Mateo Tomas Bottoms for 9-Inch Top Ian Sterling

9 Feb 2024 Comments

Mateo Tomas Bottoms for 9-Inch Top Ian Sterling

OMG! This has got to be one of the hottest videos Cutler's Den has ever produced. Nothing quite like watching Ian Sterling's big fat cock stretching a bottom's hole. Mateo Tomas is bottoming for his first time on the site and he looooooves Sterling's dick in his throat

Mateo drools, gags and goons until Ian decides he is done with his throat and dives into what has to be the biggest butt in all of Montreal -- that's right, Tomas is Canadian. My favorite sequence is watching Sterling drilling Mateo on his back, holding his feet and pounding hole like he's never gonna do it again.

Mateo Tomas Bottoms for 9-Inch Top Ian Sterling

Watch Ian Sterling Drain His Full Nuts Down Mateo Tomas' Throat!

Ian Sterling has appeared in 20 videos at Cutler's Den. He's a 29-year-old hairy hunk packing nine inches of hard meat and he loves fucking ass. But he's an equal opportunity pig and loves to bottom too. My favorite bottoming scene was watching Cutler X and Drew Sebastian fuck him in a sweat threeway. Sterling even takes both 11-inch cocks in his ass at the same time! They each fuck him separately in other videos.

Mateo Tomas and topped in five videos for the site, this is his first time bottoming.

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