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Stud Fist is devoted to fisting, and it's one of the best fisting sites around when it comes to content. Amerifist is a black muscle top, a former professional bodybuilder, and he loves long handballing sessions where he slowly opens up a manhole until he's punch fucking it. He's not obsessed with how deep he can go: "Very few can take these forearms, they're 14 inches around". Amerfist has an 8x6 inch cock and does some fucking on the site, too, but his first love is fisting. He's featured in many of the scenes, and a high percentage of his bottoms are white guys who are muscled or in very good shape. "I prefer a tight waist, a hard, round ass, and nice legs", he tells us. We haven't visited the site in over two years, so it's time to see what's new.

Amerifist is joined on the site by fisting bottom Dyn0, who says that he's got an ass so hot that it converts bottoms to tops. I was pretty amazed at how much action this blond stud's butt hole could endure. These two San Francisco men like to "provide you with fresh gay fisting content - as fast as we can make it", and they're not in every scene, either. There are lots of other fisting tops and bottoms on this site, and they're a mix of amateur handballers and regular porn performers. Some of the well-known guys I saw are Cutler X, Teddy Bryce, Aarin Asker, Joey Jordan, Nate Grimes and Cory Jay.

The action here features intense fisting and large toy play with plenty of lube and gaping asses. There are some bottoms here with hungry holes that can take two fists at once or punch fucking with alternating fists or enormous dildos, so expect plenty of anal stretching. And Amerifist loves showing off a guy's blazing red rosebud. There's some bondage, leather, and there's even some pissing. Keep in mind that these are mostly real amateurs who are into fisting, so the action here is real and very, very hot!

Stud First offers 268 exclusive videos. The newest videos are good amateur quality, sharp and clear, and they're available in two sizes of MP4 (1920x1080 and 1280x720) and one size of WMV (1920x1080). They're nice to watch and enjoyable, and there's no bullshit; the men get right into the handballing action. The older videos aren't as sharp as I'd like and not as good as the newer episodes, but they're still quite watchable. The streaming videos are similar: the newer ones play well and look good, except the older ones, which aren't as crisp and they're smaller; the mid-age ones were at 1280x720 with a smaller mobile version. The very oldest stream in a Flash player at 554x460 at average quality.

Stud Fist also offers 217 pictures galleries. The galleries are available on the tour, so potential members can get a very good idea of the kind of men and action they can expect to see inside. They are also available inside the member area, but it's such a exercise in hoop jumping to find them that I recommend you look at them on the tour. Each gallery offers six screencaps sized at 720x400 at decent quality to give you a look at some of the action from the videos. You can save any picture individually by right-clicking its thumbnail, but there's no zip files or slideshows. There are forward and back controls on the picture viewer, and using the forward button will take you to the next gallery's first picture. It'd an odd way of navigating, but it wasn't really a problem.

So let's talk about my biggest complaint about Studfist – it's challenging and annoying to navigate. When you log into the member area, you're presented with a single long page displaying all 268 videos. But all the videos aren't displayed initially; the site uses a never-ending scroll function that adds a few videos at a time; whenever you finally reach the page bottom, it'll add a few more videos. After scrolling through 109 episodes on the homepage, I stumbled on one called "Hollow'd Out"; I clicked the episode title and was magically taken into another whole section of the site where you could not only stream the videos, but find links to all of the picture galleries, even many of those first 109 episodes I just scrolled through. By the way, clicking any of the first 109 episodes just takes you to a video page that plays a very large size of the episode.

To add to the fun, when you're viewing the pics, using the forward button will take you to the next gallery's first picture. It'd an odd way of navigating, but this is just one of the myriad navigation issues on this site.

I have a few more complaints. There are no actual dates on the updates, but there are 65 more videos than were 32 months ago, and doing the math, this adds two videos per month, which is inline with the site's claims. There's no way to know if updates are added on the same days of the week or dates, however. Also the download speeds here are quite slow, and I had to re-enter my password once after logging into the member area to start downloading a video. Subsequent downloads, however, didn't require I enter my password again. Keep your password handy, though, because several times I even ended up back out on the tour and had to back track.

Stud Fist delivers some of the best fisting action around, which is a damned shame because the site is a mess to navigate. It really needs to be overhauled. However, where handballing is concerned, Amerifist is the real deal who knows his way around and into a man's ass. I enjoyed the variety of men on the site who are mostly never-before-seen amateurs, but he has also filmed some well-known faces and asses. There are 268 exclusive fisting videos and there are two updates every month. Stud Fist offers real men into serious handballing and ass stretching, and believe me when I tell you the action here is hot. If you remember my tips for navigating the site, it could be less frustrating for you, and still worth it because the content is that good.

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