Kink Spotlight: Lap Up the Sweat Kink Spotlight: Lap Up the Sweat

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Finally here's a benefit to global climate change that isn't solely for fossil fuel companies and their cronies. Which by the way those short-term profits won't even be able to be passed along to their children because you can't spend money easily in violently extreme weather and massively polluted air. Oh wait, the rich will commodify clean air, too.

Well, we're all fucked so may as well enjoy your sweaty guy kink now. Or if you don't have one, develop one, as it will come in handy in our perilous future.

Now, some of this sweating is self-imposed form intense exercise, sports or saunas. Or sex itself. And when air hits the sweat, it creates that cooling sensation. Or when a tongue his the sweat, it creates that warming sensation. Either way, it's a win.

Clothes really do get in the way of our cooling systems, thus the popularity of moisture-wicking gear. Unnatural fabrics trying to mimic nudity as closely as possible. I approve of jock gear generally, as long as I get to see it come off at some point. Preferably face to face. 

As for wrestlers in such close contact with each other's sweaty bodies, I am a fan. The last time I formally wrestled was in summer camp when I was sub-100 pounds. I sensed the sexual potential, and thus the likely embarrassment that could ensue if I had a certain physical response. So I avoided wrestling from then on, though I have informally wrestled while partially or fully undressed. 

And, embarrassingly enough, I had been a professional wrestling fan for a time. Not the politics, such as casting fey characters or non-white characters such as The Iron Sheik as enemies. Homophobic and racist, much? Well, at least the actors got paid.

It was just to see guys in briefs, or the occasional singlet, rolling and jumping around and making all sorts of intense body contact and facial expressions while the audience frothed at the mouth. Otherwise, wrestling was only on during the Olympics. 

Well, I think solo and group sweaty activities are something to pursue. So get your running partner or wrestling buddy or mirror and get to sweating.

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