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Public BF Videos offers amateur-style videos of guys in solo and hardcore action in outdoor and public spaces. The tour looks very slick and appealing and promises real amateur videos that are supposedly user-submitted or submitted by boyfriends and exes, but that's probably just part of creating and selling a fantasy. We reviewed this site a little over two years ago, so it's time to head back and take a fresh look.

In the member area you'll find a mix of smooth twinks, built jocks, average guys, sexy older men and horny daddies engaging in outdoor nudity, outdoor sex or sex in public places such as on a bus, in a park or even on the soccer field. The majority of the guys here are white, but you will also find black guys and Latinos. These are all regular guys, some of them being more attractive than others, and quite a lot of them seem to have big and mostly uncut cocks.

The younger guys in their twenties seem to be slender or fit, while the older guys are more muscular or beefy. You will find some bellies, as well. Besides regular guy types, the site also offers thugs, rough-looking military men and hung cowboys. There are amateurs jerking off and rubbing out a load in public, as well as duos  having oral and/or anal sex in outdoor locations; there's lots of action in cars and two guys get it on in a bus. You'll find a few threesomes and group sex videos with plenty of sucking and fucking, but there are also videos that are just about public nudity, such as one in which guys play naked soccer. A good part of the hardcore videos are bareback.

In one video we find ourselves in a very large public restroom. A man walks in and uses a urinal, then a guy appears out of one of the stalls. He's naked and stands in front of the mirror jerking his very large cock. The clothed man appears back in the scene, but he doesn't see the naked guy, and he proceeds to wash his hands and fix his hair while all the while, nude guy keeps jerking and looking, hoping the man will see. He never does. When the man moves to the hand dryer, the naked guy grabs his camera looking disgusted at the missed opportunity and heads into one of the stalls to finish the deed.

When you log in, you arrive on the network homepage which shows videos from all 25 sites in this network. You'll need to select "Public BF Videos" on the sidebar to filter the results so that you're only getting the outdoor and public videos. 

There are 155 Public BF Videos, which is three times the number two years ago when we first reviewed the site. The videos are DRM-free, non-exclusive and can be downloaded in MP4 format at around 640x480, although I found some videos that are significantly smaller (around 400 pixels in width) and some a little larger. The videos are average quality or lower, which isn't a big surprise since most of them are amateur videos, and quite a few of them were made years ago. You can also stream the videos in MP4 format through a video player sized at 644x362. I don't recommended going full screen due to the smallness and quality of the videos. The videos run from a just couple of minutes to almost an hour.

Since our last review, this site has added pictures galleries. There are 48 of them and they feature either series pics of the same guys or themes with multiple guys and names like "hot guys naked in the woods". Each gallery has anywhere from six to 30 pictures, and they're a mix of screencaps and digital stills that were mostly snapped with cell phones. They're average quality, and you can save them individually or download a zip file. There's no slideshow feature, but the viewer has forward and back controls.

Public BF Videos generally adds a video once every seven days, although every so often you'll find an update that's added a couple days late or early. And since Public BF Videos is part of the 429Members network, full members get access to an entire network of 24 additional sites that offer mostly amateur videos and picture sets in different niches including straight guys, barebacking, Asian guys, Latin guys, black men, hung guys, daddies and more. The  network offers 6,640 videos in total, and judging by the upload dates, network updates are added anywhere from one to seven days apart - sometimes two videos are added on the same day.

Be careful when you join this site as there are some pitfalls. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that signs you up for an additional site membership if you leave this checked. Trial memberships give you restricted access, and they recur at $12 dollars more per month than a recurring monthly membership. The member area is loaded with advertisements for other gay porn sites and services; some of the banners are designed to look like content, and when you pause a video, and ad appears in the player. Some of the older videos could use some work in terms of quality and size.

There's one other thing I wanted to talk about, and this refers to site claims. First, let's talk about what you'll find on the tour versus what you'll find in the member area. I couldn't locate any of the content that is shown on the oh-so-appealing site tour in the member area. In fact, none of what the member area offers comes close to the quality of what's shown on the tour. A final note; the site and network sites claim to offer amateur content, but I saw some familiar older DVD content mixed in with the videos, and they sometimes didn't even bother to change the DVD titles.

Public BF Videos offers offers 155 public sex and outdoor nudity and sex videos that can be streamed, downloaded or played on your mobile. What adds value is that the 429Members network offers over 6,500 additional videos plus updates in many niches. A lot of the videos are standard definition and quality is average or below. Also keep in mind that what you see on the tour is not what you'll find inside the member area, and that most of the network content doesn't offer outdoors or public sex or nudity. Still, this site is a deal if you want variety with your outdoor sessions and prefer quantity over quality.

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