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While that exact guy may not be "trending right now," it's safe to say that exposed cock is. I propose the entire Keeping Up with the Kardashians franchise (and the careers and sub-careers of all those in that utterly commercialized "family") be replaced by hours of cock and ass. It would definitely be more socially redeeming and politically relevant.

Possibly he and five of the six other guys here are strictly focused on getting the requisite vitamin D into their systems through a few minutes of sun exposure, and it's a known scientific fact that absorbing vitamin D through the epidermis of the penis and/or ass is highly efficient. And masturbatory.

So what about the guy in the airplane? Not as much vitamin D to be had there, but I still think he's on the right track. I would very much appreciate if he sat next to me on my next plane trip (which since I'm not a Kardashian, happens basically never). And by "sat next to me," I of course mean "masturbates next to me" because that's way better than the standard in-flight entertainment.

Though if we could go back in time to the days of Sky Mall magazine, its bizarre product assortment, including a pierogi Christmas ornament and a yeti statue, his penis would have competition. He may have needed to hit the overhead compartment with his ejaculate to win.

As for the guy walking his bike through the clothed crowd, he would have been free to ride his bike through a clear area, but then his exposure would have lasted seconds. So he'll fake struggle his way through the crowd and super unfortunately end up completely nakedly visible to them all while he strives to get to his destination, which is his apartment where he can finally take is clothes off. And by clothes, I mean backpack.

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