• Pornstar Jeremy Hall Bottoms!


    Jock pornstar Jeremy Hall of Club Jeremy Hall has always been a top - and a damned good one. He has fucked his way through movies for Falcon, Titan Men and Unzipped, and has topped some of the hottest jocks in the business. Once he started his own site, he didn't slow down. He pounded gorgeous guys' asses in lockerrooms, on the basketball court, where ever he could get 'em. After receiving numerous fan emails asking him to bottom on video, Jeremy finally decided to go for it. He did a shoot with a gay-for-pay boy named Chris, which Jeremy admits was a turnon. We asked what he thought of bottoming for the first time, and he said it was uncomfortable at first but after a while, he liked it. When asked if he would bottom again, he said he didn't know. But either way, we got to see Jeremy Hall take a hard cock in that virgin ass!

  • Bald Daddy, Big Nob

    Bald Bear

    I'm a cock sucker at heart, so any time I see a big-nobbed cock, my mouth starts limbering up. Adam Rivers is a bald daddy from Bear Films. He's made several appearances in picture galleries and videos on the site, but he stopped by again yesterday for another look at his big nob. Look at that delicious mushroom head. Wouldn't you love wrapping your lips around that? Sliding your tongue under those deep ridges and driving this daddy crazy? Sounds like a hot time to me. In picture after picture, I'm just amazing at how plump Adam's cock head is. He's playing around a pool and goes in for a dip. And as he floats around that big-nobbed dick is sticking out of the water like a fleshy light house. And if you head over to Bear Films now, you'll also see two photo galleries and three videos of Adam using that big cock of his. But you'd better grab yourself a towel because watching a hairy cock sucker slobbering all over that juicy fat cock will get you excited. You might have an accident.

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  • C-Lo Is Back


    A few months ago Extra Big Dicks featured amazing hottie C-Lo and today he is back in all his sweet, sexy splendor. For those who missed him the first time around, this 21 yr old self-confessed horn dog first became curious about sex in Junior High. By the time he was in 9th grade, the rumor mill had bestowed him the nickname 'The Legend!' One look at the thick 8' uncut monster this hottie is packing, and you can easily see why!

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  • Mouth-watering Latino


    Carlos is an 19 year old student from Mexico City who's currently studying business in the U.S. He's 5' 10" and slender with a handsome face, dark eyes and a 7 inch cut cock. I admit that I'd have preferred him uncut, but he's so hot that I didn't mind much. Carlos says he's straight - very straight - but he has always fantasized of showing off his body and cock, so doing this shoot for Miami Boyz fulfilled a fantasy for him. And seeing him with that big, hard juicy cock gave me a few fantasies of my own!

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  • 69 Cock Sucking

    69 Cock Sucking

    Beefy muscle man Michael Buck made his debut appearance on Men Over 30. And what a hot fucking hunk of man. He's built like the proverbial tank with super broad shoulders and thick torso. And this muscle stud is straight. Yes, he has a thing for the ladies. Now that's a damned shame. But when Men Over 30 approached the subject, Buck said he'd be willing to try out a little guy-on-guy action. So they paired him up with Lee, a well-experienced gay man who has a tendency for the bottom side of things. Michael said in his interview that he was a passionate guy, and he was a little taken aback when Lee was just as passionate. After their first kiss together, Michael pointed at Lee and said, 'He kisses good!'

    Lee breaks the ice by giving Michael a shoulder massage. His hands roam over Michael's shoulders, his bulging biceps, and down his massive pecs. Then Michael starts doing a little exploring of his own. Kneeling face to face, they grope and massage one another. Lee licks Michael's nipples while the muscle stud releases his cock. Lee dives for it and Michael is in awe for the first moments of feeling a guy's mouth around his cock. After a long slow blowjob session (Michael even gets into a 69 position on top of Lee) the two studs lie side by side and jack their meat together. And when it's all over he looks at the camera and says to any straight men out there, "Don't knock it til you try it!"

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  • Sex on a Hawaiian Beach


    Ah, Hawaii - home of warm tropical breezes, unspoiled sandy beaches, sugar cane and COLT Studio's latest Buckshot video, Paradise Found. We were lucky enough to get some pics showing Dean Phoenix as he gives boyish Zack Randall a good, hard dicking right there on the beach under the blue skies - and he doesn't care who sees them. That's because he's got every inch of his rock-hard cock deep into Zack's tight ass and is driving that cute bottom boy absolutely wild as he ploughs his hole hard again and again.

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  • Blonde Guys Fucking

    Hot Guys Fucking

    Josh has just had his 18th birthday and he's making his debut appearance on Next Door Buddies. He was out walking in the forest, enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful trees. He finds an out-of-the-way spot and pulls out his 10-inch cock and begins stroking it. Steven was also hiking when he noticed Josh leaning against a big redwood and jerking off. Steven has been exploring guys lately, so when he spots Josh's huge cock, he decides he has to suck it.

    After a little outdoor cock sucking, the guys head back to the patio of a nearby house and Josh slides his huge cock into Steven's tight ass. The two guys fuck in a lounge chair with Josh lying back and reclining while Steven rides his huge cock. Outdoor sex is pretty hot and this video should get you riled up. And if you like Steven, you can check him out on Tommy D XXX where he appeared with Tommy himself a couple of weeks back. Steven took a hard fucking from the blonde jock, too. You can grab yourself a Buddy Pass and get access to both sites.

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  • Flip Flop Fucking

    Flip Flop Fucking

    Out of all the Corbin Fisher alumni, Derek and Trevor have never had a one-on-one session together. They've certainly played together in a couple of Corbin Fisher's infamous gang bangs, and they might have had a threesome together. But this is the first time these two horny studs have done one another. Trevor and Derek both have a couple of nice big cocks, so it'd be a shame not to use them both, right? So Corbin Fisher lined up a little flip flop fucking between these two horny guys. And right from the start, these two are a treat to watch. They just get completely lost in one another and the moment. When they're kissing, you sense that that they really could just keep kissing forever. And likewise, when sucking one another off, they're consumed by the moment. I love sex like that when you just don't want the moment to end. Trevor is first up on top, and he fucks Derek's hole slowly and sensually, increasing the thrusting and speed in a nice crescendo. And then it's Derek's turn. He spoons Trevor and fucks his ass. By the end of it both guys are so close to the edge that the only thing left to do is to shoot their big wads!

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  • Just How Straight Are They?

    The concept of a straight guy doing gay things is probably the single most popular theme in homo porn. This raises a big question: are these dudes really straight? The quick and obvious answer is'uh, no. If a dude has a cock in his mouth and he's grunting like a dog, he can scream to the heavens that he's straight as an arrow, but I'm just not convinced. The even bigger question is'does it really matter whether they're straight as long as the audience believes they are?

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  • Twink Suck-a-thon


    Kyros Christian is a twink star who's also known as the Candy Spookie, and he says he has the hottest ass in New York. He and his boyfriend Dylan were doing a shoot for Jizz Addiction, and when they were asked who they wanted to shoot with, these two horny twinks both said Shane. Why? Because Shane likes nothing better than servicing more than servicing more than one cock at a time. Kyros is the one on the left with the dark hair, and Dylan is the one on the right. And of course, Shane is the one in the middle who's sucking them both!

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  • Cole's Hole


    Cole arrived at his shoot for Fresh SX with a smile and a hard-on. Cole has a lean, athletic body and he's always got a hard cock, so they love shooting him at Fresh SX, but this time they asked him if he'd do something he hadn't done for them before. They asked him to give them a good look at that ass of his, and after he had posed to show it off, they asked him to spread it so they could shoot his shaved, pink hole. And I must admit that Cole has got one of the most fuckable assholes I've seen in a long while!

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  • Naked Chef

    Big Hard Cock

    Now this is the kind of naked chef I want to see. Can you imagine a cooking show where the chef is completely naked except for his apron? How much fun would that be? This is Buck and he strips naked and dons his apron. He's a cute 26-year-old and he's a tall guy, standing 6 feet tall. His body is completely smooth except for his very hairy legs. And he even keeps his balls and ass shaved. When he finishes tying up the back of his apron, he slips his hand underneath and starts stroking his cock. And the camera moves right in for a close-up of Buck's 9-inch cock. His cock is so beautifully long it'll inspire the cock sucker in you. Buck bends over and gives us a rear view, and he's got a deliciously shave fuck hole. He massages it with his fingers and gets his hole nice and juicy. And then he moves back to sliding his foreskin up and down his long cock.

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  • The Leather Blog



    The inside scoop from a BDSM roleplayer who knows the score. Your host is an excellent writer who may help you realize some things about yourself, and about ourselves in general. Why do we fear BDSM? What has society put into our heads about this dark, scary place? The Leather Blog talks about all these issues and more. What's nice is that this is not just a gay male blog. It's a gay blog. Period. It's always cool to hear the perspectives of the ladies who love ladies. Recommended reading is "Life In The Dungeon" and "Leather Politics". Gay US Ambassadors? Hmmm. Sounds good to me. For those interested in news from the San Fransisco area, check out "Dykes On Bikes" in the "San Fransisco" category. Very interesting and amusing reading. Yeah, I like this blog. It's refreshing to know there are folks out there who can still express themselves with good words and don't have to necessarily rely on a photo or some other means.

  • Gabriel's Return


    Meet Gabrial. He's the one you can see here, deepthroating Jack's cock. Gabriel was one of the most popular models who ever posed on Blake Mason, so a lot of people were pretty disappointed when he decided to go on an extended trip to see the world. As his trip came to an end, he got hold of the photographer from Blake Mason to say he'd kept an eye on the site and he'd like to fuck Jack. When Jack heard about this, he was very excited and couldn't wait to get it on with Gabriel, so they got the two guys together. From the start, there was heat and the guys couldn't wait to get started!

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  • Gay Pagans Sites



    Do you consider yourself a Pagan? Are you a gay person interested in the Occult and are wondering how to get involved with folks like you? WitchVox is quite a large site dedicated solely to all things Pagan and Occult related. Today we'll just concentrate on the gay part of the site. Scanning through the list on the two pages of gay oriented resources, we can take in a shitload of information. There's a Witches Information Network, all kinds of sites into Egyptian art, and short reviews and descriptions of openminded groups from all over the place. Go to page 2 and check out "The Church Of Ravenstar's" website. Really cool. It seems as though this is a resource more for Astrology, Tarot reading, and the like. Not so much the "Occult" as it were. Nevertheless, it's worth checking out. I'm always open to new things and the many possibilities of "otherworldy" powers. How about you?