• Hot Fucking Sex


    18 year old Kayden wanted to do a porn movie, so Epic Men paired him with Santiago. They have real chemistry together - not only do they obviously make each other horny, but I was surprised when I discovered they weren't a couple. It's not just that Kayden and Santiago are comfortable together, but the guys seem to know exactly how to suck each other, touch each other and fuck together. And that makes this one of the hottest shoots I've enjoyed in ages!

  • Twink Academy Goes to England


    I've always been impressed by Twink Academy. Not only is it possibly the best place to live out any school fantasies but it's an almost perfect and seemless fantasy. The site doesn't look like a porn site - which it is. It looks like it's a prep school for troubled 18 - 21 year old boys. And now they've added a new campus to their existing lineup - their Enland campus! As they put it on the site "All the well-known traditions of English public schools are certainly apparent at our English campus where our students enjoy some of the finest available opportunities for personal growth and development".

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  • Boyish Smile, Hard Cock


    Meet Kory. He's a cute straight guy who Buzz West recently got to work with. Kory's 18 and works as a construction worker. Unlike most of the guys on Buzz West, Kory actually brought a potential girlfriend with him to watch the shoot. He liked the idea of jacking off on camera for her, and Buzz says she stood behind him during the shoot and when Kory had trouble getting off, the girl actually got naked to encourage him. Apparently it DID, because Kory was very... er... enthusiastic after that ;)

  • Sexy Hairy Bear Cub

    Sexy Hairy Bear Cub

    And before I leave you for the weekend, I thought I'd leave you with a little fur. This is Leif, a sexy hairy bear cub who just appeared on Bear Films. I'm generally not a fan of blonde men, unless they look like this. Fuck! What a hot guy. Leif is stunning, a real good looker. And his beard really just sets off his whole face. Of course those sky blue eyes of his are pretty seductive, too. And since I love kissing, I noticed his plump lips almost right away. Boy, I could get lost in those for a long time. Kissing this hairy bear cub and feeling that beard bristle against my face ... WOOF! His body is naturally solid and very hairy. He looks like a high school football player who has grown up, filled out, and gotten really hairy -- but he's 37 years old! When he folds his arms across his chest, his shoulders and biceps bulge out, showing off his tattoos. And wait until you see Leif's ass. Whether he's a top or a bottom, you'll definitely want to be spending some time worshipping his plump and very hairy ass. He's got one of the hairiest ass cracks I think I've ever seen. He's got quite a large gallery of pictures over at Bear Films, so I'm going to leave you know. I have something to tend to.

  • Straight Guys First Fuck

    Fucking a straight guy

    Well that didn't take very long. Two updates ago, straight jock Jeff was getting his first blowjob on Corbin Fisher. The blonde jock had done his premiere solo jack off scene a couple of months back. And with all the auditionees who are accepted to move on through Corbin Fisher University, Jeff showed up next getting his first blowjob. Today Jeff showed up in a fuck scene with Spencer. God, I love Spencer, he's so cute and he's got an enormous uncut cock. I loved watching it flop up and down as he rode Jeff's cock. Jeff's pretty cute, too. A nice-looking blonde jock with a tight and well-defined body. And frankly, I never thought Corbin Fisher would get him this far. When he got his first blowjob, he seemed a little petrified. When Logan was finished blowing Jeff, he leaned over him and kissed his neck. I thought Jeff was going to die. As Logan started to move, Jeff's whole body tensed up, like "Oh my God, this guy is going to kiss me." So, I know this sex with men thing is new for Jeff and all, I'm just really surprised Jeff went all the way. But I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing him getting boned any time soon. I'm willing to be wrong, but we'll have to wait and see.

  • Bald Men are Hot!


    There's something about a bald man... something hot. More and more, bald is beautiful, but it's more than that. Bald is masculine and now we're in the 2000s, bald men are considered confident and assertive - the essence of what a man is about.

    More and more stars and celebs are going bald. Macho wrestling stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin and the bearded and bald Rory McAllister epitomize what bald is all about - strength and masculinity. And bald Star Trek star Patrick Stewart was voted "Most Bodacious" man by TV Guide for his strong presence, authoritative voice and extremely sexual presence that drove both men and women wild.

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  • Dance for me Daddy!

    A bit late maybe, but this Santa I just had to show you! Hot muscle daddy wishing a merry christmas!? Check out his big balls.. certainly seems to be big and heavy!

  • Jack Off Buddies

    Sucking Straight Cock

    Samuel's back. Man, I love this guy. He's so cute and he's such a good cock sucker. I just love watch him. In case you've forgotten Samuel is sort of unofficially the designated gay pitch hitter at Next Door Buddies. So when there is a new straight guy to break in, Samuel is one of the guys they call. He hasn't been around for a few updates, but he's back this week with Tyler. With Samuel in the shower, Tyler fires up a laptop and watches some porn. Tyler starts stroking his cock, and just as he's in full stroke, Samuel opens the bathroom door -- wet and looking for a towel. Tyler covers up and passes his buddy a clean towel. Samuel asks if he can watch the DVD, too. But we all know that Samuel is not going to be able to keep his hands or his mouth this himself. And before you know it, Tyler's cock is in his buddy's mouth. And what a nice, big fat cock he has, too. Tyler's quite the hottie with a rock-hard body and collegiate good looks. And that chin scruff ... drives me crazy. I loved watching this stud blow a load all over Samuel.

  • New Meat at Corbin Fisher!

    Straight guy jacking off

    Isn't Trent just cute as can be? He's got that all-American, boy next door look that Corbin Fisher is so famous for. And his midwestern accent just makes him all the more adorable. And Trent's definitely going to be back for more, I can feel it in my bone. First of all, he's totally the Corbin Fisher type. Second of all, in his interview at the start of this video, he admitted to having thoughts about guys and he has been wanting to explore sex with another guy. That's practically an engraved invitation right there. And this solo jack off session might get this guy a whole lot more than he bargained for. He tells us that he's not terribly experienced sexually, having only been with his girlfriend so far. But he was definitely turned on while pumping his hot dick in this video. And he spews an impressive load of cum all over his smooth chest. At the end of the video, Corbin Fisher asks Trent what he was thinking about while jerking off, and he smiled, "My girlfriend ... and Dawson." (He had the chance to meet Dawson earlier and the blonde stud obviously got some things turning inside of him.) Hmmm ... I wonder who Trent is going to be paired up with for his first scene with another guy?

  • 5-Man Circle Jerk

    Circle Jerk

    It's always interesting to me how you can convince five straight guys to get naked together, get their cocks hard, and jack off within close proximity to one another. This is the first circle jerk shot for Bang Bang Boys, and if you read the profiles of the guys, they're all straight. Actually, I've spoken to the site's producer and most of the guys who appear on the site are straight. He's got to be pretty clever to get these guys to do some of the things they do. Like if he says "bend over and show me your butt hole," they won't; but if he says "bend over and show me how strong your legs are," they'll do that.

    This time around Bang Bang Boys has put together Kaio, Roney, Leo, and newcomers Brian and Marc. Two guys with 9-inch cocks and three guys with 8-inch cocks. That's a lot of meat. The guys are naked and hanging around a dipping pool. They're sitting on the edge of the pool and jacking their cocks and getting them hard. Some of the new guys are little shy at first, but after a few minutes they got use to it. Once the guys are comfortable, they move inside to the bedroom. Things are a little more closed-quarters and the guys can't help but being near one another. One after another these five well-muscled Brazilian studs shoot their loads all over the bed. Each guy takes his moment in front of the camera, some of them making very little noise, and others making a great deal of noise.

  • Eric York - A Pornstar's Pornstar


    Pornstar Eric York is tall with deep blue eyes and has an 8 inch uncut cock. He's versatile but is a strong top and has been working in adult videos since 1992. His masculine presence and hard dick have made him a gay porn icon. He's appeared in orgy videos, several cop movies and even some wrestling vids - and he does bareback in some of his movies. While not precisely a bear, this is a pic from a shoot he did for Bear Films. He also starred in one of their DVDs, as well as over 70 more movies throughout his career.

  • Hot 69 Cock Sucking

    Hot 69 Cock Sucking

    I always have found 69 cock sucking a little difficult; kind of like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time. I guess it's the moving your hips at one speed and pumping your mouth at another that fucks me up. And then, you start adding things like fingering your partner's butt hole, and it's just too much to concentrate on. Davin here is having no problems keeping his mouth and his hips synchronized. He's teams up with a hot bottom, Antonio, in this bareback fucking scene. Davin is tall, smooth, and very lean, and he's sporting a pretty healthy cock, which Antonio wastes no time stuffing down his throat. And after their 69 cock sucking session, Davin sits back on a platform and Antonio squats backwards onto Davin's big, curved cock. Antonio squats down to meet Davin's cock in thrust after thrust. After fucking in a number of different positions, Antonio finally sits on Davin's cock for the grand finale. David squirts a hot, creamy load up Antonio's ass, and this really gets the Latino excited. Antonio isn't fair behind Davin and shoots a huge load all over his top's chest.

  • Black Daddy in Cop Uniform

    Hot Black Man in Cop Uniform

    I'm a big fan of hairy men and older man sites, and it's not very often that you see black men taking their clothes off on these sites. It seems a lot easier for the sites featuring younger guys in their twenties to find black models. But I'm sure glad this Black Daddy found his way to Hot Older Male. Fuck! Woudn't you like to be stopped on the highway by this cop? I know I would. And I wouldn't be stopping right away either, I'd be making sure I headed for the rest stop so the officer and I could have some privacy. And after he cuffed me for resisting arrest I'd get down on my knees to see if I could coax that big cock of his out of his pants. I can just imagine this cop leaning against his car and pulling my head down on his hard cock with his nightstick. He rams his cock down my throat over and over again until he blows a hot, creamy load down my throat. And I imagine he'd let me go with a warning and for "good behaviour."

  • Hairy Man in Suit

    Hairy man in suit.

    I haven't checked out Men at Play for a while, so imagine how thrilled I was to see this staring back at me. A gorgeous hairy man in a suit. Well, he was in a suit. Now his jacket's been removed, his shirt is buttoned, and his fat cock is sticking out of the fly in his trousers. Yum! You can't actually tell by this photo, but this hairy man has his hands tied behind his back; his legs are tied together as well. Doesn't that make this photo set all the more interesting -- someone is actually stripping hairy man Manu for the photographer. Hmmm ... wouldn't that be a fun job. Not sure I'd be able to just unbutton a few buttons and back away. Ah, but I just figured out that the "dresser" would not only have unbuttoned this stud's pants, but he would have had to pull out his cock. Oh dear, the frightful things we have to do in a day's work. And Manu's got such a nice piece of meat, too. Big, floppy uncut cock jusy lying out his zipper hole, and then, as he has more and more of his clothes removed, his cock gets harder and harder.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Strips with TV Host

    Before he was the governor of California, Arnold Schwarenegger was called the Austian Oak. He was a mainstay for bodybuilding fans but he also had a very mischievous side. Here he is, getting a TV talk show host to strip and then stripping himself. A fun clip that also shows off the younger Arnold's muscular physique.

    Admit it - Arnold is fucking HOT! The attitude, that muscular body and his sense of humor... Too bad he didn't go into porn ;-)