Like Hot Muscle Butts? Check Out These Amateur Guys Showing Off Their Nude Bodies

Not all glutes are borne from squats at the gym. Ballet is also the source of many a sculpted ass cheek. I think that's why it was invented. Maybe also so classical music makes more sense.

Here's the delightfully confident, stylist and giggly-voiced Kyle Krieger learning ballet moves for his ass from his professional ballet dancer friend Harper. Incredibly in-shape guys queening out over ass muscles? Sign me up. 

And since this is about public exposure, he decided to put this online. And since I have lightning fast screencapping abilities (or at least know how to set YouTube videos to 1/4 speed and pause in the right place), the thumbnail shows his ass in a dance belt.

To the uninitiated, that's the world's most powerful thong and it can't ride up. It's already there.

By the way, you don't need to join a gym or take a dance class to do these moves. Just keep your balance by holding onto something. And do take this kind of workout seriously as far as pacing yourself. 

Or just look at their asses close up since that's kind of the point here. 

Now since this is new to Kyle, clearly he has been doing other workouts for his ass. So those plus ballet are going to create a bubble butt that breaks the laws of physics, resulting in a hyper-dimensional rift in the fabric of space time and a rift in the fabric of his pants.


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