Public Exposure: Outdoors and Out of Pants Public Exposure: Outdoors and Out of Pants

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There are nude beaches, then there are boner-inducing nude beaches. That's erections from exposing and watching, a fine combination. I'm surprised a sunscreen manufacturer hasn't focused an ad campaign on total nudity, considering that on average more square inches of skin would need to be covered.

Side question: Are lube and sunscreen compatible? Not sure if they cancel each other out. I'd be happy to be a test subject.

The nude buddies at top left have a lot in common, like the same tastes in music (burlesque stripper trombone) and clothing (none). It's good to build a friendship based on hanging, swinging cock.

And I would appreciate if anyone knows the number of the one at the right. He has a certain way about him, and a practicality. It's not everyone who can pull off a watch and necklace look without even a belt to pull it all together.

The runner isn't naked but he still made the choice to not wear underwear that held him down in any real way. You're welcome to zoom in for a better look. To his face I mean. Yeah, keep your eyes on him from the waist up. He definitely doesn't want you to look. Nope, don't look down there. He would hate that.

As for pulling one's suit pants down while pissing, that's just respectful of clothing. Wouldn't want to get piss on the seat of the pants, which could totally happen if your penis is shaped like a crazy straw. While the nude hiker is just staying close to nature. The mosquitos are grateful, as am I.

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