Kirkland Gets His Nine Inches Serviced Kirkland Gets His Nine Inches Serviced

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Unlike a lot of straight guys, Kirkland can't take his eyes off this cocksucker working his giant bone. When this Chaos Men blowjob opens, Kirkland is watching a porno playing on the television, but once he discovers how good West's mouth feels, he can't stop watching this guy servicing his dick.

Chaos Men's producer Bryan Ockert wasn't sure whether straight guy Kirkland would be back for anal sex, but he was pretty sure that he'd be up for some oral sex. And here he is, barely a week after debuting his nine inches in his solo and Kirkland is lying back with a cocksucker between his legs.

West is a cute gay guy and he's been featured in four of Chaos Men's Serviced videos sucking dick. But in this scene with Kirkland, I found West disappointing. Kirkland's dick is just too big and West can't down much more than a third of it. He primarily gives hooker head, which means a little lip action on the head and lots of hand on the shaft. There are more capable cocksuckers at Chaos Men, like Noah Riley, but I guess he can't do every Serviced scene.

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