Roomate's Secret Roomate's Secret

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Derrick Dime has just helped his new roommate move in his stuff and he's wiped out. Brandon Moore grabs the last box off the truck and arrives inside to find Derrick already snoozing on the sofa. But that's not all Brandon sees. Derrick is sporting a stiffy -- it's hard to miss the way it's bulging down his leg. Come inside and see what Brandon does.

Derrick Dime must be really tired because he doesn't stir as Brandon Moore rubs his hard-on through his jeans. Derrick's erection responds and gets bigger and harder, so Brandon carefully unzips him and pulls his roommate's dick out. He gulps it down, but it's not easy because his roomie is hung. Finally, Derrick bolts awake. Brandon stammers an apology, then Dime says, "I'm not sure how I feel about my roommate being gay."

He pulls Brandon down for a kiss, adding, "But I intend to find out as I pound your bare ass." This scene is very acrobatic with Brandon lying across the back of the sofa while the guys 69 suck. Then Brandon does the splits across the couch back while Derrick stands on the floor and drills his ass. And one thing that got me super revved -- and this is a surprise -- is that Derrick's hands are rough and his finger nails are gritty with dirt, and I loved seeing them holding Brandon's white butt while he drilled him forcefully. 

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