dungeon. His own porn site just opened in October 2017, so let's take a look.

Axel Abysse was born in France and now lives in Japan. He's a good-looking guy with a slim, smooth body. He's 30 years old and has both nipples pierced; he also has a Prince Albert and two guiche piercings (on the perineum between his testicles and asshole) and his cock is uncut. He doesn't sport any facial hair, but often appears with a bit of scuff. He loves wearing jockstraps and athletic socks, and his ass has a voracious appetite and is very accommodating. I've seen him sitting on a giant missile of a dildo, he takes fists as well as he gives them, and his hole can take a vigorous ass punching.

Many of the guys appearing with Axel don't show their faces, either keeping them out of the frame or concealing them in some way, like the guy who wears a gas mask, but there are guys who show their faces, as well. Ryuii is a Filipino muscle stud who lives between Singapore, Bangkok, and Tokyo, and he appears in a sleazy threeway with Axel. Asher Hattori is a good-looking Japanese guy who has always fantasized about fisting but never pursued it. Until he met Abysse. Now they train and challenge each other's holes regularly. The other guys who appear on the site all seem to be in their twenties with athletic and smooth bodies.

The action here is Dirty with a capital D. Axel Abysse loves pushing his asshole to the limit, whether that involves sitting on a giant dildo to taking a man's fist. But he's versatile, so you're just as likely to see his fist buried in another man's hole. He also loves piss play so there's plenty of action with guys pissing on each other, even guzzling yellow gold. In "Axel's Sixty Nine" he lies on a bed with a guy wearing a gas mask; they sit beside one another ass to ass and slide their fists in each other. In "Threeways" Asher Hattori plays with another guy in a mutual handballing session, then Axel joins them and fists them both. In another video a guy takes both of Axel's fists at the same time, so there's lots of gaping rosebuds to turn you on.

Some of the videos are experimental like "Insomniac" that features Axel Abysse walking around his neighborhood at night in nothing but a jockstrap and his black boots. He fists himself in a park bordered by apartment buildings, and minutes later, he's sitting on a construction pylon in the middle of the street. The video is filmed in night vision and sometimes multiple versions of Axel appear on the screen and they're all fisting themselves. Like I said, experimental.

Axel Abysse opened on October 2017 with 16 videos and the site includes the very first video that he uploaded to that tube site. The videos are available to stream in MP4 format, and they play at 980x552 at amateur to good amateur quality. Axel is a film maker so he likes to play around with lighting, special effects and filters, so these aren't always straight forward action videos. Sometimes bits of music or sound effect fades in and out, sometimes the whole frame shakes or blasts of color burst across the screen, but it all makes for fun viewing. The videos can be enlarged to full screen and most fare well. Some of the videos are only four or five minutes, while others are 10 to 20 minutes long.

Each scene's page has a gallery of three screencaps that can be enlarged to 1920x1080. They're average to good amateur quality, and each pic can be saved individually. There are no features like downloadable zips or hands-free slideshows, although there are forward and back controls on the viewer.

The episodes aren't dated, although the site's marketing representative tells me that they plan to update the site every two weeks. There aren't any deal breakers here, but there are a couple of things I'll mention from the site's terms and conditions. However, none of them apply at the moment. There are no trial memberships, but they would be limited to the latest six updates. The site doesn't allow downloaders that do more than five videos simultaneously, but they don't offer downloads right now. And finally, there is a 40 GB daily limit, but again, this pertains only to downloads, streaming videos aren't affected.

Axel Abysse is a pig and he's a lot of fun to watch. Whether you like watching giant dildos or fists plunging eager assholes, you'll find exciting ass play sessions to get you revved up. The site is small, offering 15 exclusive videos to stream on your desktop or mobile, but they plan to update twice a month. Axel is a great performer and loves showing his gaping rosebud, and he's quite the piss afficionado, too. I'm looking forward to watching this site grow and seeing what's coming down the pipe, pardon the pun.

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