Kiss Me, Suck Me, Cum In My Mouth Kiss Me, Suck Me, Cum In My Mouth

In this Max Sohl directed scene from Tim Suck, new comer Rocky Calloway said the only way he would only agree to appear on camera was if they could arrange for a hot straight guy to shoot his load all over his tongue and down his throat - that's what he wanted, and that's what he got!

The scene starts with Rocky and Jin Powers kissing and sucking each other's mouths and lips - these guys are both obviously very orally inclined, and the kissing is genuinely intense and passionate, and lasts long enough for both guys to end up naked from the waist up. Then Rocky moves down to Jin's nipples and licks and sucks on them while groping the black guy's crotch. Once Jin's pants are off we can see he's wearing nothing but an open fronted jock-strap, and his fat cock is up, hard and in full view - and being groped, squeezed and lovingly man-handled by Rocky. Then Rocky drops to his knees and takes the fat shafted dick into his mouth, all the way to the balls. Then Jin takes his cock out and holding it in his hand, slaps it up and down on Rocky's mouth and tongue before sliding it back in for some more deep-throating. Jin continues to mouth-fuck Rocky and we can see how much Rocky loves this fat cock - he sucks on it, takes it out and strokes its fat shaft, stares at it close-up, marvels at its thickness and licks all round it's fat mushroom-shaped head, before once again swallowing it as far down his throat as he can before gagging on it. Then Jin decides to sit down on the couch and Rocky follows like a puppy attached to his mother's teat - he wants that cock in his mouth and is looking forward to its juices flowing down his throat anytime soon! Rocky continues to stoke that shaft, licking the head all round, then Jin reaches down and takes over and strokes his own cock til it's ready to erupt. Rocky opens his mouth and Jin directs the flow right into it, all over his tongue and right to the back of his throat - which, if you recall, is just what he wanted the Director to provide him!

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