• Asian guy gets facial


    I really like a man that likes to grab hold of what he wants and go after it! And Ake from Boykakke is definitely a man that knows what he wants! As soon as he grabbed Leo's throbbing dick, I felt my own cock get so rock hard that I immediately had to start stroking it! Ake milked Leo's cock so well with his hand and his mouth, I wished it were my own!

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  • Bald Guy, Big Cock


    Oh dear. What more can you say about a big cock like this? Tom's a little guy, standing 5'7" and weighing 130 pounds, but he's got an 8.5-inch cock. The little guys consistently have the biggest cocks. And I think there should be some kind of a bell curve for cock size. You know, to give us bigger and taller guys a fighting chance. At 67 inches that would give Tom about .126 inches of cock for every inch of height, so at 5'10" that would put me just shy of 9 inches. Yes, I like that much better. I have a 9-inch cock. Anyway, back to reality, Tom's a hot guy and he's featured in another cowboy-type gallery at UK Naked Men. He's lying naked on a few bales of hay and stroke that big, hard cock of his. Tom's a slender guy and he could just as easily be cast as a skinhead as a cowboy. He's got a lean and trim body that's covered in light-blonde hair. He's got a good set of balls on him and a couple of hard, perky nipples. And you're going to enjoy watching him lying back on the hay and pulling one off.

  • Hot Pierced and Tattooed Guy


    With his bad-ass look, Angel kind of looks like Pierre Fitch if Fitch joined a gang. This motorcycle stunt-rider from Arizona has some awesome attitude, a chiseled body and a nice, thick cock that is sporting a prince albert piercing. It's not a huge cock, but it's got a strong banana-curve to it. Angel has a lean and smooth body, very hard and getting some hot definition to it as he continues working out. He's covered in tattoos and piercings. He's got a couple of stars tattooed on his upper chest and a big, swirling R with angelic wings on his side. He's got some chin scruff that's pretty hot. And his ears, tongue, nipples and cock are pierced. He's got a sexy treasure trail of hair rising from his pubic area to his belly button. And when this guy strips out of his baggy short and t-shirt to jack off, he's looking pretty hot. He wears his baseball cap through the whole session, only taking it off to put on a touque. And that cock of his shoots a pretty nice, creamy load of cum. Angel is definitely one of my favourite Next Door Males, and I'd love to see him head over to Next Door Buddies to pull one off with another guy.

  • Suit Sucking


    As you probably know, Men at Play is dedicated to shooting men in business suits and this is one of the hottest pics I think I've seen there - TWO men in suits and ties in an intense blowjob pic. Dean Monroe's cock is being explored, sucked and licked by Miguel. For those of us with boss/employee office sex fantasies, this suited oral sex pic is absolutely mouth watering. Pinstripes, anyone?

  • Beautiful Latin Jock


    This is Gil from Latin Jocks. As you can see, Gil is an athletic amateur who's a little shy of the camera but still has a big erect and uncut cock. His muscular build, neatly trimmed facial hair and good looks made him a natural to try out as a porn model, and those dark bedroom eyes and full, sensuous lips make him a hit with both the girls and the guys. I can see why Latin Jocks decided to do a shoot with Gil - wouldn't you love to look down and see his lips wrapped around your cock?

  • Hot Italian Cub


    I love Italian men, I have ever since I can remember. I grew up in an Italian neighbourhood in a auto-making town, and I just always remember the Italian men being so hot -- masucline, hairy, olive skin, dark eyes. Marco is a hot Italian cub and he's one of the latest men to arrive at Bear Films this week. He's 26 years old, stands 5'7" and weighs 170 pounds, and he's into hairy Daddies and hung muscle bears. In his Bear Films gallery, Marco is taking a bath. Lying back in the hot water, his hairy body starts to get completely wet, and his body hair begins to thicken, darken, and swirl. There are a couple of great pictures where his lower half is completely submerged in the bubble bath except for his stiff uncut cock that's standing up like a periscope. Marco's also got a nice set of low hanging balls and a tight, muscular and hairy butt. He relaxes in the bath tub and strokes his cock, eventually he gets too excited and he shoots a nice load all the way up his hairy chest -- he almost hits his chin!

  • Bottom Bear Gets Fucked


    When Jake Cruise paired up a muscular bear Mick with younger jock Andy, he expected the usual scene -- older top fucks younger bottom. But when these two got into it, they surprised everyone. They started off with the normal stripping, kissing, rubbing, and groping, but these two guys were really into one another. And these two guys are talkers, they like talking it up and making lots of noise during sex. Hairy bear Mick asks Andy if he likes his nipples chewed, "Oh yeah," the young jock says. Except I don't think Andy really believed that "chewed" meant "chewed." Okay, he didn't scream like a girl or anything, but he quickly and carefully moved Mick onto other things. They guys swap blowjobs and have a good time sucking one another's cock. Andy particularly had a very nice long cock. And when Mick completely strips, he has a beautiful hairy and beefy body. I was pretty surprised myself when he climbed on top on Andy and started sitting on his cock. At first I was taken by the beautiful butt on this bear -- big, beefy, and hairy. But then I realized that this big beefy guy was really into getting fucked. I guess we always just figure -- big guy, top; small guy, bottom. And this role reversal was pretty hot to watch. And frankly it was all a nice surprise because Jake Cruise doesn't often have big, hairy, beefy guys on his site. Way to go Jake!

  • Hard Cowboy Cocks


    Uh oh! Looks like that poor helpless farmboy has taken on more than he can handle - if ya know what I mean ;) This one is for the cowboy fans out there. Seems this cute twink has taken on not one but TWO of those outlaws and it looks as if he's got to suck their cocks for a good ol' western style blowjob or they may just throw him on the ground and take turns fucking his ass right there! If you have a taste for the old west, I thought you'd appreciate this pic from Bad Cowboys.

  • Hot Men Kissing


    Oftentimes when I blog it's all about the cock, the cum shot, the cock sucking scene, the ass fucking. And in fact, I'm not alone, that's what most of gay porn focuses on. But don't you think it's just as hot watching a couple of men kissing? I mean, look at this picture, dark-haired and scruffy Kurt Johnson holds big-dicked Remy Delaine in a hot embrace as the two kiss. Look at how Kurt's hands cup Remy's hot bubble butt. And Remy removes his cowboy hat so he can get in closer for a hot kiss. And they're both completely naked and standing in a field, shaded by a tree from the hot Australian sun. In this gallery, these two hot men move to a tree and, leaning against it, they continue their passionate kissing session. There's just not enough kissing in gay porn. I'm not sure why because I think it's one of the hottest parts of gay sex, watching two guys getting to know one another. Kissing, but feeling with their hands to see what other parts of a guy's body respond. There's some hot cock sucking in this gallery, too, and Kurt nails Remy against the tree and rims his ass before Kurt gets on his knees for some Remy Delaine big dick. But I'm going to go back and linger on the passionate kissing series of pictures.

  • Another Horny Frat Guy!


    Meet Kent! He's one of the college guys from FratMen and he's got all the right stuff - a cute boyish face, an athletic body and a rock-hard cock! He may be too young to drink, but he's old enough to show us his dick and stroke it for us. In fact, Kent looks good enough to eat - I'd love to watch that face while I taste his hard rod and suck on it till he can't stop himself from shooting his load .

  • One Thing Leads to Another...


    Jake Cruise does it again! He brought competitive swimmer, athlete and all around hunk Ladislav together with muscle guy Jason and the sparks really fly. Immediately there is a lot of heat between these two incredible specimens and they can't keep their hands off each other. After Jason and Ladislav get down to some serious cock-sucking, one thing leads to another and as you can see, this blowjob leads to a very hot muscle fuck!

  • College Cutie


    Gio is a new addition over at FratMen and he caught my eye immediately. Look at that face! He's got a boyish innocence and a very cute face combined with an muscular body and the constant sex drive of any college aged guy. Gio likes attention and showing off, and once he's horny his dick stays rock-hard all the time. Ah, that's the reason I love those college guys - they can get it up and keep it up!

  • Power Blaster


    I don't know why, but for some reason I've been waiting all week for my Next Door Male fix. Sometimes I just get fixated on a site for a while. Well, Next Door Male updated this morning, and Kenny was worth the wait. Kenny is a 21 year old construction worker with a muscular physique and handsome good looks. He's a little on the beefy side, you know with a nice layer of fat plumping up those muscles. I don't like the skin stretched over muscle look, so Kenny's body is absolutely perfect. There's one shot where he's sitting in an arm chair, his jeans are unbuttoned, and his hand has slidden down his crotch; a few whisps of pubic hair crawling up his belly towards his six pack -- it looks so hot. He then admires his own hard body in the mirror, checking out his muscles and admiring his cock. He sits back on a couch to jack off. And he's got a pretty nice cock. When Kenny is ready to blow his load, he stand up and shoots it right up the length of a coffee table. He's a power blaster. I love watching how guys like to cum -- Kenny's quite the performer.

  • Sexy Bald Man


    I go in fits with gay porn sites, sometimes viisting the same ones over and over again. And then, for some reason I just forget about them for a while. I haven't been to visit Men Over 30 for a few weeks now. No particular reason, it just dropped out of my head. But when I checked it today I see I have some catching up to do. I was particularly pleased to come across Kenny. He's a sexy bald man with a healthy set of balls and a nice cock. Man, I love low hanging balls. I love feeling them in my hands and I love getting on my knees and stuffing them in my mouth, tugging and pulling on them with my mouth. And Kenny's look like they'd just about fit. Clyve's a good looking bugger -- Cuban and Egyptian, 34 years old, 5'10" and 178 pounds. He's got a hard body and he keeps his body hair clipped short (schucks). There are some pictures of him wearing a tight pair of black boxers and the basket he's showing is just tremendous. I'd love to be dancing beside him at an underwear party. Kenny eventually sheds those boxers, lies back on his bed, and jacks off a nice load of cum all over those six packs of his.

  • Good Hard Fuck


    It's Ethan's lucky day at ShowGuys. Asante is a horny 26 year old black top with a great big thick cock who just loves fucking white boys and it's Ethan's turn! This isn't some sweet, romantic fuck, either - Asante can tell exactly how rough Ethan likes it and that's what he gives him - a good, hard fucking that has him panting for more. First Asante shoves his rod deep in Ethan's mouth, then plays with his ass to get him ready. Then it's time for the main event. Asante invades Ethan's ass forcefully, his huge dick spreading the tight hole wide as Asante fills it up. Looks like getting fucked by Asante hurts, but it hurts SO good!