• Bentley goes to San Francisco!

    bentley race - folsom street fair

    One of my, well Gaydemon's favorite sites and its owner and model Bentley Race mentioned that he is going to San Francisco and Folsom Street Fair this September (world's largest annual Leather event in SF).

    Bentley Race sent over these pictures from last years trip.

    bentley race

    It certainly looks like he had a blast last year.. no wonder he is going back!

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  • Euro Fuck


    Sometimes an age difference makes sex a little hotter. Kay is 23 and Maurice is 37, and these two euro guys have recently become neighbors. As they kept running into each other, they became very attracted to each other. Well, Berlin Male knows a good thing and they were happy to catch these two in action in the attic. Maurice is ultra masculine, and looks incredible with Kay's hard, veiny shaft in his mouth! And Kay instantly discovered that older men have more experience and REALLY know what to do when they give a blowjob.

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  • Foreskin Stretching


    Vladamir is making his debut on Hot Older Male, one of my favourite sites to troll for older men and hairy guys. And Vladamir offers us a special treat today. All you foreskin hounds out there are going to love Vladamir's cock. He's blessed with foreskin and loves stretching it. I've always loved uncut men. One of the first men I ever played with had foreskin and I've been on the hunt ever since. Cory had the first foreskinned cock I'd ever seen up close and I couldn't get enough of sucking his dick, rolling his foreskin around in my mouth and nibbling it with my teeth. Needless to say, Cory loved it, too. And when I saw these pictures of Valdamir stretching his foreskin, it got me very excited. I love it when uncut guys play with their foreskin, but so few of them do in gay porn shoots. Vladamir has a beautifully lean and hairy body; his nipples standing out amongst all of that fur. And as he jacks his cock, he sniffs his underwear like they're a bottle of poppers. It's not too long before he's dumping a hot, thick load of cum all over that hairy belly of his.

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  • Squirt



    A great resource for the cruiser on the move, Squirt's database of cruising grounds, truck stops, cottages and nude beaches contains tens of thousands of locations around the globe, searchable by region.

    Squirt is a user-driven site and each listing is supplemented by what are often pages of user comments. While browsing to pick up some action while out of town, you can read whether a location is safe, currently being hit by the cops, really happening right now, or getting past its prime. With a free membership, you can also post your location, profile and pic (if you like), and organise hook ups with other site users as you go.

    Sort of like gaydar with a knapsack and a love of the outdoors.

  • Jake Deckard and Trey Casteel

    Jake Deckard Fucking

    Jake Deckard is one of my favourite gay porn stars. He's a ruggedly handsome and massive built man. He's got an amazingly strong and muscular body and he's covered in hair and tattoos. And he's working exclusively for Raging Stallion Studios these days. After a couple-year stint with Titan Men, Jake Deckard settled in with Raging Stallion and he's been producing hot movies ever since. Aside from his hot looks, he really turns me on because he's so versatile. You're just as likely to find him fucking ass as getting fucked. And I love watching a big beefy man like Jake getting his ass porked. This week over at Rear Stable, Jake Deckard is paired up with Trey Casteel in a hot fuck scene. Trey is bent over a leather bench with his ass primed and ready for a hard fucking from Jake. And if you've never seen a Jake Deckard cum shot, you're in for a treat. This man shoots buckets. In fact, he shoots some of the biggest cum shots I've seen in gay porn. I was absolutely amazed to watch this man shoot huge pools of cum in Lords of the Jungle, and of course, Jake got his ass fucked a lot in that movie.

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  • John Rechy

    john rechy


    John Rechy's site is a reflection of the great author himself, a pared-down slab of assertive homo-masculinity where an erotic poet's mind go hand-in-gym-glove with a lot of obvious bench press work.

    Rechy's books were like the offspring of a literary union of Jean Genet and Tennessee Williams. His tortured characters, almost invariably young male hustlers, midnight cowboys drifting from trick to trick amid the smoky, seedy alleys of Times Square, the treacly French Quarter of New Orleans or the cruising parks and all-night movie theatres of 1960s Los Angeles. Rechy's anti-heroes had names like "Johnny Rio" and his best known books include "City of Night", "The Sexual Outlaw" and "Numbers".

    This compact site shows original pics of Rechy and his pneumatic pecs in all their glory, as well as a very extensive archive of his more recent essays, articles and interviews.

  • Too Straight


    You know all those sites featuring straight boys who fuck and suck each other? Well, in real life, that's not the way it always happens. Take this shoot from Dirty Boy Video. They hooked up this straight guy to do a video. First off, when choosing a porn name for himself, he chose "The Arm". Okay, sometimes straight guys are weird - we all know that. But The Arm? Anyway, the plan was that The Arm and Damien would jack off together, and when the time was right, Damien would make his move and start sucking The Arm's cock.

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  • What's Long and Black and Full of Semen?


    Somehow when I first saw D'vour from UK Naked Men, I remembered that old joke: "What's long and black and full of seamen? A submarine!" Only what D'vour's got is no submarine, although it certainly is big enough to be dangerous. That is one big black cock D'vour is sporting, and it looks like a heck of a lot more than just a mouthful. He's also got a nice lean body and a firm bubble butt, but I admit it - I just can't take my eyes off that cock!

  • Amateur Jacking Off


    Constant is a very attractive amateur guy who decided to do a porn shoot for Dixter. With his patch of chest hair, boyish face, lightly muscled body and thick hard cock, he's the kind of amateur guy I really like to see. And once he got used to the camera, he really got going. He starts stroking that thick dick of his at every angle he can think of standing, sitting or in between!

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  • Barnacle Busters



    It is one thing I wished I had the guts to do, which is go scuba diving. To see what lays under the ocean would really be something, though I have done some snorkeling, it is just a hint of what lays beneath the surface.

    Some interesting pictures, of dives and events from this Long Beach diving club. News and resources are also available, but it is the thrill of going underneath, of seeing a whole new world that could spark the imagination a little.

    Okay some of the photos are just people, but going through the galleries, man there are some awesome pictures of the various journeys these folks have taken.

  • California Great Outdoors



    It is a myth that Gays are nothing but bar crazed sex maniacs. I mean we like to go camping, hiking, boating too, and there are actually a fair number of clubs out there, specializing in those activities, for Gays.

    Kind of nice to know, and well this one is one of those.

    Find the area you interested in, then get a whole lot more information, including some pictures of all the fun you can have in the outdoors in a place like California.

    Personally I like the Orange County Long Beach one, but there are others.

  • Hotel Mocking Bird Hills



    Wouldn't it be nice to just lay back in the sun in some foreign land like Jamaica? Think of all the hot boys strolling along the golden beaches, wearing nothing but speedos. Damn, it is enough to get anyone a wee bit hot and horny, and now you can enjoy a nice stay at a gay friendly hotel.

    There are lots of information listed here, on the hotel itself, the fees, the menus but there are also a list of some interesting sites to visit, to take in.

    Sure its sort of a travel site I suppose, but hell, if you got the cash, why not enjoy a bit fun in the sun. Visiting this site will give you a bit of a glimpse into what is available, along with some prices for comparison shopping.

    After all while Gays supposedly have a larger amount of disposable income, it doesn't mean we piss it away or aren't inclined to find a bargain or two. Specially if they are cute.

  • Kai is Back!


    Kai is back! He's also horny and he's paired with another guy named Matt. This Matt is a 21 year old truck driver from south London and he says doing shoots for English Lads is like a dream come true, getting to fuck and jack off for money. And Kai is hungry for some new cock, so he pulls out Matt's rod and goes to work, sucking it like crazy till Matt can't stand wait another minute. He rolls Kai over, spreads his cheeks apart and fucks him good and hard!

  • Ya Gotta Love Rian!


    At 18 years old, Rian from Perfect Guyz is absolutely gorgeous. Men and women stop and watch him walk down the street - and who could blame them? He's got an easy going, laid-back personality, and his lean muscular physique and melting hazel eyes are only the tip of the iceberg. Rian is tall with a defined body, smooth chest, a little facial hair and a look that says "I want to fuck you". He's also got an 8 inch cut cock and looks like an underwear model.

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  • A Summer Fantasy


    I saw a set at Men at Play that really got my attention. It's a hot summer night and businessman Carlos has been working all evening. Now he needs to relax, and he heads off to a club. At the bar he is approached by Rick at the bar, Carlos uses his drunken state as an excuse and lets his hands wander all over the younger man's body. After all, he needs to unwind and he's horny as hell. After some passionate kissing, Rick goes down on Carlos, sucking his cock with skill and hunger. Then Carlos, still in his business suit, eats Rick's ass before plunging his throbbing dick into the tight hole and fucking Rick deep and hard!