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Cutler's Den is a brand new site from porn star Cutler X. He's been around Pornland for a number of years, and his giant cock is awe inspiring – I always enjoy watching bottoms struggling to swallow it. Reportedly coming in at 11 inches, it's one of the biggest dicks on the scene right now, bigger than Tim Kruger's, Rocco Steele's, or Boomer Banks'. Cutler X has filmed over 100 videos with sites all over the Web, but he often returned to film multiple scenes with the same sites. Now he's got his own site, and it's about time. Let's get inside and see what this hung black stud has to offer.

Cutler X is 43 years old, he stands 5'11", and he's in great shape with a hard, muscled body. He's bald, wears a beard, and he's swinging 11 uncut inches between his legs. I've only ever seen him top, but I certainly haven't seen every video he's made, so who knows for sure. I don't know exactly how long he's been filming porn, but he seems to have appeared on the scene around 2014 or before; his Twitter account launched in 2012. 

Cutler seems to like his men rugged and muscled, and he fucks a selection of porn regulars including Brian Bonds, Sean Harding, Riley Mitchel, Ian Greene, and Gabriel Cross. However, not all of the bottoms are white; Cutler also fucks a handful of men of color: River Wilson, Micah Martinez, and Colombian bottom Santi Konnor. Deep Dicc also fucks in one of the videos, and Ray Diesel tag-team fucks Manuel Scalo with Cutler X in another film. Cutler X himself is featured in 26 of his new site's 42 videos, and he gets help from other tops including Ray Diesel, Nick Capra, and Deep Dicc.

There are no story lines here - the videos pretty much open with the guys getting right to it. In his scene with River Wilson, they're sitting naked on the couch kissing, and Cutler slowly pushes River down on the cushions and crawls on top of him, all the while kissing him passionately. A minute later, Cutler is eating River's ass, and less than two minutes in, he's stuffing his monster cock inside River's hole. In his scene with Brian Bonds, the guys are rubbing their cocks together in Brian's hand, then Brian drops to his knees and gulps Cutler's giant dick. And these cocksuckers better be good because Cutler likes throat-fucking his bottoms. Bonds is particularly good, but you can see that Cutler's meat is still a struggle.

All the action is bareback, and Cutler never seems to use much lube - just a good rimjob, then a final spit in the hole, and he's pushing it in. And he works up a sweat fucking these guys; usually by the time he's blowing his load, the sweat is dripping off his head. He fucks the guys until he's ready to cum, he pulls out and blasts jizz all over their hole, then he pushes back inside to finish unloading. Sometimes he continues fucking his bottom until he jacks off and cums all over himself, sometimes the bottom is just too exhausted to cum. Teddy Torres was happy enough to scoop up some of Cutler's load off his stretched out pucker and lick it off his fingers. In the case of Sean Harding, Cutler came inside his hole, then when he was done, Sean's ass pushed Cutler out and cum dripped out of his hole.

There are 42 exclusive videos on Cutler's Den, and judging by the line-up of men, these are mostly newly filmed scenes. You can download the videos in MP4 format in three sizes from 854x480 to 1920x1080. The videos are filmed well with good lighting and sound, and the quality is very good. You can stream the videos on the site in an adaptive player, which is good news because on my 26-inch monitor they played at 1580x890 . They're offered in two smaller sizes, and if you don't have a huge monitor, the videos adapt to your screen size. I was impressed that at full-screen mode these videos didn't lose any quality. Also worth mentioning is that the site uses a full-streaming server, so I had no problems jumping ahead. And the videos played fine on my Android phone.

Each episode also has a screencap gallery with around 20 pictures at 3840x2160. These are average quality and some are a bit fuzzy. A few of the episodes also have a second gallery with a selection of digital stills (eight to 10 of them) sized at 1600x900; they're good quality, but not as crisp as I'd expect from digital stills. You can view the pics in a thumbnail gallery with a hands-free slideshow. You can save the pictures one at a time, but there's no downloadable zip files available.

Cutler's Den started loading videos in February 2019, and the first seven came pretty quickly, loading in the first month, but that was before launch. Now the site seems to be settling into a weekly update, usually toward the later half of the week, but not on any specific day.

Cutler's Den was a pleasure to review. Everything works the way it was supposed to and the site was nicely organized, so I don't have any major complaints. There's just a couple of small things to mention. The non-recurring month membership costs $15.05 more than the recurring monthly. The picture sets didn't have downloadable zip files, which are always convenient. And while every model has a profile page, most of them don't have much information on them. Cutler's had his age and height, but not his cock size! And there's no information about him on the site; I had to google to get more of a bio on him, even though I knew his work quite well.

Cutler's Den is off to a great start. There are 42 exclusive videos of Cutler fucking 26 of the bottoms; some other men jump in to help with topping duties in the rest of the vids. There's a good variety of bottoms - most of them white but there are three men of color. And I enjoyed watching these guys struggle and enjoy Cutler's huge cock. The videos are filmed well and presented in an adaptive player, giving us big screen sizes to enjoy the sex. Three downloadable sizes let you choose the size that's best for you. I enjoy watching Cutler X as he's a sizzling hot black stud, a talented top, and his giant cock is a turn-on. I'm glad that he's finally developed a site of his own, it's long overdue and fans should be pretty happy.

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