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8teenBoy is is a new site produced by Helix Studios, which is the benchmark for high-quality twink porn, and so far it looks like 8teenBoy is following very nicely in big brother's footsteps. Featuring mostly 18 and 19 year olds in bareback suck and fuck action, there's a good selection of videos here to keep twink lovers happy. Let's get inside and take a look at what's on offer here.

As one would expect, most of the guys here are 18 years old, but I did see a couple who were 19. They're sporting smooth, slender bodies, and they're also boyishly cute with clean-shaven faces. Most of these twinks keep their pubes trimmed or completely shaved, and their balls and butt holes are also generally smooth, although there are a couple of exceptions. Cock sizes vary - I found some that quite impressive, and overall I'd say twink lovers are really going to like the models here. It's also worth mentioning that the guys here all hail from the U.S.

Hunter Graham is an 18 year old ginger, very cute, and he appears in four videos. He's got a decent-sized dick and he's a bottom, getting fucked in three of his four scenes; the fourth one is a solo. Jared Scott is one of the 19 year olds, and he looks a little more mature than Graham. He's tall, standing 6'3" - he's also slim and he's packing a big dick, which is good since he's a top. Each of the guys on the site has a profile page with a couple of lines about where he's from and his hobbies, and most have stats that include age, height, weight, cock size, and sexual role, although not all guys have every attribute listed.

Almost all of the action is in duos with the guys sucking and fucking bareback. There's lots of passion with plenty of kissing and fondling, then the guys move into sucking, rimming and fucking before dousing each other with their cum loads. There haven't been any threesomes yet, but three of the site's videos are solos. Helix Studios' Max Carter is a well-known performer and he's one of the directors on 8teenBoy; he introduces us to three of the guys in their solos. He talks to them for a bit before letting them pleasure themselves, and he occasionally reaches in for a grope or he slides his finger deep inside the guy's asshole while he's stroking. He's not too intrusive, but he does get in very close with his camera.

8teenBoy offers 38 exclusive videos that are available to stream in MP4 format and play at 1200x720. There are six different bitrates, but each only changes the picture quality and not the screen size. The site auto-selects the best version for your set-up, but it's easy to change to a higher or lower quality if you want. The highest quality, listed as 1080P, is best and these are crisp with good lighting and they fare well in full-screen mode. The videos aren't offered for download, but they are mobile compatible.

Each scene comes with a set of good quality digital stills that display at 1000x1500, and they come in a mix of portrait and landscape orientations. They're displayed in a mosaic instead of traditional thumbnail galleries, and each can be enlarged and saved individually if you like. While there are forward and back controls once you enlarge a picture, there's no hands-free slideshow. If you prefer to download an entire set in a zip file, that's available too.

8teenBoy is sort of new. They seemed to have started producing content in January 2016 and put out three scenes a month until April, then there was a long lapse in production until March 2017 when they started filming again. The scenes on the site themselves aren't dated, but I am seeing new content for this site in the Helix Studios weekly mailer that I receive, and the site has added eight updates in the past eight weeks.

Are there any drawbacks with 8teenBoy? The site is updating weekly, but the episodes in the members area aren't dated, so we can't be sure if updates are always added on the same day of the week. There's also a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a trial membership to Helix Studios, but this is easy enough to uncheck if you're not interested. The tour says that downloads are included, but I couldn't find any download options in the member area and neither could my editor.

8teenBoy offers a line-up of very cute all-American 18 and 19 year old twinks. They're boyish and slim with smooth bodies and hard cocks. Most of the action is hardcore suck and fuck and it's all bareback, although they seem to be adding a solo video once month. There are 38 videos to stream on your desktop, laptop and newer smartphone, and the site adds a new video once a week. The quality and production values of the content is very good; this isn't amateur stuff – Helix Studios is well known for creating top-notch productions. So far I think we have a winner on our hands, and I highly recommend you check out 8teenBoy's cute twinks for yourself.

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