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Anal Discipline started off as a site dedicated to kinky or rough sex with lots of guys getting their asses stuffed with dick. The videos that the site derived its name from featured bondage, fisting, dungeons, cum eating, and deep, punishing fucks - okay, and a couple solos that didn't make much sense. But overall there was lots of leather and bottoms getting their holes stretched, the sort of thing you'd expect to find at a site with the word "discipline" in the title. The content was taken from DVDs, but it delivered the goods. Then the videos were sometimes kinky, but there's was less bondage, more sex toy action, and some of the fucking may be hot but it's neither rough or punishing.It's been over two years since we last visited the site, so join us as we see what's been at this site happening since our last review.

You'll find average guys and smooth twinks as well as defined, athletic jocks; there are Latinos, older leather daddies, and swarthy men. There are European guys with uncut cocks, some who seem to be amateurs and others who I'm guessing are porn performers who didn't make it to star status. I found smooth guys - especially the guys from 18 to their mid-twenties - as well as men with natural, furry bodies, and some with smooth asses but hairy legs. Cock sizes vary: there are guys hung average and some hung nice and large. And I found some performers who are bearded, some who are tattooed, and a number who are shaved bald.

In some of the very latest updates, I found a repeating group of guys including a dom called Shadow Junior, a mostly-sub named Nightshayde, and a chub called Ray Lycan. They appear in motel rooms and locations with a bondage swing (plus one scene in an adult toy store) in duos and threesomes and get into action including flogging, blindfolds, and spanking. You'll find some leather and latix kinkwear, handjobs, some fucking and sucking including face fucking, and they're joined by other amateurs into the scene from time to time. You'll find these adventurous kinksters in 14 of the latest 20 videos.

Anal Discipline now offers 162 videos in MP4 format. Most videos are sized at 640x480 (I found a couple at 720x480) at average to good amateur quality; the vids are a good size for mobiles, and there's a smaller size that should work for most older phones with smaller screens. The videos are downloadable, DRM-free and you can also stream them if you prefer. The streaming versions are also MP4s at the same resolutions as the downloadable vids, and you can enlarge them to full screen, although expect some loss of sharpness and quality.

All but a few of the videos come with picture sets. The pics are screencaps sized at 640x480 (a couple I found were 720x480), and quality ranges from below average to pretty decent. For the most part you won't mistake these for digital stills, but they're still a good way to preview the action. The pictures are offered in galleries below the player on the episode pages, and while there are no slideshows, you can navigate from picture to picture; downloadable zip files are available or you can save only the pics you like individually.

Let's talk about updates. The site has only added 25 videos since we last visited almost two and a half years ago. That's because of irregular and infrequent updates. For the past year, the site has been adding an update once a month; before that, there were two periods of skipped updating and updates were only being added once or twice a month before that. All told, there were 12 videos added in the past year, so while the site is still adding content, it's not very often - luckily there are tons of extras.

Full members of Anal Discipline get access to a large network of gay porn that gives you access to content from 62 additional sites plus a few bonus video collections. The network currently offers over 8,000 videos, a mix of exclusive and non-exclusive content, and the network updates almost every day; some days there are two updates, although not all the sites update. There have been 12 videos added in the past eight days, and that's not unusual. You'll find all sorts of guys and action - expect twinks, barebacking, Latinos, group sex, amateurs, solo masturbation, straight guys, and the list goes on and on, although there's not that much kink.

Now let's talk about issues. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second recurring membership when you join this site. Trial members get limited access; they can view "the best 12 scenes in the network," which may not even include a video from this site. There's a pop-up when you enter the site and some updates are only half of a full scene. The tour says "Hundreds of Hot Anal Discipline Submit Their Personal Videos Every Week," which makes no sense since the site doesn't offer user-submitted videos and updates only once a month.

There are a few last things to mention - first is the advertising. There's the large ad at the top of every members area page and the rows of animated thumbs at the bottom of all the pages that are ads for a live cam site but could be mistaken as content for less experienced porn members. And on the network home page are several more animated ads on the left side of the page. By the way, some may find it confusing that they log into MassiveGayPass when logging into Anal Discipline but will find themselves in the gayhub network; don't worry, it's the same thing with a different name. And one last thing is that the model index says there are 13 models listed, many less than appear on the site, but only four are listed, and they're not shown with and pics plus the video info is wrong.

Anal Discipline delivers some kink, leather, dungeon action, and rough sex, as well as some kink-free sucking and fucking and a few solos. You can expect some fisting, leather, and guys asses penetrated by dildos being used on them by buddies. There are 162 videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobile, and the site updates about once a month. Where this site really shines is in the extras, as full members get access to 62 bonus sites in a wide variety of niches, and the entire network updates almost every day - sometimes twice on the same day - and it's the network that gives you lots of bang for your buck.

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