Mathias Goes Hipster & He's Sexier Than Ever! Mathias Goes Hipster & He's Sexier Than Ever!

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The last time we saw Mathias, he had already started growing a beard. But a lot can happen in two months. The hunk just resurfaced at Next Door Studios after a couple of months away, and he's sporting a full hipster beard. And I don't think the stud has ever looked sexier. 

So far this month, he's appeared in Perfect Buddies with Carter Woods. The pair had a little DL thing going while they were roommates, but then Mathias hooked up with a girl for some long-term love. But they just recently broke up and Carter is hoping that he and Mathias and rekindle their FWB relationship.

In Fuck Hunter, Mathias is dealing with his stepbrother, Hunter Smith, who is livid that Mathias outed him to their parents. How dare he, especially since Mathias has been fucking Hunter on the DL. Now Hunter is threatening to bust open his stepbrother's little secret. Mathias slams him against the wall and says that if he ever wants to feel his stepbrother's cock in ass ever again, he'll keep his mouth shut.

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