Like Seeing Celebrities Naked? There Are Over 8,000 of Them Here.

So many kinks to choose from in this mantitallating performance from Broadway Bares. There's the kink that I hope is a kink when you're into someone because they are a caring soul. Because this is from a benefit show for Equity Fights AIDS. 

And since they intend the performance to be dramatically, ecstatically turn-onifying, it doesn't debase anything by calling out the inherent kinkiness on display. 

Because there's also the kink for stripping. And this is more character-driven than pure bump and grind, but it's stripping nonetheless. And Broadway dancers stripping off the layers from the eight-shows-a-week, intensely fit bodies.

Then there's an underwear kink. And massive bulge kink. And muscle ass kink. And the bonus muscle ass kink in which the muscular ass is in balletic motion, not just frozen in a bodybuilder testosterone-crazed moment. Actual competitive bodybuilders dehydrate on purpose the day of a show to reduce the water in the system as it obfuscated muscle definition. So you could knock those giant guys over with a feather.

But these dancers are stronger than all those bodybuilders put together, not that I would mind putting together some bodybuilders.

Then there's the flexibility kink, which I know is real because I am in possession of said kink so the aerialist is pretty much everything there is in this world and I'm enraptured. Though I will always have a soft spot in my heart for yoga-practicing self-suckers.

The powerful feelings the two leads communicate in this, the connection, would ideally be the connection and power each of us feels with our own kinks. Love yours as hard as you can.

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