Pleased To Meet You, May I Give You A hand? Pleased To Meet You, May I Give You A hand?

Pascal is the creative genius behind the Maskurbate website and today he's heard of a super-hot local guy who apparently has the biggest cock in town!

Naturally Pascal's ears pricked up at that information and he was quick to find out who the guy was and how to contact him. His name is Mam Steel and he was a most friendly chap who was happy to invite Pascal over to his place for a visit and video session.

At first sight, Pascal was instantly awestruck by Mam's masculinity; his handsome face, sexy smile and gorgeous blue eyes; plus of course, his muscular and amazingly tattooed body - but what he really wanted to see was the subject of all the local gossip - that supposedly huge cock! He almost nervously asked Mam if he could see it, and Mam just smiled, stood up and unzipped his jeans and unleashed the monster. Yep, the rumours were true - Pascal was most definitely impressed - this probably was the biggest cock in town?

Pascal asked if he could touch it and Mam had no objections - Pascal reached out and took hold of it, weighed it in his hand, felt its thickness, squeezed it and stroked it, slid the foreskin back and forth over the head - this cock really was a thing of beauty - the stuff wet dreams are made of!

As Pascal continued to play with Mam's cock, it slowly got harder and harder until it finally reached its full size. Mam sat back, obviously enjoying the experience, a huge smile on his face, legs spread wide apart making his cock and balls fully accessible and he just let things happen naturally, allowing Pascal to fully take control. It wasn't long before Pascal's experienced hands got Mam to the point of no return and his cock released its cum load all over Mam's smooth belly and abs - wow, what a hot hand job - I am sure you will enjoy it as much as Pascal and Mam did!

PS Oh yes, for those of you who were wondering, the tiny scene stealer at the end is named "Dior"!

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