It's 9 Inches, Curved and Shoots Like a Fountain It's 9 Inches, Curved and Shoots Like a Fountain

Lawson Kane hasn't filmed with Raging Stallion for over two years. And back then he fucked the likes of Heath Jordan, Shay Michaels, Dominic Sol, and Fabio Stallone. But Shawn Wolfe only debuted at Raging Stallion after Kane left, so the two never did a scene together. A shame since Kane has a giant, 9-inch bulging cock and Wolfe is such a talented cocksucker. But finally two years later, here they are in Want It Now.

A couple of things that I really like about Lawson Kane. First, his scruffy beard drives me nuts. I love the way it's sparse along his jawline and up his cheeks, and then thickens into a scraggly mess on his chin. Woof! So sexy! And Lawson has a great cock. It's big and thick, has a bit of a curve, and of course, it's wearing a hat. You guys know how much I love foreskin.

I also love watching Shawn Wolfe service that thing with his mouth. It's a chore, that's easy to see with saliva streaming out of both sides of his mouth, but Wolfe takes his throat fucking and breaks often to shake it off. Then he's right back on that dick. It's equally impressive seeing him taking that thing up his butt. But Kane's cumshot is really the scene stealer. You know how water arcs out of drinking fountain? He cums like that. A stream of watery jizz starts arching out of his bone like he's pissing, then seconds later it starts breaking apart with drops flying and splashing everywhere. I've never seen a guy cum like this before.

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