Straight guys tastes his first dick Straight guys tastes his first dick

Steve (on the right) has never done anything with another dude before, but this straight guy is about to get his first feel of another guy's manmeat - and a good taste of it, too - when he's hooked up with Bryce for his first mutual blowjob! The guys at Active Duty really know how to get a straight guy experimenting, and hauling out some dick alongside a willing buddy like Bryce is just the way to do it. The guys start off stroking their own boners to the hardcore porn playing for them, but Steve is more than a little curious about the throbbing slab being jerked right there next to him. Hands are swapped and Steve seems to like the feel of another man's thick cock in his hand - but not as much as he enjoys the feel of Bryce's mouth sliding down his pole! After being shown how it's done, Steve cautiously gets a taste of cock for the first time, and he definitely likes what he tastes! The guy gets right on it, licking and sucking the juice from that thing as he strokes himself. The guys swap back and forth, taking each other to the edge of unloading and then watching each other as their new buddy starts spewing out the thick cream!

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