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Real Bareback delivers guys fucking raw. You'll find a lot of variety when it comes to the performers from cute twink boys to men in leather, muscle hunks and blue-collar types, and Europeans to Latinos. The guys are a mix of amateurs and porn regulars, so you might spot some familiar faces. They range from average to good looking, and ages range from 18 and probably around 45 years old. Most of the guys are smooth, but some have hairy asses and thighs, and many have a tattoo, some more, while some aren't inked at all.

While the site is all about condom-free anal, so you can expect plenty of raw sucking and fucking, there's also plenty of rimming, kissing, bottoms jerking off while they're getting their asses filled with jizz, and I found some cum-eating and cum-swapping going on. The action is a mix of hardcore duos, some threesomes and a foursome with raw dicks thrusting into all sorts of asses, and the sex happens in all sorts of locations - at the gym, outdoors, in motels and apartments, and on porn sets. Guys bareback in beds, on couches, on the floor and wherever the scenes take them. And with titles like "Cum Slurpie," "Bareback Riders," and "Hollywood Raw Jocks," you know what kind of action to expect.

Real Bareback offers 94 DRM-free videos in MP4 format, and they're downloadable in two sizes. The larger plays at either 640x360 or 640x480, and the smaller vids play fine on smaller mobile devices. Most of the videos are are from DVDs that are more than a few years old and sometimes that shows; some of the vids are not as sharp as they could be. For those who prefer to watch rather than download, there are also streaming versions of each video, and full screen is available, although some of the videos don't fare too well and even the best lose some sharpness. Despite the fact that some videos are named part one and part two, these are full scenes - these are actually scene numbers from DVD titles.

Each video comes with a set of pictures. These are average to fairly good amateur quality screencaps sized at between 640x360 and 720x480. All the image sets can be downloaded in zip files or the pics can be saved individually; you can also navigate from pic to pic, although there are no hands-free slideshows. There are between 50 and 100 photos per set.

Something worth mentioning is that Real Bareback is part of a much larger gay porn network consisting of 63 bonus sites (not feeds), several themed bonus vid collections, and the full network offers 10 or 11 updates every week and over 7,500 videos total. There are twink sites, more barebacking sites, British guys, sex with the boss, black studs, Latinos, and lots more, and some of the sites offer full HD videos while others offer the same size and quality vids as this site has.

Before we get to other issues, let's talk about updates. The site has stopped updating again. It had stopped updating in May of 2015, added a few updates (one a month or less), then updates ceased till February of 2016 (again, maybe one per month) and stopped after April. Will the site start updating again? Who knows, but the network's 10 updates per week means there's lot of new content for members, although much of the sex uses condoms. Doing a search of the bareback category shows 572 bareback videos in the network.

Let's talk about issues. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that will sign you up for a membership to a second site if left checked. Trial members get limited access; they can watch the network's 12 "best" videos. There's a large ad on the top of every page in the site and network - even the galleries - and two rows of animated thumbs at the bottoms of all the pages actually lead to a third-party cam site. While you can look up the models from some of the network sites, there's no models listed for this site. And some of the videos here could use a quality boost.

Real Bareback offers diversity when it comes to the action and the performers, and one thing the vids all have in common is guys taking it up the ass raw. There are 94 videos to download, stream, or watch on your mobile, and each vid comes with a set of screencaps. While updates are infrequent and sporadic, the site is part of a gay porn network offering 10 or 11 weekly updates and over 7,500 videos, although less than 600 of the vids are raw. While I'd have liked Real Bareback to offer more frequent updates and sharper vids, this site could be worth a look for bareback lovers or for access to one of the larger gay porn networks on the web.

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