• Giovanni


    BENTLEY RACE happened onto hot harry italian hunk Giovanni in California. He was on vacation and when he learned what Bentley was all about, he jumped at the chance to drop his pants and show off his hot latin bod. Young enough to do it again, and again, and again - Giovanni gives us a great view of everything he is and should be proud of. A large cock and balls surrounded by lots of fur and a smile to kill for, these 4 pics should get your blood boiling and then some.

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  • Hunk-O-Rama


    COLLIN O'NEAL never ceases to amaze me with the absolutely fantastic looking men they manage to acquire for their content. Gorgeous faces, perfect toned bodies and huge cocks seem to be a prerequisite of which they honour faithfully. Today we feature Julian Vincenzo and Dakota Rivers. Both are well known for giving us nothing but some of the best gay porn action in the biz. Julian takes charge in this scene and takes Dakota's smoking hot ass and mouth on a journey he'll never forget. With a hard-as-iron ass getting pounded by a just-as-hard cock, how can you go wrong?

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  • Jasper's Porn Vacation


    Jasper Emerald is a porn model from London, Australia, who came down to Florida for a vacation and to do some shoots. Now, if there's one thing Jasper knows, it's how to fuck, so while he was in Florida he hooked up with the crew from Epic Men for a shoot and they found him an extra horny twink named Skyler. Well, Skyler is a real cutie who went absolutely wild when he saw Jasper's uncut cock. I'm telling you, the guys had incredible chemistry and they just couldn't keep their hands off each other!

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  • Muscle and Cock


    Rafael from Power Men has something about him that I really like... his muscles and his cock. This is one very fuckable guy!

  • TJ and Logan Flip Flop

    Fingering Butt

    TJ and Logan are Corbin Fisher alumni and they're both a lot of fun to watching whether they're topping or bottoming. So in this video, they each get a chance to show off their various skills. TJ has an awesome physique and it's a big turn-on watching him drilling another guy's ass. And TJ has a hot, big cock that I always love watching as it pumps into a tight butt. Logan is enthusiastic and he puts a lot of energy into working over TJ's fuck hole. And these two guys have a long history together, which just heightens the excitement and passion. Logan gave TJ his first Corbin Fisher blowjob, and in fact, his first-ever blowjob from another guy. And Logan also submitted his butt to TJ the first time the stud ever fucked another guy. And over many months, TJ has fucked more than his fair share of guys, so it's only fitting that Logan gets to feel first hand how far TJ has progressed.

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  • 10-Inch Cock

    10-Inch Cock

    Good lord! Paulo's 10-inch uncut cock sure would cause a lot of pain. But most of us would probably try to endure that pain just to feel that monstrous dick plunging between our butt cheeks. Paulo really turns me on. I love bald men, skinheads, lean guys, uncut cocks, and of course, who doesn't love looking at a 10-inch cock? And Paulo is a big guy in more ways than one; he stands 6'4". He starts off this photo session wearing a suit. And when you check him out fully clothed, you just have no idea, no hint of what is waiting for us in his pants. It's not until he strips off his trousers, and you see that long snake crawling all the way over to his underwear's leg hole that you start to realize how well hung this bald stud is. When he stands there hovering over the camera, my cock sucking muscles are limbering up and I'm falling to my knees. Geezuz! That's about all I have to say about Paulo's big cock.

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  • Maine Event


    CIRCLE JERK BOYS' Maine adorns our pages today showing off his low hanging 8 inches. Tall, lean and sexy as hell, Maine claims he loves ass. Regardless of gender. Well, taking a look at this guy I can see why he wouldn't have too much of a problem acquiring a willing taker of that big cock. We get to see Maine in all his glory, adorning his masterful member for everyone's pleasure. Regardless of gender.

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  • Pappa Parker


    MEN OVER 30 know how much some of us adore older men. With the likes of mature hunks like Parker Williams helping to make up their vast collection, it's no wonder they're one of the best portrayers of daddy males online. Parker is 42 years old and says on an average day he cums at least twice. However, when he is working, apparently he can blow even more loads than that. Pretty amazing considering his age, but when you look at how healthy and virile this beast is, it's not suprising in the least.

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  • QueerSighted



    Looking for some gossip with pictures?

    So Queersighted should fill the bill for you, least for a bit of browsing, some little personal tidbits and other stuff found in gossip columns.

    There is naturally a video and picture gallery to help you enjoy the gossip or news a bit more. After all what good would it all be without some pictures?

    Not x-rated, and a lot is personal news, not like what you would expect from say the Enquirer, or E-TV. Still for those seeking something different, this should work.

  • Smile - You're on Camera!


    This is probably not the angle that most people first see Nicky Blacklock - but ya gotta love a guy who doesn't mind spreading his ass for the camera. Of course, that's probably easier to do because he's the only one in the room. The guys from You Love Jack gave Nicky a video camera, and he shot this video himself. As you can see, Nicky sure isn't shy about showing that sweet puckered hairy hole and his low hanging balls. In fact, he had a great time in front of the camera...

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  • 9 Inch Pole


    Imagine riding up and down on this thick long pole. Be it using your mouth, your ass, or whatever you're into, Drew is one young hung hunk that is definitely worth looking at. EXTRA BIG DICKS bring us this Dean Winters look-a-like. Remember Oz? Recall all those hot, beastly cons in the shower with their huge dicks and sometimes raunchy behaviour. Yeah, I bet you do. How could you forget that? Let's take a gander at Drew and soak his massive cut member.

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  • College Hottie


    Kale is everything a college guy should be - he's laid back but also has some attitude, he's athletic with a great body and he's horny. And at 18 years old, that should come as no surprise. After all, we're all super horny when we're 18 - 18 and 19 are the years when our libidos just go into overdrive. Kale says he deals with being horny all the time by jacking off at least twice a day when he doesn't have someone lined up to help him out. And he can always get paid for jacking off by doing another shoot at Perfect Guyz.

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  • Hairy Men Sucking Cock

    Hairy Men Sex

    There's nothing hotter than watching two hairy men going at it. Marco Van has been a favourite of mine at Hot Older Male. He's a sexy, good-looking man with a delicious cock and a hairy ass. And he's paired up in this scene with Greg Mitchell, another humpy, older man. These two hotties are wearing leather chaps and showing off their hot asses. They start off in a passionate kissing session, and Mitchell is the first one down on his knees sucking Marco's cock. But Marco loves sucking dick, too, so he's soon squatting down and slobbering on Mitchell's thick cock. Then Mitchell turns around and pushes his ass in Marco's face. I love a scene where both men are feasting one another's asses and cocks. Versatile sex is so much hotter to watch. These two studs continue sucking cock, rimming, nibbling on nipples and putting on a hot show.

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  • Masculine, Hot and Masked


    God DAMN! This pic of Dereck from Maskurate has me breathing hard. It's not just that he's one hunky piece of muscle - and he is - or that he has a very promising bulge pressing against his tighty whiteys - which he does. Okay, I must admit that the sight of this gorgeous man taking off his pants is very hot, but what makes it even hotter is the fact that he's wearing a mask! The anonymity of the mask adds a feeling of mystery. It's like Dereck has a secret...

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  • Sucking Gangster Cock

    Sucking Gangster Cock

    Rudy told the guys at Bi Latin Men that he wanted to service some gangster cock, so they hooked him up with Sniper. And this stud makes me want to take a walk through the alleys and back lanes of Spanish Harlem to see what I can find. I have this fantasy of stumbling across a Latino gangster smoking in an back alley. As I walk by him he begins to follow me. In a minute or so he has caught up with me and pushes me behind a large garbage bin. He grabs me by the shirt and pushes me up against the wall. He gets in my face and growls, "You like to suck cock, bitch?" He pulls out his huge, uncut cock and pushes me to my knees, saying, "Here ... feed on this. And suck it like you mean it." Rudy here wasn't walking down any alleys, but he got to suck a nice piece of gangster cock in a more private setting. And Sniper has a great cock. It's long and a little on the thick side. Rudy sucks Sniper's cock until it's rock hard, and then, the cock sucker hoists his leg while Rudy stuffs his ass full of cock.

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