• Cum-Covered and Uncut


    While I can't get enough hard and hunky men, sometimes I just want something raw. This pic from one of photographer Buzz West's latest models, Clinton, doesn't mess around. There's no fine art lighting, no teasing strip show shots, no seductive poses - nothing but an uncut cock that has just shot a load of hot, sticky cum. Admit it - isn't that what we're all in the mood for sometimes?

  • Lovers Sucking Cock

    Lovers Sucking Cock

    Rocco and Jake have appeared on UK Naked Men before, but separately, in solo galleries. They're real-life lovers and they wanted a chance to pose together for the camera. I've had a hard-on for Rocco since I first saw him. He's the taller of the two and heavily tattooed. He's a good-looking bugger. And talk about a hot cock! It's a big bat of a thing -- uncut with a severe banana curve. His lover is Jake -- dark-haired, shorter, a little hairy. Jake is also sporting a whopper of a weapon, but his cock is just long and thick. Rocco's would be a lot of work to suck or fuck because of that wicked curve; he'd be hitting spots in your ass that you never knew existed. Jake, on the other hand, would just fill you up with that fat cock of his and make you beg for mercy. In this gallery, these two hot loves spend a lot of time sucking one another's cocks. Rocco bends Jake over a beautiful antique sofa and, first, eats his ass, and then, sticks his cock up his lover's ass. These two men are hot. I sure wouldn't mind being ceiling cat in their bedroom.

  • DIY with Francois Sagat

    This is one DIY and home improvment show I would love to take part in! Found this clip of my no1 favorite porn star, Francois Sagat on YouTube.. I have no idea where its from, but sure as hell would love to employ him for some home improvments.

    Its actually possible to see more of him at Fisting Central and also Rear Stable I think.

  • Fucking in Private


    Zach and Alex agreed to fuck on camera at home in their own bedroom for You Love Jack. Guys in porn movies have directors, cameramen, grips, lighting guys all running around. It's not very intimate, but I liked this shoot because it's just Zach and Alex alone. Zach adjusts the camera and then these two very versatile guys fuck like crazy! Between the hard ass pounding, the balls slapping and the cumshot, these pics are really fucking HOT!

  • Guys in Underwear

    I love this underwear ad! It shows guys in all sorts of briefs talking about themselves and their sex lives. The models are all really good looking jocks and hunks with great bodies. They're all the kind of guys you see on college campuses, only they're only wearing briefs in a variety of sexy settings.

    And I'd have to say that with all the closeups on the guys' baskets, this is one ad we won't be seeing on TV!

  • Muscle Stud Jacking Off

    Smooth muscle stud

    His name is Clark Kent and he starts his Next Door Male shoot off wearing a Superman t-shirt. He's a 20-year-old college student working towards his chemistry degree. Geez ... who says brainboxes have to look like nerds? Clark has a nearly perfect body, the result of many years of precise workout regimens, healthy eating and self discipline. There's a picture of him sitting outside in his underwear, his arm is resting on his knee and he's looking at the camera. The perfect curve as his shoulder rolls into his bicep is just fucking amazing. But, just so we don't think he's too much of a good boy, Clark has a big tattoo swirling around his shoulder. Clark's video with Next Door Male is sectioned into three parts. First, he admires himself in the bathroom mirror, undresses and fondles himself. Second, he shows us a bit of his work out routine, pumping up his muscles with a set of push-ups and sit-ups. And then he showers away the sweat and lets us watch. Clark lies back on the bed and gets ready to stroke his cock. But first he teases us by lying on his stomach and grinding his hips into a pillow. Watching that firm, tight, bubble butt relaxing and contracting, just like he's fucking, is really going to get your cock stirring. Then Clark pours baby oil all over his chest and stomach and starts massaging it everywhere. His hands work their way down to his cock and balls. With his cock rock hard he starts pumping furiously. And when he finally cums, he shoots a messy cumshot all over that six pack of his with strings of cum flying everywhere. My only question is: why don't straight guys make more noise when they shoot?

  • Smooth Frat Boy

    Smooth frat boy

    Dave is one hot and smooth frat boy and he's getting us hot with his new video clip over at Corbin Fisher. He's hot with a tight body, strong rounded shoulders, a trim waist, and a cute, tight butt. Dave has had sex with both girls and guys and has enjoy both. Alright Dave! You're going to go far in your Corbin Fisher education. I have a feeling that in the coming weeks we're going to see Dave getting a blowjob, sucking cock, fucking and getting fucked. In his interview, Dave talks about his first gay sex experience. It was with an openly gay guy who had no idea that Dave was even open to the idea of fucking with another guy. Can you imagine how exciting that would have been for the gay guy? I mean, we fantasize about guys all the time, but finding one who you thought there was never a chance he'd suck cock, that's hot! I'm going to enjoy watching Dave in the coming weeks, but for now, settle back and watch his jack off video. It's pretty sizzling and Dave's a passionate guy. He loves the feeling of his own body. He's not just a "pumping my dick in my hand" kind of guy. He's got a nice piece of meat and a healthy set of low hanging balls that help pump a creamy load right in the middle of his torso.

  • Hot Tub Sex

    Outdoor Sex

    These two European guys are getting hot and steamy in a Jacuzzi over at Xtra Inches. Martin Mazza is a sexy Spanish stud who has been making the rounds in gay porn videos for a few years. And in this video he's paired up with Hungarian man Tamas Eszterhazy and his 8-inch uncut cock. Mazza is adorably cute, but at times looks a little like a bad boy; Eszterhazy is all bad boy. Sleeves of tattoos running up and down your arms will give people that impression. Good or bad, Tamas is hot. And he's got one amazingly suckable piece of meat. But in this hot tub sex video, he's more interested in feasting on Mazza's big cock. Once he gets it rock hard, he bends over the edge of the hot tub and Mazza slides his dick deep inside. While fucking in a hot tub is an erotic idea, it's hard to do with all that water splashing around, so the guys move things up on deck. Tamas hoists his legs and lets Mazza finish pounding his ass.

  • Tattooed Hairy Man

    Hairy Man Thick Cock

    Anthony Mengetti is starring in a recent Bear Films DVD called "Grease Monkey Bears" and this week he's stopping by the Bear Films site to give us another peek at his hot, hairy body. I was attracted to Mengetti the first time I saw him. I find him to be a very good-looking man, but he's also got edgy qualities that I love in my men. I do love the thought of being man-handled, told what to do, smacked up the side of the head for not sucking his cock well enough (although I have to say that would never happen). And Mengetti looks like the kind of man who could dole out that kind of attitude. I guess it's the sleeves of tattoos covering his arms that really adds to this image. And when Mengetti strips out his jeans and muscle shirt, he shows off a beautifully solid and hairy body. He's got a great cock, too. It's thick with a deliciously plump cock head, just perfect to fill your mouth and give you something to do for the next 30 minutes or so. I enjoyed watching Mengetti in "Grease Monkey Bears" where he gets his beefy ass fucked, not once, but twice. You can check out his gallery or buy the DVD at Bear Films.

  • What a HUNK!


    Julian is 5'7", a great looking hunk of 37 who is a physical therapist working at a school. He's also done some modeling, his hot bod and handsome face gracing Men's Health and other mags. Now he's added another job to his resume - Julian is a centerfold for Playgirl! In fact, he's one of the most popular models at PlayGirl, having done a cover last year and 12 of his photo sessions have appeared inside the magazine and website. And after seeing his pic, I can see why PlayGirl members want to see more of Julian. He's got an incredible body, muscular abs, a gorgeous face and a rock hard cock - what more could anyone ask for!

  • Big Fat Cock

    Big Fat Cock

    I know I must sometimes come across as a flake, or at least indecisive. If you follow my blogs at all you will have heard me take about size not mattering, how I really prefer a comfortably average cock, or that big cocks are nice to look at, but hard to handle. And all of those things are true, and I really do prefer taking on an average-sized cock. But something happens to me when see a big fat cock like Samir's. And especially on a guy like Samir. He's a 20-year-old cutie who is pretty deceiving when you first see him sitting around his in in his jeans -- he's got absolutely no bulge. And even sitting there in his underwear, it doesn't look like he's packing much. All of a sudden, he slides off his underwear, and holy shit! he pulls out this monster of a thick cock. He measures it for us and it's only 8 inches long and 5.5 inches around, but it looks so much bigger. The cock sucker in me just gets all revved up when I see a dick like this. Samir lies back on the leather sofa and pumps his thick cock in his fist, and he sure doesn't disappoint us. He makes a big mess on his smooth stomach and chest.

  • Horny Brits


    Meet Ryan B and Aiden. They're both fit and horny guys from the UK who love foolin' around on camera for Blake Mason. Aiden loves sucking Ryan's cock and Ryan discovers Aiden really knows his way around a blowjob. Ryan tops Aiden first, but when Aiden slides his hard dick into Ryan's ass, things really get hot. Aiden gives Ryan a real working over before they're through!

  • Muscle Stud Hans Ebson

    Hot Muscle Stud

    Hans Ebson is a well-recognized gay porn star. He's been making films since 2002 and has starred in such films at Out of Athens and Demolition Daddy. This week he stopped by Perfect Guyz to show off his hot, muscled body. In his interview, Hans tells us that he is at the pinnacle of his career. At 5'8' and 155lb his is in the best shape of his life - ripped and muscular. Look at that strong upper body, those bulging and rounded shoulders, and those hard pecs. Can't you just imagine him doing push-ups on your ass? He has just finished a three-year gig with a major production in Las Vegas and he's enjoying a bit of a hiatus in Los Angeles. Hans's ass is just as appealing as his upper body - he's got one hard-muscled bubble butt. And, of course, Hans really caught my eye because he's got a thick, 8-inch, uncut cock. Thick cocks and foreskin, two of my favourite things. The 8 inches, I can take it or leave it - the size isn't so important for me. Of course, it's nice when they come along. Hans is featured in a jack off video over at Perfect Guyz, and you're definitely going to want to check him out. That uncut cock of his is beautiful and I loved watching him pump it in his hand.

  • Behind the Scenes


    I'm a sucker for porn that includes some behind the scenes pics. It makes everything seem more human to me and that makes it hotter. After all, life isn't a pictorial from a magazine, so why shouldn't we see people undressing or see the photographers or the less perfect moments?

    This is a shoot of Leon done for Bentley Race. The first pic is a perfectly posed pic, but the next one shows the model as he is taking off his tight shorts, and that just can't be done perfectly.

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  • Hot Fucking Sex


    18 year old Kayden wanted to do a porn movie, so Epic Men paired him with Santiago. They have real chemistry together - not only do they obviously make each other horny, but I was surprised when I discovered they weren't a couple. It's not just that Kayden and Santiago are comfortable together, but the guys seem to know exactly how to suck each other, touch each other and fuck together. And that makes this one of the hottest shoots I've enjoyed in ages!