• Fuckable Muscle


    Meet Gio from Manifest Men. He's an incredible hunk and everything about him makes him intensely fuckable, from the way he fills those tight jeans to his muscles and his smile.

  • Hairy Aussie Dude


    Where ever he goes, Bentley Race is always on the lookout for hot guys. Take Zoran, for example. Bentley was staying in a hotel in Sidney, went to the supermarket and there was this italian-looking hairy guy. Bentley went over and introduced himself and the guy said his name was Zoran, Bentley invited him to do some modeling and he and Zoran exchanged phone numbers. The rest, as they say, is history. As you can see, Zoran not only has a furry body - he also has a really fat cock that stayed up for the entire shoot! Can Bentley pick 'em or what?

  • Jake Cruise

    jake cruise

    Lovers of older men will love this site as Jake himself, the grey bear webmaster, appears in almost every movie and gallery. It's fun and voyeuristic to watch homely Jake suck the cocks and play with the asses of a parade of European hotties and occasionally let them loose with each other.

    Jake's oil-massages of his muscular crew come complete with growling happy endings and the pairings of blue-collar Euro guys like the massive Tanek and horny, inked-up Jason Novak are guaranteed to please.

    Jake posts new content weekly, and membership is yours for $24.95 per month, recurring.

  • Sex UK Style


    Meet Adam and Tristan. These horny UK boys appeared together in a 4some video for Blake Mason, and they had such incredible sexual chemistry betweeen them that most of the members gave the video the highest rating ever. A few days after that shoot, Tristan called the photographer at Blake Mason and asked if he could do a shoot, this time just Adam and him. Of course the ansewr was yes. And since Adam and Tristan were so hot for each other, the photographer decided to do the shoot reality style - virtually unedited. So what you see is really Adam and Tristan with no direction but plenty of passion and heat as they kiss, touch each others' cocks, suck each other and finally fuck each other to a shattering climax.

  • Blonde Jock

    Blonde Jock

    After Andrew slides out of his shorts and t-shirt, he gets down on the ground and starts doing some push-ups. I love it when straight guys do this kind of shit. Like I care how many push-ups you can do when I'm sucking your cock. I suppose I might care if you were fucking my ass, but really, I've been fucked by many big-bellied bears who can fuck for just as long as a fit jock. Andrew is the quintessential all-American guy next door - golden blonde hair, sexy blue eyes, devilish grin, and a tight, well-developed body. His pecs are hard and beautiful and his pumped up arms are inked. Andrew is mostly smooth except for a slight treasure trail crawling up towards his belly button. And while he looks like a blonde, his pubes tell the truth. I'm betting that Andrew is naturally a red-head. He's got a nice cock with a big nob. And when he rolls over, his butt is plump and covered in fine red-blonde hair. He's a hot fucker, who after jacking off a thick load of cum, jumps in the shower for us.

  • First Time Fucking

    First Time Ass Fucking

    Apparently Gabe has been a hold-out on Corbin Fisher. Gabe is the one doing the fucking and not many thought they would ever see the day - even Corbin Fisher had his doubts. But it's finally here! Gabe fucks another guy! I know a lot of you don't think this is a big deal because you porbably don't really believe these guys are straight. But I've seen many of these guys on Amateur College Sex, a Corbin Fisher property where the guys fuck girls (sometimes in solos and sometimes with other guys). I've seen the same looks of ecstasy on their faces over there. So I'm pretty convinced that most of these guys are straight or gay-for-pay. Gabe engaged in his first ever guy/guy sexual contact with Dawson in their bi and blowjob videos. This first-time fuck video took place on the farm that the Corbin Fisher guys visited recently and Mr. CF ponied up enough cash to get Gabe to come along and agree to his first time topping another guy. And how exciting! We finally get to see that big, thick dick of Gabe's plowing another guy's hole! TJ was the perfect candidate because he's the best Corbin's got when it comes to taking a big dick up his butt. And when Gabe realizes how good a cock feels up a man's tight butt hole, he just fucks happily away.

  • Bareback Orgy

    Bareback Orgy

    Manchester is a hot young guy who loves servicing cock and in this video from Hot Barebacking, he's got a lot of dick to service. Manchester is a young twink who loves sucking cock and he's good at it. Watching him is like getting your own private tutorial on how to suck cock. As the video opens, seven guys are sitting on a wooden platform, side by side, four on one side and three on the other. Manchester comes in and immeditaely gets down on his knees. He circles the wooden stage leaving no cock unsucked. He keeps everybody very satisfied and hard, and while he's sucking one guy, everyone else is getting off on watching the hot cock sucker at work. There's a couple of real nice fat cocks that you're going to love watching Manchester slurp back -- especially one belonging to a lean red-head. These guys blast their large loads, one by one, into his cum-hungry mouth and all over his face. And his buddies even help him shoot his own load right into his mouth.

  • Beefy Jock

    Beefy Jock

    This beefy jock is Tracy. He's a hot guy, don't you think? When we first lay eyes on him he's wearing a football jersey and a white jockstrap. Well, it's sort of a jockstrap - it's got the trypical jockstrap front with the webbed material, but then, instead of straps across the ass, it's got tight fabric, like a pair of underwear briefs. It's quite a hot-looking combo. And as Tracy starts pulling down the back of his jockstrap, he reveals a very beefy butt. Two big melon-like mounds of flesh just waiting to be parted and devoured with your tongue. And when you see his deliciously soft and pink fuck hole, you'll have fantasies about fucking it with your tongue -- or maybe your cock, too. Tracy's uncut cock starts to lengthen and swell. And throughout the photo shoot as his cock relaxes and gets excited, his foreskin slides back and forth across his sensitive cock head and his long shaft.

  • Big Surfer Cock


    Chuck is a cute and straight California surfer dude who photographer Buzz West met through a girl at the beach. Chuck has a laid back personality and he's also shy, so when you first meet him he doesn't say much. And once he unzips his pants, all you can do is stare for a moment - this mild-mannered surfer has a HUGE dick! Buzz says that this horny straight boy's cock is big even when it's soft and as it gets hard, it keeps growing bigger and bigger. Looks like Chuck has much more than a mouthful!

  • 2 Hunks and a Dildo


    Jack's one of the most popular models at Perfect Guyz. He's 21 years old, 5' 4" with a muscular body and an insatiable sexual appetite. He was paired with Koen, a 19 year old guy with an athletic build who loves showing off his hot body. The chemistry was immediate - even bfore the guys got their clothes off, they were both raring to go. And after they played with each others' cocks, Koen wanted his horny hole filled and Jack pulled out a dildo and fucked Koen with it while stroking his own meat.

  • Flying Cumshot

    Flying Cumshot

    Some pictures are just too good to keep hidden in the member's area. Don't you just love flying cumshot pictures. Every photographer dreams of them. As the guy jacking off in front of you gets closer to cumming, you start clicking faster and faster. You hope that one of the pictures captures a juicy moment like this. Of course with video cameras it's easier, but they're not always as clear. This is Peter and he's one of the latest German guys beating his meat over at Berlin Male. This 25-year-old Berliner is already pretty popular with the members, even though his photos and videos were just put up this week. Peter is featured in a work-out series where he's lifting weights at first. Once he gets his blood pumping, he strips out of his clothes and gets down to business. He's got a beautiful long cock that hangs just perfectly. And when he gets his uncut cock super hard, his cock head swells to deliciously plump proportions. Who wouldn't love wrapping their mouth around that?

  • mouth wide open

    open wide

  • Three-Man Circle Jerk

    Circle Jerk

    I week or so ago I blogged about Corbin Fisher being down on the farm, in "I'm a Little Bit Country." And I mentioned that Corbin Fisher would be bringing us some of the regular CF guys in some hot, farm footage. This three-man circle jerk is the first installment. Featuring Nick, Spencer, and Trevor, these three guys always made their original entry into Corbin Fisher in that order and one right after another. So it was kind of neat to have them together for a circle jerk. The guys head into a shed to pull one off. And in they get up to a bit more than jacking off, as you can see here, sucking, kissing, and exploring one anothers' bodies. But when it comes down to business, these three horny guys line up against the wall and sit on the ground and yank their cocks. One after another the they blow their loads and it's a hot time. And of course I'm always happy to watch my favourite, Spencer jacking off his big, uncut cock. Love that big dick of his.

  • Actors They Ain’t

    A friend of mine stated this to me recently: 'The acting in porn is sooo bad. I just can't stand it. That's why I don't watch porn 'cause it's so silly and badly performed'. Oh'I'm sorry, were you expecting a soliloquy from Hamlet by Larry Olivier? Come on, for fuck's sake, it's porn! Everybody knows the acting is bad, and considering that porn is about fucking and sucking and other delicacies, the quality of the acting is ultimately irrelevant. In fact, the worse the acting is, the more fun the whole affair is to watch.

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  • Beautiful Uncut Cock

    Beautiful Uncut Cock

    Samuel has been a regular over at Next Door Buddies where is their unofficial, designated bottom. Whenever they get a straight guy over at Next Door Buddies who needs a blowjob or who wants to fuck a guy for the first time, they call in Samuel. He's beautiful - very good-looking, provocative blue eyes, and big, luscious lips. I love watching those lips slide up and down on a nice cock. And with lips like that you can bet that Samuel is a good cock sucker. And whenever Samuel is sucking a guy off, he always finds a moment to sneak a little grin at the camera without the blowjob recipient knowing. It's a little "ha ha, snagged another one" kind of smirk. And of course, Samuel can handle any sized dick they throw at him. I've seen him sit on some pretty big cocks. Well this week Samuel is flying solo over at Next Door Male where he's jacking off that beautiful uncut cock of his. After a little play outside and in his bathroom, Samuel lies back of a sofa and shoots a hot jet of cum up his torso.