Kink Spotlight: Jockstrap Obsession Kink Spotlight: Jockstrap Obsession

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Some people obsess over their Real Housewives  TV franchise of choice. I'll stick with jockstraps. While the housewives also like to wrap themselves around cock and sweat with personal trainers, at least jockstraps don't throw Pinot Grigiot at anyone.

I've likely talked about jockstraps here before. So obsession is the key word.

A side kink is for folks who want gym shorts to be imbued with male aromas fully, including those from ass sweat, unguarded by briefs. There may be a direct path from bare ass to whatever part of you likes to touch bare ass. But there's also a direct path from the bare ass to the shorts or pants.

Pardon me while I try to use clairvoyance to look through someone's pants and see what's underneath. Darn, my clairvoyance isn't working. I need to eat more carrots.

Now some guys get fashion jocks, not so much for workout purposes, but just for that jock feel. It's genius. A manufacturer can charge more for less. 

But if you are more hardcore and want to know the jockstrap can withstand punishment (especially if you're into other kinks like piss, filth and playing chess in a pissy, filthy jockstrap), then go with the full, sturdily made kind.

And a triple pack wouldn't hurt. That way you can always be prepared. They say to be careful in what underwear you have on, in case you're in an accident and a doctor ends up seeing it by surprise. In that instance, feel better, and I hope you were wearing a jockstrap. That's sure to get you a date after the doctor heals you.

Toss a jockstrap picture into one of your profiles (if you are into sharing such things). You may find you appeal to a whole new audience. Or give the gift of jockstraps. Common kinks like that are a great way to break the ice. And break in your ass or his.

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