Tony Orion Plays with Boomer Banks 10 Incher Tony Orion Plays with Boomer Banks 10 Incher

Tony Orion is a sexy, Brazilian cub who has just started making the rounds in gay porn. He's filmed a couple of scenes, but Raging Stallion Studios grabbed this sexy stud to see if he could handle Boomer Banks' massive 10-inch cock.

Orion and Banks are appearing in the third scene of Raging Stallion's newest DVD called Open Road. Orion's real-life lover Aleks Buldocek fucked his way through the first two opening scenes and now it's Orion's turn. Banks and Orion are playing around in a barn and Banks lies back on a bale of hay to test out Orion's cock-sucking skills. And the lad opens wide and starts gulping on this huge uncut dick.

Tony does pretty good, too, and swallows almost all of it in a couple of deep-throating sequences. Then Orion lies back on the hay bale and Banks sucks his dick and eats his butt hole and gets it lubed with spit. Tony lies on the ground and throws his legs over his head and Boomer plunge fucks him and buries all 10 inches deep inside. Tony's tiny butt makes this fuck scene all the more impressive. After shooting his cum load all over himself, Orion pushes Boomer back on the bale and milks his thick piece of meat and gobbles up every drop of jizz.

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