• Sweet UK Twink's Bum


    They say one picture is worth a thousand words. Well, if you like smooth, perfect butts, check out this pic from English Lads! Those glute muscles are flexed and very firm because, as you can see, this 19 year old boy is jacking off and it feels great. The rounded globes and those yummy thighs plus just the hint of his hand moving as he works toward an intense climax - nothing shows exactly what's going on quite like this sweet butt. Wouldn't you love to squeeze it, feel the firm flesh compress beneath your fingers? And licking it all over till it's nice and wet and then penetrate between those round cheeks - you can bet that twink has one tasty ass!

  • Serious Blowjob


    Oscar is a hot, hung and hairy latin man who knows exactly how he likes to get sucked. That furry body and hard cum-filled cock are more than ready. Oscar is aggressive and demanding and you can see him making sure that Timmy, the resident cocksucker from New York Straight Men services his meat exactly the way he likes it. And Timmy loves that submissive feel that comes when a big man pulls his his head so he has no say in how he sucks that cock!

  • Holy Huge Cock, Batman


    Yesterday I wrote about Steven's huge cock from Stroke That Dick. But like the true cock sucker that I am, once I see a bigger, thicker cock, I'm moving on. Sean is the latest amateur guy posing for Xtra Inches, the Web's newest huge cock site, and they sure don't disappoint. I mean look at this monster. I thought I'd have a hard time handling Steven's big cock, but Sean's looks like it's even thicker, and it's got a wicked banana curve to boot and his cock head is deliciously fat. You won't believe the fucking bulge this guy shows off in his grey underwear briefs. He certainly must turn a lot of heads in the locker room, even before he strips those briefs off. And when he pulls his dick out of his underwear, it's a fat fucker, just lying there like a big floppy piece of sausage. He's got a huge set of nuts, too. And then his cock starts to get hard. It's unbelievable. Sean's a little guy in the height and weight department, and I just wonder when he's going to pass out as his shaft gets thicker and his cock head becomes more plump and engorged with blood. Okay, I'm feeling light-headed, enjoy!

  • Outdoor Fucking


    Kyle is a young muscle guy. He's part jock and part all American guy next door. He's done a few shoots for other gay porn sites, and Next Door Buddies convinced him to do a shoot for them. But they had to promise to give him a massage first. So Next Door Buddies sent Phoenix over and told him to pretend to be the massage guy. Why hire a masseur when you can hire an ass fucker instead? Kyle has been working out extra hard lately to pack on some more muscle. He looks pretty hot the way he is, but you know how guys are, they always think they need bigger muscles. The massage table is set up in a garden and Kyle strips out of his robe and lies nude on the table. Phoenix starts rubbing Kyle's back, but this doesn't last very long as Kyle really seems more interested in sucking cock that getting a back rub. Once Phoenix's cock is rock hard, Kyle turns around on the table and almost orders Phoenix to fuck his ass. After a good fuck, Phoenix unloads all over Kyle's cock, which Kyle uses as lube to pull one off of his own. It's a hot outdoor fucking scene and you'll want to check these guys out.

  • Straight Marine in Action!


    Meet Craig, a 19 year old straight marine visiting sunny Southern California from South Carolina and photographer Buzz West was lucky enough to meet him and get him to do a shoot. Craig is trying to form a rock and roll band - he was the singer in another one, so it's natural he should be comfortable in front of the camera. He seems to be an open minded guy because he was happy to show off his ass and his cock and had no problem getting hard. Gotta love those marines they always come through!

  • A Nice Hot Tongue


    Something I never seem to see enough of is rimming and any oral sex that isn't a blowjob. I mean, who doesn't love to have their ass and balls licked? But somehow you don't see that much tongue action in those areas in pics or videos. So when I saw this pick of a warm, wet tongue in action going from butt to balls, I just couldn't resist it. BTW, this is Adam and Aiden from Blake Mason showing us a really good licking!

  • Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Gaydemon!


    To all our U.S. surfers - here's a guy chosen just to help us celebrate the holiday. His name Kelan and he's a 100% all American guy from FratMen. The first thing I noticed was his blond hair, but his boyish face, tan and toned body and rock-hard cock are sure to bring a little heat to the day.

    Have a happy, happy Thanksgiving!

  • Jock's First Ass Fucking


    Aidan and Cage have appeared in individual solo galleries on Perfect Guyz, and the PG guys felt that these two studs would have some chemistry together. And boy to they ever! Aidan and Cage open the video clip getting to know one another on the soccer field. Both are jocks and had a lot of fun with the soccer ball. Aiden is the blonde jock with the tattoos running across his shoulder; he's 23 years old, stands 5'9" and weighs a solid 170 pounds. Cage is a little less filled out than Aidan, but Cage is only 20 years old, and he's 5'7", 145 pounds, and sports a 7.5 uncut cock. I'm not sure what happened on the soccer field, but these guys were hot and ready. Maybe the one who scored the most goals gets to be top. That would have kept Aidan on top of his game because he's an aggressive top - with a thick 8' cock. Cage loves sucking cock. Cage hasn't been fucked yet, and he agreed to let Aidan pop his cherry. I'm not sure about Cage's decision, he might have wanted to start with a much more manageable cock size; but he didn't have much problem. And once Aidan's cock was inside, Cage enjoyed every inch of it.

  • Penis Envy


    I admit it, I have penis envy, especially when I see a cock like Steven's. It's a monster at 9 inches long and 6.5 inches around. OKay, let's put that in perspective: your average single-serving-sized bottle of water is just under 9 inches long from base to cap tip, and almost 8 inches around. Yikes! It's a good thing that Steven's only 6.5 inches around because I couldn't get that water bottle in my mouth. Yes, I admit it, I tried -- the things I do for this blog! Steven is 22 years old, he's got a well-muscled body, and he's a restaurant manager. ("Excuse me there's a fly in my soup, I think you're going to have to let me suck your cock.") He plays guitar and surfs the Net when he has some time to kill, but he has a heavy weight-lifting schedule. But for now, he's jacking off that baseball bat of a cock on Stroke That Dick. I'm going to keep this brief because I want to get back there and watch his video clip again; he shoots a very nice creamy load, sliming it all up and down that thick shaft of his. I don't think I'm going to be getting to bed early tonight.

  • Asian guy gets facial


    I really like a man that likes to grab hold of what he wants and go after it! And Ake from Boykakke is definitely a man that knows what he wants! As soon as he grabbed Leo's throbbing dick, I felt my own cock get so rock hard that I immediately had to start stroking it! Ake milked Leo's cock so well with his hand and his mouth, I wished it were my own!

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  • Bald Guy, Big Cock


    Oh dear. What more can you say about a big cock like this? Tom's a little guy, standing 5'7" and weighing 130 pounds, but he's got an 8.5-inch cock. The little guys consistently have the biggest cocks. And I think there should be some kind of a bell curve for cock size. You know, to give us bigger and taller guys a fighting chance. At 67 inches that would give Tom about .126 inches of cock for every inch of height, so at 5'10" that would put me just shy of 9 inches. Yes, I like that much better. I have a 9-inch cock. Anyway, back to reality, Tom's a hot guy and he's featured in another cowboy-type gallery at UK Naked Men. He's lying naked on a few bales of hay and stroke that big, hard cock of his. Tom's a slender guy and he could just as easily be cast as a skinhead as a cowboy. He's got a lean and trim body that's covered in light-blonde hair. He's got a good set of balls on him and a couple of hard, perky nipples. And you're going to enjoy watching him lying back on the hay and pulling one off.

  • Hot Pierced and Tattooed Guy


    With his bad-ass look, Angel kind of looks like Pierre Fitch if Fitch joined a gang. This motorcycle stunt-rider from Arizona has some awesome attitude, a chiseled body and a nice, thick cock that is sporting a prince albert piercing. It's not a huge cock, but it's got a strong banana-curve to it. Angel has a lean and smooth body, very hard and getting some hot definition to it as he continues working out. He's covered in tattoos and piercings. He's got a couple of stars tattooed on his upper chest and a big, swirling R with angelic wings on his side. He's got some chin scruff that's pretty hot. And his ears, tongue, nipples and cock are pierced. He's got a sexy treasure trail of hair rising from his pubic area to his belly button. And when this guy strips out of his baggy short and t-shirt to jack off, he's looking pretty hot. He wears his baseball cap through the whole session, only taking it off to put on a touque. And that cock of his shoots a pretty nice, creamy load of cum. Angel is definitely one of my favourite Next Door Males, and I'd love to see him head over to Next Door Buddies to pull one off with another guy.

  • Suit Sucking


    As you probably know, Men at Play is dedicated to shooting men in business suits and this is one of the hottest pics I think I've seen there - TWO men in suits and ties in an intense blowjob pic. Dean Monroe's cock is being explored, sucked and licked by Miguel. For those of us with boss/employee office sex fantasies, this suited oral sex pic is absolutely mouth watering. Pinstripes, anyone?

  • Beautiful Latin Jock


    This is Gil from Latin Jocks. As you can see, Gil is an athletic amateur who's a little shy of the camera but still has a big erect and uncut cock. His muscular build, neatly trimmed facial hair and good looks made him a natural to try out as a porn model, and those dark bedroom eyes and full, sensuous lips make him a hit with both the girls and the guys. I can see why Latin Jocks decided to do a shoot with Gil - wouldn't you love to look down and see his lips wrapped around your cock?

  • Hot Italian Cub


    I love Italian men, I have ever since I can remember. I grew up in an Italian neighbourhood in a auto-making town, and I just always remember the Italian men being so hot -- masucline, hairy, olive skin, dark eyes. Marco is a hot Italian cub and he's one of the latest men to arrive at Bear Films this week. He's 26 years old, stands 5'7" and weighs 170 pounds, and he's into hairy Daddies and hung muscle bears. In his Bear Films gallery, Marco is taking a bath. Lying back in the hot water, his hairy body starts to get completely wet, and his body hair begins to thicken, darken, and swirl. There are a couple of great pictures where his lower half is completely submerged in the bubble bath except for his stiff uncut cock that's standing up like a periscope. Marco's also got a nice set of low hanging balls and a tight, muscular and hairy butt. He relaxes in the bath tub and strokes his cock, eventually he gets too excited and he shoots a nice load all the way up his hairy chest -- he almost hits his chin!