• Perez Hilton

    perez hilton


    When did pointless showbusiness scandals go out of fashion? Oh that's right - never.

    Everyone's favourite pink-haired and porky Cuban-American is Perez Hilton (real name Mario Lavandeira), whose self-titled celebrity blog is one of the world's most popular websites. PerezHilton.com welcomes millions of visitors each day, almost 5 million the day Perez posted pictures of Britney Spears with a newly shaved head.

    Perez decorates his endless pics of drunken and secretly-in-love Hollywood stars with handwritten captions and drawings of piss and fake crumbs of white cocaine dribbling out of their noses. Each post is open to viewer comments, many of which attack Perez himself. Perez is apparently loathed by many in Hollywood, but that doesn't stop most of them from reportedly viewing his site daily.

    Perez delights in outing Hollywood actors, and jostling for space with all the celebrity gossip on his constantly updated site are gay news stories from around the world.

  • Riding a Hard Cock

    Riding a Hard Cock

    It's often a crap shoot for gay porn sites who feature a lot of straight guys in their videos because the site owners are never really sure if the guy is going to be up for some more guy-on-guy action. Chaos Men produces a series of "serviced" videos where straight guys doing their on-screen auditions and get a blowjob from another guy. When Blair did his video, Chaos Men was pretty sure that was the end of him. While he shot an intense cum shot and seemd to enjoy his blowjob, site owner and blowjob giver Bryan Ockert just didn't think Blair would be coming back. But Blair did call back a couple of weeks later, saying he would top another guy. So Chaos Men set him up with Adam, who shares the "breaking in" of the straight guys duties with the photographer. The chemistry between Blair and Adam was amazing, producing an intense fuck scene. Blair really seemed to enjoy being able to pound someone hard. And Adam stayed hard for most of the shoot, with his hard cock bouncing up and down while he rode Blair's hard cock. What we the viewers don't get to see is that Adam and Blair are watching their own fuck scene in an off-camera mirror, and this gets them both super hot. And we love to watch.

  • A real man-eater

    real man-eater

  • This Bodybuilder is Really Hosed

    Wet Muscle Man

    Dean's shoot for Manifest Men happened on a day that turned out to be hot and sunny. Since they were scheduled to do it outdoors... After he slipped out of his clothes so he wore nothing but briefs, Dean's muscular body gleamed in the sunlight. The longer he posed, the warmer he got. Finally he suggested they figure out a way for him to stay cool during the photo shoot, and that's when the photographer had an idea. He grabbed the hose that was nearby and turned it on, spraying Dean with water. Dean liked how it felt, the sharp chill of the water against his hot skin. He grabbed the hose to get himself wet...

  • Utopia Asia

    utopia asia


    Utopia-Asia dispenses gay travel advice on around two dozen countries. The editorial team maintain a cleanly laid-out directory of clubs, cruising areas and gay-friendly accommodations from Kathmandu to Kyoto, while site users contribute up-to-the-minute recommendations about new hot spots, newly-closed venues, and warnings from their own travels.

    The site's no-frills design conceals a richness of content that is unique and indispensable for gay travellers to Asia. Here, you can learn everything from how to find your way to that back-alley gay sake bar in Hiroshima and what scams to avoid if you're out and about in Pnomh Penh.

    Unlike many other gay travel sites, Utopia doesn't concentrate on high-end package travel alone, and adventurers and backpackers are well catered for. This approach gives numerous grass roots organizations a much needed profile.

  • A Porn Photographer's View

    Sucking Cock Seen From Underneath

    I think a lot of us here sometimes wish we were porn photographers. They must have the best job in the world. I mean, think about it... They get to watch guys suck cock, fuck and jack off for a living - up close and personal. The photographer from New York Straight Men has it good. Look how close he gets to the action! He lies under the floor and looks right up as guys are getting their first gay blowjobs inches away. How's that for job satisfation!

  • Stevie Moon Tattoo

    steve moon


    From Florida, this is a site for an actual Tattoo Parlor or whatever they are called these days. There are galleries showing the work done. It is in color and easy to go through. So if you are thinking of getting some tats, see what is available or get an idea of just how intricate the artwork can be.

    It is amazing at how much detail goes into these things. The mix of colors, the design work, and don't forget the needles. I get nervous just thinking about all that.

  • Fucking the Prisoner

    Fucking the Prisoner

    Dillon is back at UK Naked Men and this time he's doing a "scene," playing nasty copper DI Sweeney. He's interrogating light-fingered Jake who isn't very forthcoming with the information Sweeney wants. But Sweeny has other ways of making unco-operative cons talk. Sweeny's got a 9-inch banana-curved cock that he can use to make his point. Jake soon finds himself naked and up against the wall; Sweeney probes his criminal arse with his big fingers, his wet tongue, and finally that big cock. Have you seen Dillon's cock, it's magnificient - nine inches, thick, uncut, and sporting a wicked curve that is going to hurt no matter how he gives it to Jake. He pounds Jake's ass over the desk until they both cum all over each other. And if you haven't seen Dillon's big cock yet, there are two other photo sets at UK Naked Men, and as well, a video where Dillon shows us how a Scotsman puts on his kilt and what he wears underneath. And after the fashion demonstration, Dillon jacks off that 9-inch cock of his and dumps a load on the ground below.

  • Horny College Guys


    Elijah and Nathan have both done solo shoots for College Dudes 24 7, and they both liked beating their meat on camera. But so far, neither of these horny college guys has done another guy on a video. Till now.

    Since Nathan reallly loves finding a bottom whose ass can take a good hard pounding, pairing him with Elijah seemed like a stroke of genius. Why? Simple - Elijah made a great big dildo disappear up his hungry rear in his last shoot, and he loved every inch. In this session Nathan made sure that Elijah got what he wanted - plenty of hard cock that could keep banging till Elijah was finally satisfied!

  • Innovations

    I am really, really pleased on the rare occasion that I discover a porn site that is different from the norm and attempts to present a true concept of erotic fantasy as opposed to industrialized fucking and sucking which can be rather banal unless the models and action are exceptionally hot. While I don't wish to utilize the editorial forum to promote Web sites (since we have reviews for that), I do want to take a moment to praise trendsetters and innovators in the online porn industry. There aren't enough of them, but when we find one, they deserve all the attention they can get.

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  • Jacking His Thick Cock

    Big Cock Jock

    Clark is back at the "Next Door" family of sites. The last time we saw him he was jacking off at Stroke That Dick, and then, he did a side-by-side jack off video with another straight guy at Next Door Buddies. Now this 22-year-old, ex-military stud is going to show off again at Next Door Male. He has his ripped chest, chiseled abs, beefy legs, and a long and thick cock that would have any cock sucker down on his knees. (I'm hoping they're going to have him back at Next Door Buddies to fuck Samuel's ass, that'll be a sight to see.) Clark starts off his video sitting on the balcony and enjoying the morning. He decides to pull his cock out and have a little fun. Clark teases his cock, but ultimately moves indoors where it's warmer and more private. He jumps in the shower to warm up and soaps up his cock and gets it hard. He doesn't want to shoot his wad yet, so he jumps out of the shower and heads to the bedroom. He sits back on the sofa, drops his towel, and jerks his big, thick cock until he's shaking with ecstasy. His balls launch a substantial stream of jizz all over his ripped abs. It's quite the hot jack off session.

  • SilverFox



    A bar in Long Beach California is the Silver Fox, and if you down that way, check out the place. The online site gives you upcoming events, plus it has a photo gallery of some of the happy patrons of the establishment.

    The Halloween Pics from 2006 are a hoot. They really looked like they had a blast at that party, some of the costumes looked, uh different. Some nice hotties there, and of course the obligatory bulges on display.

  • 13-Inch Cock

    13-Inch Cock

    Wow! What a cock! Now I know that a lot of sites talk about guys having a 13-inch cock, but this guy really does. And man it's a whopper. But I always wonder about guys with monster cocks like this. In my travels as a gay man over the last 25 years of having sex, I've noticed that a lot of gay men just can't suck cock. A lot can, but I've gotten many more lousy blowjobs than good ones. And I don't have a big cock, so if gay men can't suck an average-sized cock, what the hell are they going to do with 13 inches? And that must be horribly frustrating for Gift, that's the name of the owner of this 13-inch cock. On the one hand he probably has guys falling all over themselves to get close-up and personal with his 13-inch cock, but on the other, how many can actually do anything with it? Still, if you'd like to marvel at this piece of meat and see how big it gets, Gift has just joined the ranks of UK Naked Men. And if you like uncut cocks as well, you're in luck because Gift has a nice piece of foreskin.

  • Hard in Underwear

    martinBerlincasting .jpg

    Martin is an amateur guy from Germany who decided to audition to do a porn video at Berlin Casting. Martin's got looks and a fucking hot body. He's a quiet sort who doesn't say much - he says he prefers actions to words. As you can see, Martin was very turned on at the idea of showing off for the camera. His cock is so hard, even in his underwear, that it looks like it's about to tear those briefs in two like his rod was the incredible Hulk!

  • PinkFinance.com

    pink finance


    A United Kingdom site, or magazine site that is about Finances, with a gay slant to it. Guess that is why its called Pink Finance. Has information on mortgages, on properties and other helpful information for those with a need to spend all that hard earned money. Some good tips inside no matter where you live.

    After all, they do say Gays are a more well heeled group, meaning we have a higher disposable income than some. Wonder where they get that from? Doesn't seem that way when it is time to pay the bills, however if that is true for you, and you are in the UK, check out this online magazine.

    It is in frames, so look for the second drop down navigation to get stuff showing in all that white space.