• Sexy Bald Man


    I go in fits with gay porn sites, sometimes viisting the same ones over and over again. And then, for some reason I just forget about them for a while. I haven't been to visit Men Over 30 for a few weeks now. No particular reason, it just dropped out of my head. But when I checked it today I see I have some catching up to do. I was particularly pleased to come across Kenny. He's a sexy bald man with a healthy set of balls and a nice cock. Man, I love low hanging balls. I love feeling them in my hands and I love getting on my knees and stuffing them in my mouth, tugging and pulling on them with my mouth. And Kenny's look like they'd just about fit. Clyve's a good looking bugger -- Cuban and Egyptian, 34 years old, 5'10" and 178 pounds. He's got a hard body and he keeps his body hair clipped short (schucks). There are some pictures of him wearing a tight pair of black boxers and the basket he's showing is just tremendous. I'd love to be dancing beside him at an underwear party. Kenny eventually sheds those boxers, lies back on his bed, and jacks off a nice load of cum all over those six packs of his.

  • Good Hard Fuck


    It's Ethan's lucky day at ShowGuys. Asante is a horny 26 year old black top with a great big thick cock who just loves fucking white boys and it's Ethan's turn! This isn't some sweet, romantic fuck, either - Asante can tell exactly how rough Ethan likes it and that's what he gives him - a good, hard fucking that has him panting for more. First Asante shoves his rod deep in Ethan's mouth, then plays with his ass to get him ready. Then it's time for the main event. Asante invades Ethan's ass forcefully, his huge dick spreading the tight hole wide as Asante fills it up. Looks like getting fucked by Asante hurts, but it hurts SO good!

  • Deliciously Defiant

    If you like hot straight/bi skater boy porn featuring some of the sexiest hung studs in the galaxy, meet Defiant Productions. If you're familiar with their work, you know that they have been steadily building an exceptional collection of supremely erotic porn with guys you won't see anywhere else (and I mean anywhere else). If you're not familiar with them, then boy are you in for one super sticky treat.

    Blazing onto the porn scene shortly after the turn of the century (or perhaps slightly before), Defiant started as a rather small enterprise producing solo jackoff porn starring skater boys who were either straight, sorta straight, or soon to be bi. Their early works were riddled with poor production values: bad lighting, crappy sound, a grainy and sometimes imperceptible picture.

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  • Fucking Close Up


    I love watching fucking close up. It's so hot watching a big, fat cock pushing it's way into a cock-hungry ass. Sometimes they slide right in, but sometimes a guy's ass fights back. And that's when you test the strength of a man's hard-on. If it's good and hard, it'll push right through. This close up fucking picture is taken from Rear Stable's latest update featuring Carlos Morales, Justin Christopher, and Remy Delaine. Carlos Morales is off-camera in this shot, but that's Justin Christopher's big uncut cock poking into Remy Delaine's furry ass hole. I love how Remy Delaine's long uncut cock is just hanging there, completely covered in foreskin. Man I do love that boy's cock. He's largely getting fucked on camera, but there have been a few times where I've seen him porking another guy's butt, and in fact, at the end of this gallery, he does stuff that big uncut cock of his up Justin's ass. But for most of the gallery, Remy is the cock hungry middle in this big dick sandwich, taking Justin's cock up his ass and swallowing Carlos Morales's huge tool at the same time.

  • Japanese guys stroking


    I bet you want to know who that hot stud that looks like he knows how to stroke his cock with good hard pounding strokes is! His name is Suzuki, he's from JapanBoyz, and he DOES know how to pound that juicy throbbing cock of his! I loved watching every second of him doing it too! It was amazing! But, do you know what was even more amazing? How far his thick creamy load shot up into the air when he came! It was like a geyser erupting all over the place!

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  • Straight, Hairy and Uncut - Yum!


    If you love 'em natural, meet Craig. Craig is a straight 19 year old cutie from the UK with a completely unshaved body who doesn't even trim his pubes. His best features are that lean athletic body, boyish smile and 7 1/2 inch uncut cock and he doesn't have any bad features. Craig loves playing all sorts of sports and he's also very successful picking up girls who love his handsome face and shy personality. This pic is from his very first modeling shoot for English Lads and I hope they get him to come back - I'd love to see more of Craig!

  • Francois Sagat Fucks


    It's not very often we get to see Francois Sagat fucking another guy. He's usually on his knees slurping a big cock or taking a bone up the ass. But variety is a good thing, and Sagat does have such a beautiful cock -- it's nice to see him putting it to good use. In this scene he's paired up with Kyle Lewis who eagerly sucks Fran├žois Sagat's thick, uncut cock. Lewis's hands follow every curve of the Frenchman's hairy, muscled chest. Sagat hoists Lewis's legs over his head and starts pushing his banana-curved cock up the muscle boy's butt. Sagat leans over him and kissing him deeply while his ass gets used to Sagat's big bone. There are a lot of kissing pictures in this photo set, so if you're into watching men in a passionate embrace, you're going to love this one. Eventually Lewis straddles the sofa on all fours and Sagat fucks his ass hard. And then for the grand finale, Lewis pushing Sagat back on the sofa, hoists his legs, and fucks the Frenchman's beefy ass. Now there's the Sagat we all know and love!

  • Horny Man in a Kilt


    UK Naked Men has just released their first full-length, exclusive video. The site has loads of video clips and they're all shot exclusively for the site, but "The Laird Gets Laid" is their first full-length video. Featuring Henry, a hot man in a kilt and Adam, a muscular stud with a hunger for cock. The laird is standing in his study, leaning against the fire place; he's wearing his kilt and he's looking pretty hot. There's just something about a kilt that makes a man just a whole lot sexier. I suppose it's the lure of what's underneat and whether he's wearing anything at all. But I think it's more than that. The knee socks showing off the shape of the man's legs, but at the same time, not letting you see anything. The sporin, drawing attention to the man's crotch, but keeping everything well-covered. The butler comes into the study. He's wearing a suit and tie. The laird takes a seat and the butler gets down on his knees and starts lifting the laird's kilt and exposing his beautiful legs. Before long the butler has got a mouth full of cock. The laird lies back and gets a extremely long and slow blowjob from his cock-hungry butler.

  • Tough Straight Guy


    I found Dick at Straight Guys for Gay Eyes and he immediately reminded me of the guy on the paper towels package, that big lumberjack sort of guy. Only Dick seems more aggressive and masculine to me. He seems like a real bad boy, not some toyboy trying to seem like a biker or street tough. Dick has a tattoo on his back that says "Hostile" and he's an in-your-face kind of dude with just a hint of danger in his attitude which is sooo exciting!

    Too bad he's so very straight 'cause getting fucked by Dick seems like it would be some very hard rough sex!

  • Bear Sex


    Watching a couple of big hairy bears rubbing bellies is hot! And Clint and Jake from Bear Films are right up my alley. I'd love to be the peanut butter in this bear sandwich. Jake Fine is the bald and red-bearded Daddy in the harness and he's getting his cock serviced by bottom bear Clint Kennedy. Daddy sex has always been one of my favourite scenes. If you can find a man who is confident and knows how to talk real dirty, man, he can get me all revved up and willing to do just about anything. I love being on my knees sucking a Daddy's cock, with his hand rubbing the back of my head and saying, "That's a good boy, suck Daddy's cock." Woof! And after Jake gets his cock sucked good and hard, he throws a hard fuck into Clint's big, beefy ass on the bed. Then Clint takes over and straddles that Daddy cock and goes for a good look ride. I love the Bear Films men, they cum in all kinds of wonderfully hot shapes, sizes, and ages. And Bear Films has a new amateur bear DVD coming out at the end of November, it's called Spunky Bears and it looks like a sizzler.

  • He Just Keeps Going and Going!


    Gabriel is cute, fit and is a happy person. He charmed the photographers at Blake Mason, not only with his friendly personality but also with his long uncut cock and the way he kept it rock hard all the way through the shoot. It seems this first-time amateur with his sweet smile is always horny! He was ready, willing and able the minute his pants came off and he went right to work stroking it for the camera. Gabriel kept jacking it in all sorts of positions, and his dick just kept getting harder and harder till he finally shoots his hot, salty load.

  • Holy Cumshot!


    I had a choice of showing you a face shot of Joshua or this flying cumshot. I really wanted to show you how cute Joshua is (he's really adorable) but you'll have to check him out further on the Stroke That Dick site because I really thought this flying cumshot picture was just too hot not to share. Joshua is a 23 year old construction worker with a bad boy look. He has been working out in the gym since he was 18 years old and his body is rock hard. He's got that all American collegiate boy look -- good looking, hot body. But his spiked hair, soul patch, and tattooed shoulders move him over to the bad boy side of town. His cock is comfortably average at about 7 inches, but it's a little extra thick at the base. And he's sporting a nice set of nuts. He's sitting naked, jacking off on a couch, and when he gets close to cumming he stands up. With the camera positioned under him, we get to see this perfect flying cumshot. And man it's a big load. You should see the pictures of the wad he left on the floor. I hope they left a tip for the maid.

  • If I Could Do That, I'd Never Leave the House


    Talk about flexible! Dusty is a Buzz West discovery with an unusual talent - he can suck his own cock. He's an amateur who did one shoot for Buzz before, and for just one second in that last shoot he leaned over and did a little self-fellatio. Apparently that intrigued the members and our intrepid photographer. He wanted to see more of Dusty in action so he brought him back just so we could watch as Dusty goes down on himself. And after really looking at this pic, I realized I was getting horny thinking about what it would feel like if I could lick myself - it would have to be about the best blowjob ever!

  • Michael Brandon Unleashed!


    Michael Brandon is one of the hottest and most well-known gay stars in porn with one of the longest-running careers. His cock is known as Monster, and when I saw Monster being unleashed at ShowGuys, I couldn't wait to show you some of the pics! The guy he's with is Michael Starr, and he can't get enough of that cock. Michael Brandon fills first his mouth and then his cock-hungry ass and gives him a good hard pounding till he's sore and satisfied.

  • My Kind of Straight Guy!


    Eric is straight and a Marine. He's 5'11", 170 pounds, and he was referred to photographer Buzz West because he's very comfortable walking around the barracks naked. Eric says he's always looking for a good time, but alas! When Buzz offered to arrange a "real good time" for Eric, his response was "girls only". Darn it! Even so, Eric is far from shy. He didn't mind playing with his ass or getting his cock with its thick mushroom head hard in front of the camera and getting himself off. Now, that's MY kind of straight guy ;)