Quentin Gainz is a "Cheater" at Next Door Raw Quentin Gainz is a "Cheater" at Next Door Raw

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Quentin Gainz finds himself home alone again, his boyfriend is off working late or something. Quentin heads to his favourite hookup site and he hits it off with Mark Long, who is more than willing to give Quentin some much needed attention.

As Next Door Raw's Cheaters unfolds, Quentin Gainz is delighted when Mark Long arrives and he's everything he claimed to be online. No catfishing here. Quentin leads Mark back to the bedroom and is even more excited to discover that Mark really does have a big cock, he wasn't just spouting off internet inches. Quentin kneels and chokes down the stud's meat deep throating it and getting it rock hard 

Mark pushes Quentin against the wall and pushes his bare cock inside. Quentin recoils, his boyfriend's dick isn't this big, but after a few tight seconds, Quentin's hole relaxes and lets Mark all the way in. Then fucking Quentin on the bed, Mark fucks him until the bottom spews jizz all over his chest. But it's not over yet, not by a long shot. Wait until you see what happens when Quentin's boyfriend arrives in the bedroom

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