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Hot European guys (mainly Czech) get nude oil massages. The masseur plays with their butt holes, fingering and fucking them with small sex toys, then gives them happy-ending handjobs. 880 semi-exclusive massage and solo videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, plus 398 bonus videos of amateurs in casting videos.

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Video info

Videos offered for download and streaming

1,295 semi-exclusive videos in MP4 format. Newer downloads offered in 4 sizes up to 2560x1440 at very good quality, older are good quality, offered in WMV and MOV formats at 960x540 and 1280x720, and M4V format at 640x360. Streaming, mobile compatible videos available.

Picture info

1,295 picture sets. Pics are good to very good quality digital stills sized at 800x1200 or 1200x675. Zip files available, no slideshow. Pictures can be saved individually. 80 to over 400 pics per set.

Bonus content

398 casting videos.

Membership cost of Ambush Massage

  • Monthly: $9.95 (recurring every 30 days)
  • Monthly: $14.95 (30 days, non-recurring)

Ambush Massage Review

Ambush Massage was launched in 2014 by producers of William Higgins and focuses on massages with very happy endings. The guys not only get oiled up and rubbed down, but the masseur plays with their cocks, fingers their butt holes, and fucks them with small sex toys until they blow their loads. It’s been nearly three years since our last look inside, so let’s head back and see what's been happening.

Ambush Massage is produced in Prague, so you'll find mostly Czech guys here, but there may be other Europeans, as well. The performers range throughout their twenties, and there may be the odd 18- or 19-year-old in the mix. If you like uncut cocks, there are plenty of foreskinned dicks on offer. While there are a few muscle hunks, the performers are generally slender with athletic bodies, but some are more on the slim side. Most of them have smooth bodies, but there are some hairy guys, and a smooth chest doesn't always guarantee a silky bum, so expect both hairy and smooth derrieres, as well as a mix of furry and shaved assholes and pubes. There's a short paragraph about each model's background on their episode page, as well as a description about what happens in each scene. And look for the Model Info link below each guy’s video where you’ll find more stats and info in the pop-up.

While the name Ambush Massage suggests the guys are surprised when the masseur rubs their assholes or cocks, this isn't the case. The guys know that they’re going to get a full-body rubdown (even their feet are massaged), and the masseur will pay lots of attention to their asses, fingering and fucking them, usually with a small vibrator. This portion of the massage is my favorite because the guy is usually on his knees with his face on the mattress and his butt stuck high in the air. This gives us a perfect view of the ass play, as well as the masseur pulling the guy's dick back between his thighs and stroking it. When the guys roll over and present their fully erect cocks, the masseur pleasures them with his well-oiled hands. I didn't see any blowjob action, but I didn't watch every video. The masseur, whose face always remains out of frame, continues working the stud's hard dick until he finally empties his balls all over himself. 

You'll also find casting videos for most of the models as well as what the site calls "Erotic Solos", which are guys getting naked and jerking off for the camera. These are all from the same studio, and you can expect mostly the same guys in these videos that you'll find in the massage videos.

Ambush Massage now offers 1,295 semi-exclusive videos in MP4 format. You can download the videos in four sizes. The newer scenes very good quality and are offered at 2560x1440, which is known as Quad HD (QHD) and is the closest the site offers to 4K; there are two large HD sizes at 1920x1080 and 1280x720, plus a smaller size at 970x546. The older scenes are good quality and are offered in older video formats like WMV and MOV and play at 960x540 and 1280x720, and there's a M4V version for mobiles at 640x360. The videos can be also streamed in a player that resizes the vids to fit your screen, and the larger version looks best at enlarged to full-screen. The site and most of the videos are mobile compatible, although the older episodes didn't stream for me without downloading first.

Each video comes with a picture set of digital stills sized at 800x1200 (portrait) or 1200x675 (landscape). The pics are good quality and there are anywhere from 80 to 400+ pictures, but these could often be pared down as there are a lot of similar poses. There may be some screencaps mixed in, but if so, they're also good quality. You can save the photos individually or download each set in a zip file. Each gallery has forward and back controls, but there’s no slideshow feature.

Let's look at the past four months of updates on AmbushMassage from November 2023 to February 2024. Each month there were three massage videos and also five  Casting and Erotic Solos videos added, bringing the monthly updates to eight. They tend to add the massage videos on Sundays, although one in January occurred on a Monday, and the other videos are usually added on Mondays, but not always.

We have some minor complaints about AmbushMassage. There are still no tags, although you can add your own if you'd like, and your addition will appear below the scene’s description. There's a free-form search, but it's not at all useful: I got no results for "uncut" or "foreskin" or "Czech" even though almost every model is Czech and uncircumcised. We had erroneously reported there were no model profiles, and this is not true; under the video on each episode page you’ll see a very small Model Info link (so small we missed it), and if you click that, you’ll get a pop-up with the model’s stats, where he’s from, his hobbies and profession, along with other tidbits. 

The videos on Ambush Massage are not fully exclusive; you can find them all on William Higgins, and while this site originally offered only massage videos, now each model's casting and masturbation video are here, as well. This isn't a bad thing as you're getting more video for the same membership price, and Ambush Massage is a full $20 cheaper than William Higgins, although Higgins does include a lot more other videos including plenty of sucking and fucking. However, Ambush Massage is a good option if you’re mostly interested in massage and happy-ending sessions.

Ambush Massage offers some very hot videos that mostly run from 25 to over 30 minutes, long enough for the masseur to work his hands down to the guy's butt and start rubbing and fingering his asshole. The sex toy action and hole fingering is fun to watch, as is the cock stroking. This is the first time most of these guys have ever had anything up their butts, so listening to them moan was a turn-on. With 1,295 semi-exclusive, good quality videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, there's plenty here to keep you entertained. The site updates eight times a month with three massage sessions, plus five solo jack-off or casting / audition videos. If you're a foreskin hound like me, there's plenty of uncut cock here.

Things we disliked

  • No tags or categories
  • Poor search results
  • Bonus content is not massage related
  • Oldest vids not in MP4 format

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