Top #Selfies of the Week: Body vs. Dick Top #Selfies of the Week: Body vs. Dick

If you had to pick hot body or hot dick on a guy, which would you go for? And if you're a top and don't so much care about a guy's dick, then I guess you bypass the thought puzzle and go directly to asshole heaven. Which is figure is what heaven's like for tops: one big asshole.

But yeah, otherwise you may be in a pickle of a quandary of a dilemma. Because you have to choose. And face is an independent parameter. He can be super gorgeous perfect facially but then either the dick or body is total shit.

Which means if you're into really chubby guys, then for you a total shit body would be a super skinny dude. And if you're into really small dicks (yeah, some guys are), then a terrible dick would be big as hell.

And don't go telling me the dick is part of the body. We all know it's not! It's this sort of stuck on thing that makes no sense if you think about it too long. I mean, what the fuck is it, really? And why on some level do they all look like a cross between Darth Vader's snazzy helmet and Darth Vader's evil cock?

I'll go to the dark side than and go for cock because if you're a cock-o-sexual you can totally get lost in that singular part of a fella and the rest of him (face excluded) isn't so much part of the equation.

Or I'll go for the body and just deal with whatever genitals are available. If they're not long enough, I'll play with them twice as long. That's math!

Okay, I'll relent. You don't have to choose! But that does mean that if you want a guy with a hot body and dick, you better be prepared to move the hell on if he's missing either. Otherwise, you're settling. And what fun is that?

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