Keep It In Your Pants, Dude! Keep It In Your Pants, Dude!

I never know whether to believe the "first blowjob from a guy" story or not. Is it really their "first time" or just some nonsense porn sites think will get us really excited? By now, I've seen about 5,000 straight dudes getting head from guys, so I'm not sure that seeing one more is going to make my head explode right off my shoulders. But James is a sexy-looking guy, very easy on the eyes. As this Active Duty video gets rolling, James looks at Drew, the guy who is going to be blowing him and says, "No offense dude, but you're gonna have to keep it in your pants. This is too weird for me right now." So maybe James really is straight.

James is a handsome guy, a strapping cowboy with a rock-solid body and thick, furry thighs. His cock is a decent size, not a monster, but big enough. But you'll notice James has a big, honking pair of nuts hanging between his legs. I can't stop staring at them while Drew is bobbing on James' hard-on. And BTW, as "weird" as this blowjob might be for James' brain, his cock responds just fine. Isn't that always the way?

A couple of times this straight lad looks right into the camera with that "OMG! This feels so good" look on his face. You can tell that his cum load is rising from those huge low hangers because his face is getting red. But in the end, he can't unload his nuts with a guy blowing him, so he sends Drew away, lies back on the couch, and finishes himself off.

Funny a guy would rather jack himself off than blow down a cocksucker's throat, but I'm sure we'll see him back on this couch again, Active Duty seems to have a knack for pushing these guys

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