• CP 4 Men



    If you're into spanking like I am, you'll certainly appreciate cp4men. John is our webmaster were. He was born and raised in Greenwich England, and was schooled in one of those really strict boy's schools you here tale about in that part of the world. He tells his story in "About Me" and gives us the inside perspective of how he developed his love of spanking and the like. It's quite fascinating so check it out.

    Franco's page, the featured artist's artwork, is excellent. There is a certain "darkness" that I'm sure will appeal to most people's "blacker" fantasies, if you will. From mom and dad types discipling their young (legal) ones, to cops and teachers showing hunky boys who's boss, the detail is remarkable. There are enough crimson, muscular behinds here to appease even the kinkiest of discipline conniesseurs. Also featured are "Spankable Boys". Real images of boys I'm sure most of us brutes would like to give a good licking to.

    If you're seriously into it, there are some pretty cool free videoes and clips as well. cp4men is worth checking out. Show them who's boss or pretend you're the receiver if you feel you've been naughty enough. The stories are a bit dark, so be aware that only the most naughty will appreciate this. Or the irresistably curious. Be good now...or not.

  • More of the Same

    'Join this site and gain access to 5 bonus sites full of great content, all for one low price!' You'll see this type of statement on a lot of free tours to porn sites which woo you incessantly to convince you that you're getting the mother lode of porn. This would lead one to believe that you're getting variety of a wide range, so why not take the chance. Even if the bonus sites suck, as long as the main site that's making you wanna join is good, then you've gotten your money's worth. But money isn't the only issue here, it's the content itself.

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  • Passionate Fucking

    Cum in my Mouth

    This is probably one of the most passionate gay sex videos I've seen at Corbin Fisher. The passion is intense, these two guys hold nothing back as they fall into this hot gay sex scene. These two guys really getting off on pleasuring one another as well. Trent made his Corbin Fisher debut a couple of months back with Dawson. He had been fantasizing about Dawson for a long time, so by the time the two guys got together, Trent was already on the edge. As Dawson slides his cock into Trent's ass, Trent popped his load. It was short-lived, but the two revived their performance a couple of weeks later and gave us a long fuck session to watch. This time Trent is paired up with Brent, who gives you the feeling that you're not only watching him fuck but, you're watching him seduce and make love. The way Trent and Brent kiss and make love in this video is incredible to watch. After sucking Brent's cock and getting it nice and hard, Trent lies down on the bed and his buddy mounts him. He teases Trent by sliding his cock between his butt cheeks, and then, along his scrotum and pushing his hard tool against Trent's hairy balls. Finally, Brent gives it to Trent, sliding his fuck pole into Trent's hairy butt hole. And the two fuck like minks. With Brent's cock buried deep inside of him, Trent pumps out a load all over his stomach. And then Trent straddles his bottom and shoots a stream of cum right into his mouth. You don't want to miss this one!

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  • Skater Boy Fred


    We see them everywhere. Skater Boys zipping past you on the sidewalk doing flips and tricks and all that jazz. Fred here is right into that stuff too. Of course, when CIRCLE JERK BOYS got a hold of him, he was doing a little more than just skating. Watch Fred get naked for us and show off his little skater bod. Ready?

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  • Twinks in Heat


    Cherub and Dyoma are beautiful twinks with innocent faces and very active libidos. When they asked if they could do another shoot for HM Boys, the photographer jumped at the chance. And that's when everything went wrong. There was a power outage and the photographer couldn't use his studio lights. Luckily the photographer thought of something - why not shoot outdoors in the sunlight? They went off to the local park, where there is a lake, and after swimming and frolicking naked, Cherub and Dyoma got down to some serious making out. The second they touched, it was like someone flipped a switch, and as they kiss, there's incredible heat!

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  • A Good Hard Fuck


    Man's man pornstar Troy Punk meets up with Dixter performer Johnny G, and the result is one hell of a fuck! Troy looks so straight that it sometimes surprises people what a serious ass-pounding he can take. You would think someone who has done a series of porn videos would get sort of blase - you know, been there, done that. But Troy can't seem to get enough down and dirty sex. Maybe that's why he's in porn - to get laid. In any event, Johnny G goes all out to make sure that Troy gets the fuck he needs!

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  • Mitch The Teaser


    BUKBUDDIES had cute boy Mitch here put on a bit of a tease for us all. They supplied several types of clothing in order to see what suited him best. It looks as though Mitch had a blast, and we all get to see how much of a little tease he can really be. So what do you think this cutie looks best in? Business suit? Sporting gear? Create your own fantasies as we check out Mitch The Teaser.

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  • Robert Black

    Robert Black

    I just can't get enough of this sexy fucker. Unfortunately, Robert Black just doesn't work enough in gay porn for my liking. He's made several dozen porn videos, and many of them for Raging Stallions, but I sure would love to see a lot more of him. Robert Black stopped by Bear Films this week to tease us with his beautiful cock. Black is bearded with dark hair covering his face. And he's wearing a pair of overalls. He slips the straps over his muscular shoulders and lets the bib slide down his strong and well-defined torso. His chest is mostly smooth except for a small patch of hair between his chiseled pecs, and he's got another tufted area on his belly. Black doesn't keep us in suspense for long; he slides out of his overalls and gets to work on his big cock. It's a beautiful slab of meat, - about 8-inches long and fat. And if you've ever seen him in porn movies, he really knows how to use it. But Black also has a great, muscular ass, which in this photo gallery, he shows off while bending over in front of a mirror. And that ass has satisfied many hungry tops in the more than 50 gay videos featuring Black. Check them out here or take a more intimate look at Black's Bear Films appearances.

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  • Big Fat Uncut Cock

    Big Fat Uncut Cock

    I love this guy's cock. It's a big, fat uncut slab of meat, and I could nurse on that fucker for a good long time. Who doesn't like sucking a thick cock? But when it's covered in foreskin, I'm down on my knees and settling in for a long, slow cock sucking session. Marcus is a well-built 23-year-old bar tender. He loves lifting weights, snowboarding, and basically doing anything else that's physical. And in spite of being a bartender, he doesn't drink much. Marcus starts off this video doing some posing outside and stripping out of his clothes. His hard, muscled body looks fetching in the hot sun. He moves inside and relaxes, stroking his cock and getting it hard. After a quick shower, Marcus settles back on the bed and gives us a good look at his lean and muscular body. I love his legs, they're long and smooth, and he's got a pair of big feet. As Marcus strokes his foreskinned dick, his smooth balls tighten up and get ready to pump out a juicy load. And this stud has enough cock that he can jack his meat with both hands! He finally shoots all over his belly, and slides his foreskin up and down his thick dick to squeeze out every drop of cum. What a hot guy!

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  • Gay Cowboy Central



    Well it is a blog, but it has a lot more to it.

    Yep, its about Cowboys, and seems to have a lot of information about rodeos where I am assuming the participants are all Gay Men.

    Lots of resources here, plus a chat room and forum, though it does seem to require a membership to enter or even read the postings.

    Also seems a bit slanted towards dating, so you could perhaps call this a dating site for those into Cowboys. Not too sure, but hey, kind of nice to see that Gays aren't just like those portrayed on television. We can ride horses too, even the four legged kind.

  • Navy Boy Trevor


    The man in uniform. Ah yes. It can be quite a turn-on I'd say. Take Trevor here for example in his Navy fatigues with that short cropped buzz cut. His eyes ablaze with determination and grit, stealthily ready to man his gun when the moment of truth arrives. Trevor was on a short leave when BUZZ WEST asked him to do a shoot for them. As you will see, he was working quite hard on his tan....and uhhh....other things.

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  • One Smokin' Blowjob


    Vin is a straight New Yorker who discovered that even though he loves fucking women, no one gives a better blowjob than another guy. So once in a while, when Vin is in the mood for some no-strings oral from someone who really loves sucking a cock, he drops in at New York Straight Men. And over the last year, he's become something of a celebrity there. Each time a new resident cocksucker gets broken in at New York Straight Men, someone tells him about Vin. This time, it was Marco's turn to take on Vin - and Marco couldn't wait!

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  • Bear Club of Japan



    Both a Japanese and English version exist, and it seems like there is much more listed on the Japanese version, but the English one is okay.

    It is a 'bear club' in case you didn't get it, and while the English is a bit stilted, its understandable. Some covers of a bear magazine are shown, plus there are some links.

    Not really a whole lot, but hey, few minutes of time isn't a huge loss. They do have a downtown Tokyo office, where if you traveling there, you can get help in English. So worth making a note.

  • Gorgeous Eduardo


    He's back!! LATIN JOCKS' very own Eduardo is back by popular demand. No one knows better than you - the general public - and it would seem this sweet latin hunk of love gets a standing ovation each and every time. How can he not? I mean, look at this guy. Just looking into his lovely, dark eyes one might even forget their own name. Then when your gaze strays farther south, you're in absolute awe of his splendid chest and torso. Then...we look even further down, and.....

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  • Remy Delaine

    Remy Delaine

    If I had a lover who looked like this, I'd never get anything done. Remy Delaine embodies just about everything I love in a man. First of all, he's cute - good-looking; beautiful, kissable lips; face scruff; and those eyes, fuck they drive me crazy. I'm a foreskin hound, so right away I'm turned on by his fat uncut cock. I can't tell you how many times I've fantasized about sucking that thick piece of meat. I love playing with foreskin - massaging and kissing it with my lips, teasing it with my tongue and digging underneath it to get to his sensitive cock head. And Remy Delaine is versatile. I've seen him swallow up some pretty big cocks with his ass, but I've also enjoy many fuck scenes with Remy on top. And that's sure where I'd like him to be. Finally, Delaine has a beautiful set of hairy legs, and since I'm a bit of a leg and ass man, this gets me excited. If I had to change one thing about this stud, it would be to add more hair to his chest. I like me men just a bit hairier. Remy Delaine is featured this week at Hairy Boyz and you'll find a lot of photos and videos showing off this past Raging Stallion Man of the Year.

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