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Ambush Massage focuses on massages with happy-endings. The site was launched back in 2014 by the producers of William Higgins. The guys not only get an oiled rub down, but the masseur plays with their cocks, fingers their butt holes and fucks them with small sex toys until they blow their cum wads. The site has been updating weekly since our last review, so there's quite a bit more to see here, and the guys on the tour are still looking pretty sexy, so let's get started.

Ambush Massage is produced in Prague, so you'll find mostly Czech guys here, but there may be other Central and Eastern Europeans as well. The guys range throughout their twenties, but there may be the odd 18- or 19-year-old. If you like uncut guys, there's plenty of foreskin cocks. While there are a few muscle hunks, the guys are generally slender with athletic bodies, but some are a little on the slim side. Most of them feature hairless torsos, but a smooth chest doesn't always guarantee a silky bum, so expect both hairy and smooth derrieres as well as a mix of furry and shaved assholes and pubes.

Viktor Hugo is one of the latest handsome twenty-something-year-old guys. He arrives on set wearing fitted boxers and lies face down on the table. The masseur arrives fully clothed. We actually never see his face, just his hairy forearms and masculine hands. He works oil into Viktor's back and relaxes the stud with a rub down. Eventually the masseur slides off Viktor's underwear and rubs his butt and thighs and occasionally spreads Viktor's cheeks so we get a look at his puckered hole. From time to time a finger slides down the lad's ass crack. The masseur pulls Viktor onto his shoulders and knees and positions him with his ass in the air and now all the masseur's attention is focused on Viktor's hole. The masseur inches a small dildo inside and strokes the lad's cock between his thighs while slowly pleasuring his ass. Viktor rolls onto his back for the finale and the massuer jerks his hard-on until Viktor cums all over himself.

Another blond lad gets pretty much the same treatment, but the masseur takes off his underwear and gets his dick stroked while he sucks off the blond. I did see a masseur climb on top of one guy and they sucked each other 69 style, although most of the guys getting massaged don't touch the masseur much. And sometimes the masseur pulls out his own cock and jerks off on the guy or the table. Finally, some masseurs work a guy's feet - others not so much.

The site's name is a curiosity because an Ambush Massage would suggest a guy comes in for a massage, and then "Surprise! My finger's up your bum." But these guys all willingly allow the masseur to finger their holes and fuck them with small sex toys. And there are no protests when the masseur sucks or fondles their cocks, which were usually quite hard by the time he gets to them. One guy looked completely surprised that he blew his wad while getting fucked by a small dildo; after another shot his load, he looked apprehensive as the masseur mounted his leg to stroke himself off like he wasn't sure what to do when the masseur started rubbing their dicks together.

Ambush Massage has been updating with a new scene every week, so it's grown to offer 145 exclusive videos. You can download the videos in two different sizes in MP4 format; there's a full HD version at 1920x1080 and another at 960x544 that should play on most newer mobiles. Some of the older scenes offer the largest size at 1280x720, but the smaller size is consistent throughout the site. This producer uses state-of-the-art filming equipment, so the video quality is quite nice. You can also view the vids on the site in a streaming player at 640x360, and as a result of their superior equipment and generous bitrates, when going full-screen, there's no noticeable loss of quality.

Each video comes with a picture set, but these aren't listed on the same pages with the videos; they are found in a separate "Massage Photos" area. These are very good screencaps, some of the best I've ever seen, and they display at 665x1000. Each gallery has a hands-free slideshow, and you can save the photos individually or download each full set in a zip file. Each set has anywhere between 100 to 300+ pictures, which sounds like a lot, but there are lots of similar poses.

There are a couple of issues at Ambush Massage. First, as I already mentioned, the content doesn't reflect the site's name, but nevertheless, seeing guys getting happy-ending rubdowns with lots of hole play is a turn-on. Second, the site's tour says that you'll get access to thousands of photos and hundreds of downloadable WMV videos; however there are only 145 videos on the site and they're in MP4 format, not WMV. There's also a pre-checked email offer on the join page, but it's easy enough to opt out of that.

And I have a couple of personal quibbles. There are a couple of guys with pimply butts who I would probably have sent home. I also like men's bare feet, so I was disappointed that a few of these guys really should have stopped by the nail salon for a pedicure to clean up their callouses. But that's just me - some foot lovers are into rough feet.

Ambush Massage has grown into a decent sized site with 145 videos, most around 25 minutes long, long enough for the masseur to work his hands down to the guy's butt and start rubbing and fingering his ass. The sex toy action and hole fingering is fun to watch, as was the simultaneous ass play and cock stroking. This is the first time most of these guys have ever had anything up their butts, so listening to them moan was a turn-on. There's plenty here to keep you entertained for the duration of your 30-day membership, the site updates weekly and the price is right - and if you're a foreskin hound like me, there's plenty of uncut cocks.

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