Logan Rogue Returns to Lucas Entertainment After Year-Long Hiatus Logan Rogue Returns to Lucas Entertainment After Year-Long Hiatus

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After a year away, Swedish hunk Logan Rogue finally returns to Lucas Entertainment. This week he's fucking Manuel Skye in threeway with Victor D'Angelo in Fucked Wide Open, and last month he topped in a fourway with Max Arion from Daddies And Bros Raw, the two men fucked Dakota Payne and Ken Summers, who play the couple's stepbrothers.

It's good seeing Rogue back. He started with Lucas Entertainment in 2013 and over the next four years appeared in 18 videos, including a number of scenes with his real-life lover Tomas Brand. I hadn't heard that the couple split up, but Brand's Twitter page now shows Angelo Diluca as his boyfriend and Rogue's Twitter lists no partner.

In the latest scene from Fucked Wide Open, Logan Rogue and Victor D'Angelo are watching Manuel Skye doing an acrobatic routine. He's naked and suspended upside down with his foot hooked through piece of cloth hung from the ceiling. As he twirls in the air, Manuel's dick gets hard, and as the couple continues watching him, they get horny. Eventually they move in and prepare the fuck the sexy many using his own cloth apparatus as a sling. But Skye isn't the only one getting fucked in this scene, Rogue gets his hole stuffed, too.

In Rogue's scene from last month, Max Arion shares with him a nighttime dream he had about fucking his stepbrother. Logan confesses to Max that he's had sex with his sex brother a few times, so the pair concoct a scheme: they text their stepbrothers to come over for a visit, then Max and Logan get naked on the couch and swap blowjobs. Guess what happens when the stepbrothers arrive?

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