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There's whipping it out. Then there's whipping it out and getting it hard. Then the Stage 3 Whip Out (S3WO) involves getting sucked.

No, S4WO is not fucking. Rather it's whipping it out at the all-you-can-eat buffet of a two-star restaurant. Hey, I know that's unexpectedly complicated but I didn't invent the rules.

Or actually there are no rules except those that are self-imposed. Sure, there may be consequences, but that's not the same thing. So an example of a self-imposed rule is "When I'm wearing a blue sweatshirt and shorts and exposing myself in the grocery store, I will make certain to do so by a blue box of Frosted Flakes."

Or "I'll whip it out on the train if you suck me off." That's falls under the heading "Spontaneous Head Rule" because there are a whole group of those. Train, bus, dentist office waiting room, hot air balloon, submarine, unicycle.

Technically, spontaneous head while on a unicycle isn't a thing. When they do it in Cirque du Soleil, it's very well planned out.

Separate from an actual stage, there must be that sense of excitement and performance someone feels, as they zero in on the right moment to whip it out. Sure some folks are rather non-discriminating about it. But others need to find that exact moment of possibility and then it's all systems go.

But it's that moment of "go" that may be the most exciting, that moment of externalizing one's desire into one's environment, when fantasy becomes reality, and when it's too soon for any consequence to have happened.

Now I'm hungry for something in that Frosted Flakes picture and it's not Frosted Flakes.

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