Stepson Sells His Ass to His Stepdad for $10

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Mr. Anderson is sitting on the couch working on his laptop when his son arrives looking for some money so he can hang out at the mall with his friends. "If you want some money, you should get a job after school," Anderson says. Charlie cuddles up beside his stepfather saying, "There's must be something I can do."

When his stepfather makes a move for the lad's crotch, Kevin jumps off the couch. Mr. Anderson says, "I think you should take those shorts off." And the stepson quips back, "Maybe you should give me $10 for these shorts."

This is the second time Mr. Anderson has fucked his stepson. Several weeks ago they played around in the debut of the new series They Grow Up So Fast and you can click that link to see the post here at GayDemon blog.

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