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Spank This is dedicated to college-aged jocks and twinks from 18 to around 24 getting hard spankings. Most of the guys - including some of the spankers - are boyish, smooth and slender or athletic, although there are some hairy guys as well. Many of them are sort of boy-next-door types, and some are also very cute, although others are regular guy type amateurs. Some of the spankers, however, are daddies over 40 who show they have a firm hand when it comes to discipline. There are some nice butts getting abused here, firm and round, resilient when struck. And at the end of each scene, those asses are glowing red.

The action includes over the knee spankings, paddling, hand and belt spanking on bare bottoms as well as shower brushes and hair brushes. And unlike some spanking sites, Spank This also has a number of movies that include hardcore fucking and sucking after the boys have been properly punished. The spankings take place in a variety of locations including outdoors, in hotels, dungeons and even in a principal's office. Discipline is meted out to badly behaved boys by men who know how to handle them, and there are boys spanking other boys as well. There's nothing like the sound of hands, paddles, and leather striking tender asses - and this is a sound that takes place in every single video.

Spank This currently offers 587 videos, 545 of which are Spank This exclusives and the rest (mostly added recently) are from Man's Hand studio. There are two kinds of memberships here: the full membership includes both downloads and streaming videos and there's also a streaming-only membership that's significantly cheaper. The videos are available in M4V format, and all members get access to the streaming videos, which are sized at 640x480 or 640x360 at average to good amateur quality although the newest exclusives are sized at 960x540 at good amateur quality. Full screen is available, but results vary depending on the video. The newer downloads are sized up to 1280x720, the older at 640x480. All videos are DRM free, have good sound, and play smoothly. I'm not sure if the Man's Hand videos are downloadable or if they're streaming only.

Each video also comes with a set of pictures. The newer Spank This exclusives come with good amateur quality digital stills sized at 1000x1500 or even 1333x2000, the older with average quality screencaps sized at 654x480. The picture sets for the Man's Hand videos are screencaps that are fairly small, sized at 400x300 but still decent quality at their original size; unfortunately when viewed on the page, these are shown much larger, which lowers the quality quite a bit. Each picture set can be viewed as a hands-free slideshow, downloaded as a zip file, or if you prefer you can save the pics you like individually. There are 10 to about 40 pictures per set.

There are also 72 standalone picture sets. These aren't spanking related, and are actually solo shoots that are also found inside of Helix Studios. If you love twinks and jocks, the pics are really great. They show off each model, both naked and dressed, and the photography and image quality is quite good. These model photos are shown anywhere from 1000x1500 to 1328x1999, and as with the other pics, you can download individual pics or save entire sets in zip files. These galleries do not include zip files.

Now let's talk about updates. The site adds a new video every week, however it's been a month and a half since the site last added an exclusive update. That's because it's been adding the Man's Hand videos instead. The exclusive videos were being added once a month recently, more frequently for a couple months, and then as you go back, there's a several month break in updates. This isn't the first time the site's stopped updating for a period, but at least this time they're continuing to add spanking content on a regular basis, even if it's not Spank This exclusives.

Spank This members also get access to the Helix Studios network, where there are over 2,500 more twink and jock videos, albeit focused on cock stroking, sucking and fucking, dildo play, and some kinkier stuff rather than spanking. There are videos from Helix itself plus four more sites from its own labels plus additional content from four partner sites, and there are three updates each week, so twink and jock lovers always have something new to look forward to.

Now let's talk issues. There's a pre-checked email offer on the join page, but if you don't want to receive emails, you can easily uncheck it. While it appears that the studio has taken a break from shooting their own content, they've solved the updates problem by using spanking content from another studio. You can browse the videos by DVD, but the most recent production is from 2011. It's possible that the new Spank This episodes are being shot exclusively for the site, as I couldn't find them listed as DVD scenes. And while not an issue, the model index lists all the Helix models, and in most cases, most of the videos listed for each guy are sexy videos, not spanking vids. Last, there are tons of ads on the right sides of many of the pages and animated thumbs on the page bottoms that actually link to a cam site.

Spank This delivers smooth twinks and well-built jocks from 18 to 24 punished by getting spanked by hand and belt, flogger, or paddle on their tender butt cheeks. The spankers are a mix of other college-age guys, men in their thirties and daddies over 40, and beside spanking, some episodes offer either hot gay sex or a touch of bondage and BDSM. The site offers 587 spanking videos, 545 of which are exclusive, and it updates weekly. Add in over 2,500 bonus videos from the Helix network, and there's a lot to like here, especially watching cute guys squirm and struggle as they're punished with good old-fashioned spankings till their bottoms turn red.

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