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Muscled BFs is a new site recently added to the 429 Videos Network, and the tour shows off lots of ripped abs, bulging biceps and plenty of big dicks. In case you don't know, in Pornland the term BF signals amateur content, and the tour is jammed with photos of muscled guys snapping nude selfies. But are these guys really amateurs? Does the site really offer unlimited downloads and daily updates? Join me while I sort out all of these questions and give you an idea of what's inside.

After logging in I see a lot of muscular hunks on the member homepage. There are definitely some hot looking men with bulging muscles, but plenty of them are only sporting athletic bodies. I watched a bearded man with a chiseled body stuffing his huge cock into a Fleshlight jammed between the box spring and mattress. Another ripped dude jerks off in the front seat of his car and a stud wearing a baseball cap does some flexing on his webcam before masturbating. Most of the guys appear to be in their twenties and thirties and most are sporting some pretty smokin' bodies. They're a mix of white, black, and Latin guys, but by far most are Caucasian. Think about the variety of guys you'd see working out at your local gym, and you'll get a pretty accurate idea of what to expect.

There are plenty of scenes with guys jerking their cocks, but there's hardcore action, too. I watched a couple of bearded daddies in a heavy assplay scene, another muscled duo make a homemade sex tape in their huge bathroom where they go from making out in jeans and dress shirts to fucking in their sexy underwear. A hairy muscle bear Fleshlights his dick while still wearing his muscle tee, jeans and baseball cap. A naked bodybuilder lifts his leg onto a mantle and slowly gyrates his fantastic ass at the camera. A beefy guy straps a dildo to the seat of his stationary bike and sits on it while pedaling. A black muscled top fucks a white guy in a restroom stall and another pounds his bottom in a hotel room. There's quite a variety of stuff.

Muscled BFs opened in December 2016, and there are 140 videos in a variety of sizes, but that's to be expected from amateur scenes. There are a few DVD scenes as large as 720x480, but most of the amateur scenes come in smaller sizes from 312x240 to 480x272. The videos are in MP4 format and quality is all over the map, but most are enjoyable. While you can stream the videos, you're probably better off downloading them because the streaming versions are stretched to fit the player so there can be quite a loss of quality of the smaller ones. If you decide to stream, you can expect mixed picture quality with some fuzziness. The larger DVD scenes are generally better quality, but I did see some with interlacing. And if you're watching videos on your mobile device you shouldn't have any issues as they're compatible.

Muscled BFs itself doesn't have any picture galleries, but that's not unusual for new sites in this network. There are, however, 9,400 picture sets across the 24 network sites and you can browse these at will. The pics are a mix of digital stills and screencaps and come in a variety of sizes and they're displayed in thumbnail galleries. There's no slideshow to view the enlarged photos, but there are forward and back buttons to ease browsing. Saving the pictures is easy and you can do individually or grab the zip files for each gallery.

Muscled BFs has been adding a new video every week since the site launched, and the entire network updates, as well. There are usually seven new videos added every week, but the tour's claims of daily updates aren't met as sometimes a day is skipped and two videos added on another day. The network has around 15,000 videos is a large variety of niches.

When you first log in you'll have to hunt for Muscled BFs because you'll land on the network homepage. You can use links on the sidebar to navigate to all 24 sites, but unfortunately some aren't listed and require clicking a "more" link to visit another page. It's not optimal, but it's not a disaster, either. Once you arrive in the Muscled BFs section you're able to sort the videos several ways, i.e. most recent, top rated, most viewed or longest, and this functionality carries through all of the sites in the network.

There are some issues worth mentioning. As with most of the sites in this network, the men and the quality of pics on the tour aren't reflected inside the member area. And as I mentioned at the top of this review, BF implies amateur home videos, but this isn't always the case, either. There are many DVD scenes in the member area. Inside you'll be confronted with lots of ads and some of these designed to appear as more content - an ad even pops up when you pause a video - but once you figure out what's what, they're easy to ignore.

Then there are two pre-checked offers on the billing page and these appear below the terms, so make sure you read them out and deselect them if you're not interested. Also trial members may get limited access (that's common with a lot of networks, and the terms don't mention it), and the trial membership recurs at $12 more than the recurring monthly membership. Also this network sometimes has content cross-over, meaning that some videos appear on more than one site in the same network.

Muscled BFs gets a mixed review from me. Yes, there are muscle hunks and jocks in the 140 videos, and some are actual amateurs. The tour makes the guys and content look amazing, but inside the member area you won't find the quality, the men or even ease of navigation that's shown on the tour. Still, you'll get close to almost 14,000 bonus videos in the network, a mix of amateur videos and DVD scenes that you can download, stream of watch on your mobiles. This company does exaggerate tour claims, so if you head inside with lowered expectations, you shouldn't be disappointed. And if you're unsure, you can grab a $1 trial and check things out - just make sure you cancel in time, and watch those cross sells.

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