Public Exposure: Open Wide Public Exposure: Open Wide

See Naked Guys Getting Off in Public Places

Whether you're the guy sucking yourself off outdoors or the one gasping at the beauty of naked guys prancing around exposed, it's time to open wide.

And then, like, shove it in or something.

Sure public nudity calls to mind sex but isn't always the same thing. But it is a great way to flirt. Maybe next time someone sees you are 49 feet away in the gay dating app, it will help when they realize you're the totally naked one on the street. Or grocery store. Or chess tournament.

Because there's plenty of awesome cock at chess tournaments.

Now sucking oneself off in public may not be the most flirty behavior as it shows evidence of a certain self-sufficiency. "Party of one" isn't super romantic (except for the "party of one" himself). 

But it could also be seen as an invitation. To take pictures, rim, take pictures, rim, go to the movies, rim. Modern day romance.

Plus for this guy in particular, he's giving a thrill to the ants. Imagine the view!

Then we have the naked guy holding the camera. Perhaps taking a photo of a scandalously fully-clothed man. To him, that's the height of titillation. Or maybe he's a birdwatcher. Either way, what a great guy.

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