Mormon Man Shows Young Lad How to Handle Temptation

14 May 2024

Mormon Man Shows Young Lad How to Handle Temptation

Elder Gates (Leo Gates) is nervous about his first interview with Mormon President Wheeler (Jonah Wheeler) in this new Missionary Boys video called How to Handle Temptation. He hopes the man won't grill him about his sinful thoughts. But Jonah does. Leo says he meditates every time he feels a warm sensation in his temple garments. 

President Wheeler admires his commitment, but says there’s a different way to handle unholy thoughts in the Mission. He blindfolds the young elder and pulls out his cock. "You can always come to me when you're tempted and we can work on it together." After sucking the boy's dick, the president rides the missionary's cock until he spews his ungodly load all over the man's fuck hole.

Mormon Man Shows Young Lad How to Handle Temptation

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Leo Gates is making his debut on Missionary Boys and it's not very often they let a cute boy like him start off as a top, but Jonah Wheeler wasn't going to let this cutie off set without sitting on his cock. Wheeler has appeared in five other Missionary Boys videos, but he's also appeared as a priest in two Yes Father videos, and he's featured in 18 videos in the Say Uncle Network.

Two final notes: Leo Gates has a huge pair of low-hanging nuts that are front and center in this fuck session and Jonah Wheeler has a very nice looking pair of hands with neatly manicured nails. I'm not particularly into hands, but I did notice.

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