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Today we're catching up with Maskurbate, a site where many of the men wear masks in a mix of hardcore and cock-stroking action. Pascal, the owner, started filming for this site accidentally when he approached hot Asian stud Tiger and offered to come to his home and film him jacking off. Tiger would only agree to be filmed from the waist down, so Pascal got the idea of getting this shy guy to wear a leather mask, and Maskurbate was born. The site has been around for over 11 years now, and it's time to have a look and see what's new since our last visit.

The men on Maskurbate are a mix of well-built hunks with muscular bodies and athletic jocks with ripped physiques - the kinds of men you'd expect to find working as exotic dancers, and many of them are. Since the site films in Montreal, most of these men are Quebecois and speak French, so the interview portions of their videos are subtitled in English. The performers are mostly smooth and quite a few have tattoos - a few to a lot - and most of the guys are packing uncut cocks. There are some hairy men on the site, as well as a decent selection of black and Latino men.

A lot of the earlier models have gone on to appear on other gay porn sites, and I found a few well-known performers including Brandon Jones, Pierre Fitch and Darius Ferdynand, but many are men who were always curious about doing a porn video but didn't want to reveal their identities. Some models appear multiple times on the site, but many are one-name, one-time only performers, as well.

Site owner Pascal regularly appears in the videos, sometimes uncredited, giving these masked men blowjobs and handjobs, and he is always unmasked. The site also features hairy hunk Manuel Deboxer servicing the men. In the newer videos some of the hunks appear unmasked, but many still don masks to hide their faces or perhaps to keep to the theme of the site. And Maskurbate enlisted the help of a masked cocksucker to take care of a few of these hunks - Fook is his name and he's very well-hung himself. But I've also seen Pascal showing up in one of the videos admiring one of the hunk's muscled bodies at the beginning of solo scenes that are more like a private lap dance.

The early videos feature the men jacking off, getting handjobs or blowjobs, and many are hardcore suck and fuck videos. In the newer videos, often a guy will do a solo session one week, then appear a week or so later in a hardcore video. There are a fair amount of solos; out of the past 20 updates, most are solos, a couple are helping hand or handjob videos, there's at least one fuck video, and some guys use sex toys like masturbation sleeves or vibrators.

Maskurbate now offers 378 exclusive DRM-free videos, and the site continues to update every Tuesday. The vids are offered in MP4 format to download, stream and watch on your mobiles. The newer vids are good quality, and they're offered in seven sizes including a full HD version at 1920x1080 - there's a size for every user. The older videos are sized at 720x540 plus three smaller sizes at good amateur quality, although if you want to enlarge these to full screen, I'd definitely recommend you download the largest version. As mentioned, the videos can also be streamed; streaming is smooth, and you can fast forward and rewind without waiting to buffer.

There are also 374 picture sets. The newest pics are good quality, and they're sized at 1920x1080; these could be screencaps, but if they are, they're the best looking screencaps I've ever seen. The oldest pictures are average quality or better screencaps sized at 450x332 to 720x480. And there are some more sizes in between over the years of filming; some sets offer digital stills and others screencaps. Downloadable zip files and slideshows are available, and you can save individual pics, as well.

There are some issues. First, the billing page has a pre-checked offer that will sign you up for a second site when you join this one, but don't worry - it's easy to uncheck. Trial members get only limited access, but that may work for you if you want to sample the goods before paying for a full membership. If you exit the join page you may be presented by a pop-up chat that's manned by a bot. When you join this site, you are automatically signed up for the mailing list, and you can't opt out during the sign-up process.

I'm seeing less men in masks; in the 15 latest updates only six of the performers are masked. One odd note is that a while back Maskurbate added a straight update - a masked man fucking a woman. Since then, the site has added two more videos including women - one a threeway with two females and a male and one a threeway with two males and a female. I think the straight and bi videos are a poor fit after over 10 years of solo guys and gay sex. It looks like the site agree, because there haven't been any recent updates involving females.

There is something hot about a man behind a mask. The masks aren't full head gear, so they still allow you to see a good part of each man's face. Maskurbate offers us something a little different and keeps us guessing with "I wonder who's under the mask". And there are also men who don't wear masks. There are 378 exclusive videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and the site updates every week. While there are plenty of jackoff sessions and blowjobs, there's also a decent amount of fuck sessions. And you'll find lots of very well-hung hunks and plenty of uncut cocks. I'm glad to see that Maskurbate still features hot, sexy hunks to keep us revved up, and I'm happy to report that some still wear masks.

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