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Out In Public is a reality-style site that is all about hot outdoor and public sex in places where one can easily get caught. You'll find guys fucking in a parking lot, dudes sucking each other off in a store, having sex by a lake in a park or near a ski resort, or getting it on at a train station. How about a blowjob by the porta-potties or the side of the road? You'll find them here. In some of the scenes, we see gay guys convincing straight guys to have gay sex in exchange for some quick cash while in others two guys with chemistry decide to go for it in a public location.

The performers are a mix of amateurs and porn regulars, mostly in their twenties. Some are slender but athletic with sixpack abs while others are jocks who are a bit more muscular, and you'll also find a few full-on muscle hunks, and plenty of the guys have big cocks. The majority of the guys are handsome or good looking. We don't always get to see them strip down, not surprising since this is public sex, but whether they keep their pants and shirts on or strip naked, these are some hot guys.

The sex here is hardcore duos with one threesome in the mix. You can expect a lot of groping, cock sucking, rimming and guys fucking ass and getting off in public places from construction sites to movie theaters. Anywhere two guys can get together and get it on where there's a chance of getting caught is where the action happens here. You won't see any motel or apartment fucking here, and it appears that that's the way the performers here like it - they seem to be turned on by the chance they may get caught.

Out In Public offers 216 full scenes in the member area. The videos are exclusive and available for download in four MP4 sizes. The largest is HD and plays at 1280x720 and the smallest version has been optimized to play on mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones and the scenes are DRM-free. Good news for those who prefer to watch the videos online or who have hit their download limit is that there are three qualities of streaming videos that you can watch in two sizes or at full screen. Downloadable videos are good quality, streaming aren't quite as good but are still nice.

Picture fans are being served well here as each scene comes two sets of pictures. One contains good quality digital stills, and the other contains screencaps. The digital stills are sized anywhere between 800x533 and 2000x1333. The screencaps come at a size of 1280x720. You can browse through the pictures by hand using the arrow keys, and the photos can easily be downloaded to your own computer in zip files or individually.

Out In Public is part of the Big Daddy network so members get access to the content from the other 5 sites inside this network. These are all themed sites and among them are well-known sites, such as Haze Him, Rub Him and It's Gonna Hurt. Altogether these sites contain over 800 scenes. When you first log in, however, you will find yourself on what they call the "Library", and while all the sites there seem to be bonus sites, some require you join them in order to view the content.

A couple months after we last reviewed the site, it stopped updating; the bonus sites no longer update, either. Also there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second recurring membership when you join this site. Trial memberships do not give you full access and recur at $20 more than the cost of a regular monthly subscription, and full members get only 500 Mb (half a gig) of downloads per day, which is only one video if you download the largest size. On another note, all the videos have four sizes posted, but the larest size - which says it's 1920x1080 - is actually sized at 1280x720, which is still a decent size but definitely smaller.

Now let's talk about ads because this site has a lot of them. There are two animated banners to the right of the video player that I found extremely distracting. If you enlarge your player, however, the banners are removed or at least moved out of the way. Also when you log into the site, you pass through a full page ad with a tiny link to the network member area. Navigation is also a bit challenging; when you log in, you'll need to chose Library, then Big Daddy and finally sites. And keep in mind that on the first page when you log in, you won't have access to all the sites listed; they're hoping you'll pay to join another site.

Out In Public has hot guys in plenty of hardcore action in public places from parking lots to shoe stores, by the side of the road and in public parks. The performers are mostly well-built and good looking and the 162 exclusive videos and photos are good quality, and can be downloaded, streamed or watched on your mobile. Full members get access to a gay porn network, although it may take some experimenting to figure out which are bonus sites and which are ads. And while the site has some more issues, the content delivers exactly what it promises - horny guys sucking and fucking in public.

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