• Shayne


    Shayne is without a doubt your typical guy next door and Blake Mason love to bring out the best in dudes like him. Of course, boy door next door or not. Their guys must be well hung as well as willing and able to keep the meat hard and entertaining for us. Shayne has no problem in either department as we take a little tour of him stroking his swollen red member. He is quite fair-skinned and skinny. But he exudes a raw sexually energy that is most welcome any day of the week in my opinion. Besides, not every guy on the menu has to be roided out and looking as though he just got released from prison. LOL.

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  • The Filthy Archive



    The Filthy Critic is a "no-holds-barred" movie review blog. Ms. Filthy is your host reviewer and "he" holds nothing back. A true look into some of today's hottest and most popular movies is what you'll get. Ms. Filthy doesn't seem to be too worried about what others think of him that's for sure. LOL. He's only there to tell you what he truly thinks. You can't knock a person for that. Rating's are done in an interesting way. From 1 finger to 5 fingers. A 1 finger rating being expressed by a real hand giving out the "bird". You know, the middle finger? LOL. Gotta love that kind of sense of humour. What makes Ms. Filthy's reviews more interesting than your average blubber is that he even gets into the details of the whereabouts of the movie's locale and how they were acquired for the shooting. Check out "The Amityville Horror" and get some great information on that old scary house and the folks that actually lived in it before they sold it to the movie folks. Yeah, Ms. Filthy may just save you a few bucks the next time you want to see that over-rated blockbuster the trailers are trying to get you to go to. Or then again, he may just inspire you to check out the film that doesn't look so fantastic in the trailer but may just be one of the best features you've ever seen. Truthful and insightful. You really can't knock a person for that.

  • Hot Hairy Bear

    Hairy Bear

    Justin is one of the more popular hairy bears of Bear Films. He's made three solo appearances and two action photo sets. He's a hot hairy bear and it's not hard to see why he's a favourite. Justin is a 35-year-old man from Atlanta, Georgia. He stands 6'3" and weighs in at 220 pounds and loves playing with enthusiastic cock suckers. I'll bet! Who doesn't love getting their dick sucked. This week Justin is back at Bear Films and he's stripping nude by the pool. After sunning himself, this hairy bear takes a dip in the pool. Then he lies back in a lounge chair and strokes his cock. And what a beauty it is. Gripping his cock, his curved wang arcs through the air with his delicious cock head engorged with blood. Now what cock sucker could resist taking a taste of that?

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  • Kink Is In

    I've always considered myself a bit twisted if you will when it comes to sex. I mean, at least quite a bit different than what society considers "normal". You know, "vanilla"? It's never been for me. As a former heterosexual conformist turned outcasted bisexual turned full-blown gay male, I've seen and done a lot of things. But I'll never be jaded. I just love sex too much and all that it has to offer.

    At 40 years old I am part of a generation ( I believe it has been termed as "Generation-X"), that experimented with a lot of different aspects of life. Drugs were a large part of my high school experience, as were crazy sporting stunts and marathon drinking. I've travelled across my native country of Canada at least a dozen times, hitchhiked across the US and have even seen the other side of "The Pond" (Atlantic Ocean), and had a few pints in London and Edinburgh. But still, I keep sharp and never bore from whatever life throws at me. It seems I'm certainly not alone either.

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  • Sexcy Gaymes


    SeXgaymes have brought two gorgeous men together once again and what a scenario they managed to create! Rick and Ricardo have known each other for quite a while but this is their first time getting it on with one another on camera. No matter though. It's like there's no camera even there as Ricardo plunges Ricky Bauer's ass with his big, thick battering ram. Rick is your fairer-skinned bottom boy and Ricardo....well Ricardo is all stud and has no problem whatsoever showing it here in this awesome fuckfest.

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  • The Evolution of Average in Porn


    Well, I suppose it was bound to happen. Internet porn got off to an exciting start. Anyone could create their own site, so you could find any fetish and any act - but internet connections were slow. All sorts of gay sites started cropping up, and soon some of the site owners developed companies. Sites like Mount Equinox, Totally Men and Oh Boys started to crop up. It was the beginning of corporate porn - porn sites that weren't being put up because someone had a love of the content. These sites were being made to make money. Sure, there were sites out there like Straightguys CA that the owners didn't do much with but they still had down and dirty original content.

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  • Beefy Straight Guy

    Beefy Straight Guy

    One of my favourite sites is Buk Buddies. It's a real amateur straight guy site. These guys are the real deal. You're not going to find any gay guys pretending to be straight here. Buk Buddies is packed with straight guys in all their glory - baggy underwear, unmanicured feet, and bushy pubes. And Jordan is a fine example of what you'll find. Jordon started off his shoot with a little gangsta look - reversed baseball cap, leather jacket, and baggy jeans. But he made short work of his clothes and lies back on a leather sofa and starts jacking his dick. Jordan is 5'6" and weighs 160 pounds. His frame is beefy and firm. He's wearing a couple of tattoos and has a delicious pair of hairy armpits. He's got a single patch of hair running down the center of his chest. As he starts pumping his cock stiffens up. He pushes his hard cock forward to the camera to give us a good look at his meat. And what a deliciously suckable cock it is. Jordan sits back, spreads his legs, and slowly jacks off until he squirts a thick stream of cum across his belly. You'll find a lot of other guys just like Jordan at Buk Buddies. They're horny and waiting to show off for their fans.

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  • Cute Guy in Underwear


    Cory from Varsity Men is smooth and sexy. He's got great shoulder muscles, no body hair and that face! Cory's lips are full and pouty and his eyes - oh, those bedroom eyes of his! They're intense and dark and seem like they're offering a challenge. And in case he wasn't already hot enough, Cory is wearing nothing but his underwear. His package is encased in his tight, white briefs that emphasize the warmth of his skin and the shape of his balls. When I saw this pic, I couldn't wait to see more of Cory!

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  • Corey Sucks Aaron


    Corey and Aaron are buddies - not boyfriends - who decided to do a video for You Love Jack. Now, if there's one thing Corey loves to do, it's suck cock, and Aaron's big uncut rod is one of his favorites. And of course, Aaron doesn't mind getting sucked - who would? Especially when his rod is being licked an sucked by someone so enthusiastic. And Corey does know his way around a cock. After all, he has plenty of experience and loves the feel, the taste and everything about giving a blowjob. If there was an Olympic cock-sucking team, he's be on it.

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  • Hairy Hot Bears Fucking

    Hairy Bears Kissing

    After a fun night out at the bars, these two hairy bears hooked up and cut the night short and headed back to Jeffrey's hotel room. TJ is a 25-year-old hairy guy who likes his men masculine. He loves deep and passionate kissing, and it's not long before TJ has his tongue sliding down Jeffrey's throat. Jeffrey is a 42-year-old bald bear and just about anything goes with this fucker. In fact, he says in his profile that it's easier to say what he's not into than list off the things that turn him on. TJ was shy at first, but once Jeffrey aggressively told him what he wanted, he came out of his shell. Nothing like a little "I want you to fuck my ass" to break the ice. After some mutual cock sucking, TJ shimmies between Jeffrey's legs and starts rubbing his hard cock between Jeffrey's hairy butt cheeks. The bald daddy hoists his legs and TJ starts sliding his dick inside his ass. Jeffrey takes over and climbs on top of the bear cub and rides his cock, and then, TJ puts the hairy daddy on his knees. With his ass in the air, Jeffrey gets a hard pounding. Exhausted, the two hairy bears lie back on the bed jacking their dicks and sneaking little kisses until they both explode.

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  • Ideal Ivan


    Ivan is the kind of guy I would stalk. He He. I love his balding head and slightly hairy, naturally sexy physique. But what really gets me is his perfectly crafted thick uncut cock. I'm a real sucker for uncircumcised manhood. Yeah, I'm a sucker alright. UK NAKED MEN are certainly one of my faves when it cums to guys like Ivan. Sure, I like the big burly muscle dudes as well, but Ivan here reminds me of some very intense times I've had with guys similar to his profile. And what good times they were!

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  • ItsCupid



    Have you ever wondered what the best gay dating site is best for you? Sick and tired of all those offering this and that for free, only to sign up and find out you can't even send a message to that extremely hot guy who only lives a few miles away? It'sCupid gives you the inside scoop to all the best dating sites on the web. What they offer, how many members are signed up, prices, everything. They only list sites that have developed a reputation for quality and assurance. Of course, these listings aren't only for gay men. Ladies who like ladies can also learn what sites are best for their desires. This is a great alternative lifestyle resource for those seeking a significant other or lover. You'll probably recognize a lot of the companies from your search engine browsing, but I found a few that were right up my alley and offered some great free services. Go find that hottie you've been dreaming about folks.

  • Maine And Johnny


    All-American Maine is back with his tussled hair and chiseled features. At 24 years old, he certainly has the looks that could easily land his deliciously defined frame onto a Parisian runway. With him is 20 year old Johnny who really balances out the duo with his dark latino features. CIRCLE JERK BOYS honour us with this wonderful photo shoot of two extremely good looking young men. They grope and suck and lick and engage in all the good things that cum with a delicious man-to-man good time. Let's have a peak.

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  • Military Lust


    How does Dink Flamingo do it? He finds the hottest All-American military guys for his site, Active Duty. And what do military guys from 18 to 25 all have in common? You guessed it - they're all horny as hell all the time! Well, Dink knows just how to use this to our advantage. He puts these horny guys together and things get wild. Here, cock-hungry bottoms Elijah and Adam both service this large uncut dick, licking eagerly at the shaft and the head - and in the background is another soldier being put through his paces.

  • Swapping Blowjobs

    Dawson Sucks Trent

    Trent and Dawson have a long history together. When Trent first appeared on Corbin Fisher, he confessed to being bi-curious, and that's always a good thing on a site featuring guy-on-guy sex. Furthermore, Trent confessed to having a bit of a crush on Dawson, even fantasizing about sex with him while jerking off. So what else could Corbin Fisher do? He put the two guys together in a scene where Dawson was going to pop Trent's cherry. During the scene, Trent got so excited and turned on that he shot a big load a little too early - Dawson was fucking Trent's cock with his own, a hot frottage session, and Trent couldn't hold back. So Corbin Fisher has to pair the guys up again for another fuck session. And it turned out to be one of the hottest, hardest, most intense fucks they have ever filmed! Dawson really pounded Trent good and hard, and Trent loved every second of it. Corbin Fisher has continued to pair these two guys together and allow Trent to fulfill every fantasy he's had about Dawson. In this fuck video, they go even further with some passionate foreplay and then some fast-paced fucking. Dawson pounds Trent's hole until the bottom spews a huge load of cum all over his belly. And while he's recovering from his orgasm, Trent continues to feel Dawson's thrusting cock. And then, Dawson shoots his load inside Trent. And Corbin Fisher has never done this before. The guys always have to pull out to cum so that we get to see their explosion. But believe me, seeing the ecstasy on Dawson's face as he's blowing inside his buddy is just as hot.

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