• Kurt Beckmann - Massive Men 6

    Kurt Beckmann

    The 6th and last part of my favorite Massive men, Kurt Beckmann from MuscleHunks. Kurt is most likly the youngest of them all, not that he looks very young.. At 22 years old, he certainly have pumped up hell of a body. Kurt from Germany is a gymnast, stripper, acrobat and of course a Bodybuilder. As you can see he certainly has a lot of offer, which includes a hard and very nicely shaped 9" cock.

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  • Why Do Straight Guys Tease Gay Men?


    You know what I've noticed? Even the really straight guys - the ones who would never in a million years let another guy suck their dicks - seem to like to tease gay men. Looks like everyone likes appreciation, and straight boy Danny from Buzz West is no exception. Danny didn't hesitate to get naked and spread his ass in front of Buzz. In fact, Buzz says that for a straight guy, Danny really knows how to play with his ass. Hmmm... Looks like he knows how to play with his cock, too, and wasn't shy about jacking off and teasing Buzz and his crew.

  • Average Matt



    Where does one start?

    It is a forum, a bit of this and that and oh yeah did I mention is has a forum? Even a private member forum where folks can supposedly trade pics and vids. Not sure if that is personal pics or pirated ones, as me no join.

    Seems more to be a personal collection of stuff, comments. There is a photo gallery, that has some definitely non professional pictures, and personal pics of the site owner.

    The site seems to have just happened, and maybe there is more in the member area, that is about registering. Not sure if there is a fee, as the site does ask for donations.

    Lots of personal pics, and vids, from the site owner.

  • How Big is Too Big?

    Huge Cock

    Can a cock ever be too big? I mean some guys have such huge cocks that you don't know whether to suck them or wrap your arms around them and cry. Johnny has a huge cock! This 21-year-old has it all - a hot body, nice looking, and a dick of death. But while it's hot to look at, I'm betting the Johnny doesn't see as much action as he'd like. A lot of girls would steer clear of a cock that big. Johnny is doing his first-ever porn shoot, that's right, he's a virgin. Next Door Male caught up with Johnny while he was playing a game of tennis. He took a break and doused himself with water. lying down by the net to dry off in the sun; and surprisingly, he started rubbing his big hog right there on the tennis court! It slips out of the leg hole and his cock is every bit as beautiful as it is big. It's thick and covered in foreskin, and after running around the tennis court, I'm betting that cock head of his tastes nice and salty. But the tennis court is a little too public for Johnny, so he heads into a vegetable garden near the court where he pulls his pants down around his ankles and starts jacking his slab of meat. And after Johnny has teased the camera enough, he takes this jack off show inside. He lies back on his couch and shoots a flying cum shot all over his stomach. When he's done, his cock and balls are coated with juice.

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  • Sucking a Black Cock


    When Marco sucked off TJ and drank his load, the crew from New York Straight Men thought it was time to pack up their equipment and call it a day. TJ had a different idea. These pics are from his second blowjob from Marco, just a few minutes after the first one - it appears that TJ was good for more than one orgasm, and Marco didn't want to waste it, so he got right to work sucking that black cock!

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  • Household Keppeler



    I haven't a clue at times, but I think this is a leather household in Michigan where a group has gotten together, to form their own 'śleather' family group. Seriously, it is about a group who live together, and have loads of welcome visitors.

    Just like any family, there are visitors from family relations, with one difference. These are folks bound not by blood (well not that I know of) but by their BDSM affiliation. It seems to be run like any family would be, but along the precepts of BDSM.

    There are more detailed explanations, some pictures, and rules of the family as well. Rather interesting peek inside the family life of a total leather type group. One more example of the new 'śnuclear family' concept I guess.

  • Ice - Massive Men 5


    Part 5 of my favorite massive muscle men, Ice from MuscleHunks. Ice is a real street man, professional exotic dancer and a bit of a urbanlegend.. A real though guy with a dark past? Who know, who cares.. but what a body, sexy tattoos and that hard fat cock is just perfect! All in all a real favorite of mine.

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  • Truly Bulging with Muscles


    You know, a lot of bodybuilder sites have some pretty muscular guys modeling for them, but Rusty from Manifest Men is one of a kind. He's no pretty boy - he's an ultra masculine, red blooded piece of MAN. Rusty is powerful and it shows. Every inch of him bulges with big muscle - the kind of muscle that comes not only from the gym but from being naturally strong and athletic. Rusty is big, beefy and absolutely fuckable in this outdoor beach shoot - I can't wait to see more of his massive hunk!

  • Bareback Fuck


    Once in a long while, two guys do a gay porn shoot who are so hot for each other that they'd keep fucking all night if the crew would let them. The guys at Epic Men got lucky this time - and so did we! Geo and Matt had incredible chemistry and heat and once they got going, they just didn't want to stop! Even better, they went at it bareback - no condom to get in the way for this uncontrollable fuck!

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  • Bart's e-world



    Bart Simpson the hero of a leather dude?

    Okay I have seen it all now, but then again tomorrow I am certain to find something that'll blow me away all over again.

    This is a leather guy's site, has some pictures of him and a few mates. There is some terms and more good stuff behind the UGAS AEN umbrella.

    I just suppose seeing Bart Simpson and a leather site has me sort of speechless. Either that or it's because the guy running the site is named Bart? Could that be the connection?

    Then too, Bart Simpson is a bit of punk at times, and not what one would call 'śLeave it to Beaver' material either, so hell, maybe it does fit in with a leather fetish?

  • Gay Sex Gang Bang

    Gay Sex Gang Bang

    It's been a while since Corbin Fisher has hosted a gang bang, so I was pretty pumped when I stopped by the site today to see this horny gang of guys sucking and fucking. Front and center are best buds TJ and Ben, who have played together many times on the site. It was a bit of a nail bitter for Corbin Fisher to wonder if these two friends would ever play together. It's one thing to embark down the road of Corbin Fisher's gay sex education and play with other guys, but looking your best friend in the eye when you've got your hard cock buried deep inside his ass, is quite another. But TJ and Ben managed perfectly and have had sex together many times since their first time. But Corbin Fisher fans aren't satisfied to leave things as they are, and they've been requesting to see the two getting fucked, side by side, by a couple of other hot studs. Nick and Trevor were the perfect guys to help out. Both of them are wonderfully hung with big, thick dicks and they also have a fun-loving attitude. You're going to want to check out this sweaty fourway. TJ and Ben look so hot while getting fucked by these two big cocks. And I dare say that this is one of the hottest Corbin Fisher gang bangs to date.

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  • Can't Wait to Piss!


    Fabrice is a cute amateur from Nice who was checking out Berlin on his way to do his first porn shoot. He was walking along with the crew from Berlin Male when he realized that not only was he horny but he really had to piss. He looked around, found a convenient bush, and unzipped his pants. Then he pulled out his uncut cock, pulled the foreskin back and let loose with a stream of hot, golden liquid in front of the camera!

  • Crown of Ice



    Now I am curious, or maybe just bored with porn, but here we are at Tripod, and this is an illustrated story of sprytes and all that fantasy stuff.

    It is a sort of Hobbit type story, but with some sexual overtones. Okay, more than overtones, and there are a couple of anime type drawings per page too. Some of them rather good, and uh, explicit.

    For those seeking a different read, then a browse through this site might be in order, if fantasy worlds are your thing.

  • Felipe Gigante - Massive Men 4

    Felipe Gigante

    4th Part of favorite massive muscle men - Felipe Gigante from MuscleHunks! Felipe isn't only a very sexy man, with absolutely huge muscles.. he has got attitude.. just look at the way he is looking into the camera, those eyes says "I'm gonna fuck you, and fuck you hard"! Yet another perfect Latino muscle hunk.

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  • Friends Sucking Off Friends

    Swapping Blowjobs

    Kenny's back at Next Door Buddies and it's been far too long. In this video he's paired up with his newfound buddy Ricky M.. And you'll remember Ricky M - he's the spitting image of the Latino heart-throb and pop singer. (If you want to check out Ricky M's cock sucking debut, click the link for some hot pictures in the blog entry. You won't believe how much he looks like Ricky Martin.) Kenny and Ricky were chillin' out in the pool last weekend when Ricky suggested they go inside for some fun. Kenny hadn't gotten a piece the night before, so he was open to the idea of getting off. And this straight guy has played with guys before, so it's no big deal for him. It's all good when you're looking to bust a nut. Ricky lies down naked on the bed and Kenny joins him, sucking the stud's big cock. When Kenny's jaw starts to tire of Ricky's big uncut cock, Ricky suggested he lie back and give his mouth a rest. Ricky swallows his buddy's long cock and pays attention to Kenny's cock head, tonguing it and driving Kenny crazy. After some hot 69 cock sucking the guys are ready to explode, so they lie back on the bed and jack themselves off and squirting their loads all over one another. Now that's what friends are for!

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